Projects are proposed actions that, through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) analyze different alternatives to the proposed action. This requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, is implemented on the ground.

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) - The quarterly summary of proposed actions that will begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation.

The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. 

Chugach National Forest Project Archive

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2014 Special Use Permit Renewals

2014 permit renewals for: H2O Guides Summer Activities,Univeristy of Alaska,FBKS - Seismic Sites, FAA Strawbery Pt.

2015 Capitol Christmas Tree

Tree cutting, brush clearing and temporary road construction for harvest of the 2015 Capitol Christmas Tree.

2016 Special Use Permit Reissues

Reissue of 3 permits: 5 year permit to Cordova Telephone Cooperative for the operation and maintenance of a buried telephone line, 5 year permit to Cliff Ward for a driveway access and 5 year permit to Ed & Deb Stevenson for an ANILCA shelter.

2017 Special Use Authorizations Renewals and Modifications

Project involves outfitter/guide permits up for renewal and amendment requests.

Aces & Eights 2 mining plan of operations

Exploration of placer gold on Wolverine Creek in Turnagain Pass using a motorized suction dredge.

Alaska Alpine Adventures Amendment to add new activities

Alaska Alpine Adventures is requesting to amend their permit to add ski touring and back packing.

Alaska Alpine Adventures Ski Touring in Summit Lake Area

Amendment to Alaska Alpine Adventures to add 45 additional days for ski touring within the Summit Lake Area.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game O/G Permit Renewal

Re-issue special use permit for guided cross-country skiing and overnight camping on Bean Creek and Resurrection Pass Trail; fishing and hiking on Russian River Angler and Russian River Falls Trails; fishing, hiking and camping on Lost Lake Trail.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game special use permit renewal

Re-issue permit for the placement of two incline plane salmon smolt traps in the Russian River.

Alaska Dept of Fish & Game Cannery Crk Hatchery Health & Safety Improvements

Proposing health & safety updates to include: amending permit for new fuel tanks, new generator shed, new addition to hatchery, expansion of fish raceways

Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Coghill Weir and Camp Permit Renewal

Renwal of a permit to operate and maintain a temporary salmon weir and permanent support camp. Structures include: cabin, weir, outhouse, 2 storage sheds, tent platform, rain gage, dock, antennas, foot paths and 3 bridges. Operate June-August.

Alaska Kenai Fishing for Fun Outfitter/Guide Permit Renewal

Re-issue special use permit for guided fishing on/along: Bench, Paradise, Johnson and Grayling Lakes, Quartz Creek, and Kenai River.

Alaska Legacy Fish Camp, LLC Outfitter/Guide Permit Renewal

Re-issue special use permit for guided freshwater fishing on Russian River, Quartz Creek and Kenai River; guided hiking on Russian River Falls/Lower Trail.

Alaska Railroad Centerline Avalanche Control System

Installation and maintenance of avalanche detection equipment including a 25' x 18' tower, helipad,rock mount and cable detector. Approximately 40' of trees and brush would be cleared for the installation of the helipad.

Alaska Railroad Corporation Permit Renewal

Alaska Railroad requesting renewal of their permit for another 5 year term. The current permit authorizes 3 avalanche mitigation improvements and 1 weather station for the purpose of protecting use of the railroad.

Alaska Railroad Siding Removal at Spencer Glacier

As stipulated in the minerals contract issued by the USFS, the Alaska Railroad is required to remove all track and structures and restore the area.

Alaska Railroad special use permit renewal for flood control berm

Re-issue permit for the construction, operation, and maintenance of a flood control berm of approximately 2500 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 10 feet high upstream of the railroad embankment at Mile 36 on Trail Creek.

Alaska Summit Guides amendment to add Analysis Area 13-07

Alaska Summit Guide Service is adding raft-accessed hunting services in Analysis Area 13-07 to their current Commercial Big Game outfitter/guide authorization.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Road Permit Renewal

Requesting renewal of a 5-yr permit for continued maintenance and use of an existing road (and entrance gate) to allow access across national forest land to private property. Road is 675 ft long x 30 ft wide.

Alaska Working Retriever Club Permit Renwal

Alaska Working Retriever Club is requesting a renewal of their recreational event permit for another 5 years. The permit would authorize AKC (dog) field trials and hunt tests with live ammo and minimal brushing for dog safety.

American Way Gravel Disposal

Disposal of gravel through a competitive bid

Aquatic MIS and Habitat Monitoring Revision

The Chugach National Forest is proposing a non-significant amendment to the LRMP to remove three aquatic management indicator species (MIS) and replace the MIS monitoring questions with aquatic habitat monitoring.

Bean North Vegetation Project

The proposed action includes various combinations of treatments on approximately 705 acres, including treatment of fuels, thinning adjacent to trails, and improvement of existing vegetation and wildlife habitats.

Black Bear Research in the Nellie Juan-College Fiord Wilderness Study Area

Alaska Dept of Fish and Game proposes a 2-year black bear study within State GMU 6D that includes collecting biopsy samples and hair snares using a boat based helicopter for support. Requires ~100-150 heli landings over 7-10 day time period each year

CAC Gravina Exploration Project

To conduct mineral exploration of CAC's subsurface mineral estate on surface estate acquired under EVOS. Exploration will include minor vegetation removal, 1/2 mile trail, drilling and blasting to evaluation minerals potential(granite)at Gravina Bay.

CDK Mining Plan of Operations

Proposal to approve a mining plan of operations for suction dredging and access on Bertha Creek in Turnagain Pass

Charles Lockwood Road Access Special Use Permit Renewal

Re-issue special use permit for use of an existing access across National Forest System lands to private property.

Chugach Alaska Corporation Mineral Estate Development in Port Gravina

Proposal from CAC to access and develop their mineral estate near Secret Cove in Port Gravina. The FS will evaluate surface-disturbing activities proposed by CAC.

Chugach Backcountry Fishing Expeditions Outfitter/Guide Permit Renewal

Re-issue special use permit for guided fishing along Carter/Crescent Lake, Russian River Angler, and Ptarmigan Creek Trails.

Chugach Electric Assoc Relocation of Existing Hope Distribution Line in sec. 3, MP 5.5-5.8, Hope Hwy

The new alignment will require clearing a new 40-foot wide right-of-way along the west side of the Hope Highway and the installation of approximately 1500` of new overhead primary single-phase electric distribution line and retiring the existing line

Chugach Electric Association Hope Line Relocation

This project will relocate Section 2 of the existing Hope Distribution Feeder Electric line from M.P. 1.7 to M.P. 5.5 of the Hope Hwy.

Chugach Forest Plan Amendment Replacing Heritage Resource Standard and Addition of Two Guidelines

Replace heritage standard and addition of two guidelines in the 2002 Chugach Forest Plan to more closely align with the Programatic Agreement between the Forest Service and the Alaska State Historic Preservation Office.

Chugach Powder Guides Special Use Permit Renewal

Permit renewal for Chugach Powder Guides. The permit/renewal is NOT cancelled, this project is marked "cancelled" here because the 2004 ROD is the applicable NEPA decision and there will not be a new NEPA decision.

City of Cordova Sewer Line Reissue

Reissuance of an authorization for an 8" ductile sewer pipe which is installed beneath the northeast corner of the Cordova Forest Service warehouse and housing complex on LeFever Ave., Cordova.

Commercially Guided Heli Skiing

Proposed action would authorize a permit term up to 5 yrs for helicopter supported and transported skiers. CZMA-FLP(2)

Cooper Case and Nancy Too Mining Plan of Operations

Proposed mining plan of operations for access and exploration on Lark Mountain near Moose Pass, AK. Proposal includes ATV access on a trail closed to the general public and geologic sampling.

Cooper Creek Ground Water well(s) installation

Through well points, collect at least two types of data: hydraulic conductivity measurements and groundwater-level measurements in a proposed future restoration project and in the vicinity of a proposed new channel.

Cooper Lake Hydroelectric Project

The Forest Service is proposing to issue three special use permits to Chugach Electric Association (CEA) for the operation of the existing Cooper Lake Hydroelectric facility.

Copper River Delta Prescribed Fire Project

The purpose of this project is to use prescribed burning to enhance nutritional quality and biomass of willow on the Copper River Delta by stimulating willow growth through prescribed fire.

Copper River Highway Mile 20 Culvert Replacement

Replacement of the culvert on the Copper River Highway at mile 20, Goose Meadows.

COR 256 Riverside Inn and Airboat Tours Increase User Days to 500

Increase of user days for outfitter guide conducting business along the Copper River Highway and at the Childs Glacier Recreation site.

Cordova Electric Cooperative power and fiberoptic line at Power Creek Hydro Plant

Laying 670 ft. 4.2kV power and fiberoptic line across national forest system land at Power Creek Hydro Plant.

Cordova Ranger District 2017 Special Use Permit Reissues

The Cordova Ranger District will reissue special use authorizations for 17 isolated cabins and one outfitter guide (Orca Adventures) providing guided hiking and sports fishing opportunities.

Cordova Ranger District Land Use Authorization Reissues for 2018

The following permits will be reissued for new terms: Woods Outfitting, UNAVCO, Devils Mountain Guides Service, Copper Oar, George Siavelis, Lonesome Dove Outfitting, Ellis Big Game Guides, Sundog Expedition, Woods Outfitting. All are in compliance.

Cordova Telephone Cooperative Cell Tower Height Increase

Cordova Telephone Cooperative is requesting to amend communication site lease COR168 to increase the height of an existing tower 10 feet to avoid interference from tree growth along an adjacent ridge.

Cordova Telephone Cooperative Fiber Optic Line to Heney Ridge Comm. Site

The Cordova Telephone Cooperative is proposing to install a 7,000 linear ft. fiber optic cable adjacent to the current electrical cable to the Heney Ridge Communications site on Heney Ridge CRM,T. 16 S., R. 2 W., Sec. 25 and 36, W 1/4.

Creek Side Nugget Plan of Operations

Plan proposes suction dredging in Bear Creek using a four inch suction dredge and accessing with two ATVs trail on the Bear Creek trail which is closed to motorized access by the general public

Dave's Creek Restoration

Streambank restoration on Dave's Creek. FAA(3).

Devils Vegetation Project

The Devils Vegetation Project includes treatments for improvement of vegetation and wildlife habitat, fire protection and prevention, and reduction of hazardous fuels on National Forest System lands near Kenai Lake and Cooper Landing, Alaska.

Dillon Mining Plan of Operations

Renewal of a mining plan of operation for a period of one year. Operation consists of exploration in Cooper and Stetson Creeks using a 5 inch suction dredge and access on an existing trail by ATV.

Dusky Habitat Enhancement Project

The purpose of the project is to thin spruce and cottonwood within dusky Canada goose nesting habitat, reducing predator perch sites thereby increasing nest success through predator deterrence and redistribution.

Egg Island Wetland Enhancement Project

A few small streams exist in upland areas of Egg Island and currently do not have associated ponded water. Project would pinpoint 1 stream to enhance ponded water features. The pond would provide ideal brood rearing habitat for dusky Canada geese.

Elodea Herbicide Treatment

The USDA Forest Service is proposing a project to apply fluridone, an herbicide, to reduce the biomass of or entirely eradicate a non-native invasive plant Elodea (waterweed) from three ponds/areas on the Copper River Delta.

Eyak Boat Launch Reconstruction Project

The USFS, Cordova RD is proposing to reconstruct the Eyak boat launch and parking area. The project will address stream bank restoration, traffic flow safety, eliminate encroachment on private land and install a double wide boat ramp.

Flag Point Rock Source

The Chugach National Forest is seeking public comments concerning a proposed action to reopen an existing borrow pit, near the Copper River Delta crossing of the Copper River Highway.

GCI Communication Corp Fiber Optic Facility Relocation

GCI is requesting to relocate 4,787' of existing underground fiber optic cable as part of Phase I Seward Highway MP 75-90 realignment at Portage Curve. And as part of Phase II, installation of 4,891' of cable & 5 access vaults.

GCI Fiber-optic Cable Installation within Existing Utility Corridor

GCI is installing a submarine fiber-optic communications cable along the Eyak Lake lakebed,along the shoreline of Eyak Lake and along the Copper River Highway to the Merle K. Smith Airport. T15W, R2W, Sec. 30-33 and T16S, R2 W, sec. 2-4, CRM

Gem Mining Plan of Operations

Seasonal high-banking along Palmer Creek with a two inch high-banker and use of a seasonal RV camp, ATV for access, and occasional use of a small dozer for reclamation work

Gold Digger exploration mining plan of operations

Proposed mining plan of operations for exploration on Quartz Creek. Proposal includes walking a small excavator to the creek and digging several test holes along the bench to determine if further operations are prudent.

Gold Digger production mining plan of operations

Proposed mining plan of operations. Small scale mechanical placer mining on Quartz Creek near Moose Pass, Alaska.

Granite Creek Campground Reconstruction

Reconstruct and upgrade existing 17 site campground to meet accessibility guidelines; provide additional recreation opportunities such as group camping, double sites, hiking trails and winter camping; and reduce exposure to flooding/erosion.

Granite Creek Campground Streambank Stabilization and Fisheries Enhancement Project

The project will restore 600 feet of eroding stream banks with engineered log jams designed to restore bank integrity and improve adult and juvenile salmon, trout and char habitat.

Hard Labor Mining Plan of Operations

Renewal of an approved mining plan of operations for an additional five years. Proposal includes ATV access, tent camp and suction dredging in Gulch Creek

Helicopter Access for FIA Inventory in Wilderness

PNW Research station is proposing to inventory 913 plots in Wilderness over a 10-year span with 540 plots accessed by helicopter and 373 plots accessed by day hiking. Inventory protocol includes completing 10 percent of the plots each year.CZMA-FAA1

HHH Mining Plan of Operations

Year round suction dredging in Palmer Creek with two (2) six inch suction dredges, high-banking on the bench above Palmer Creek, and use of two temporary tent camps. Access will be by snowmobile or ATV on existing trails.

HMC Palmer Creek Mining Plan of Operations

seasonal suction dredging and high-banking, sampling, road repair, and use of a seasonal camp consisting of tents or campers. Access will be by ATV or snowmobile, road vehicles, or small excavation equipment on roads currently closed to the public

Hope Gate 1 Hazardous Fuel Reduction

Description: Cutting and removal of dead or dying generally small diameter trees on approximately 750 acres and burn residual slash near the communities of Hope and Sunrise in the Kenai Peninsula Borough. FAA(2)

Hope Gate II hazardous fuels reduction

Reduce the risk of wildfire to the local community and surrounding lands (federal, state, borough, and private) and improve defensible space and overall forest health.

Hope Highway Non-System Road Project

The Seward Ranger District is proposing to rehabilitate and improve or obliterate and close several non-system roads that currently exist along the Hope Highway.

Hope Stone Mineral Materials

Removing slate from an existing source near Mile 11.5 of the Hope Hwy using hand tools and mechanized equipment to load and move pallets of slate and for reclamation. Storage of slate on-site may be authorized through a special use permit

Ibeck Creek ATV Trail Re-route

Restore damage caused by all-terrain vehicles on spawning and rearing habitat utilized by coho salmon by re-directing trails at key stream crossings, installing low-water fords, blocking some crossings with boulders and re-vegetating streambanks.

Ibeck Creek Riparian Revegetation

We propose to plant alder, Sitka spruce, and other native plants to revegetate areas along Ibeck Creek where angler foot traffic has damaged riparian vegetation. This will help to stabilize eroding banks. No instream work will be conducted.

Ice Box Mining Plan of Operations

Year-round exploration utilizing a small suction dredge and camp areas on Victor Creek near Mile 20 of the Seward Highway.

Iditarod Recreation Trail

Construct a recreation trail that generally parallels the Highway/Railroad between Seward and Girdwood, connecting established trails and following sections of Iditarod Trail routes. CZMA FAA (1)

Install & Operate One Forest Service Repeater

Install and operate a single, self-contained, VHF repeater. All construction materials brought to site via helicopter. No ground disturbance required; equipment is contained in or on an aluminum building with foundation included.

Installation of fiber optic line, Seward Highway MP 79

Alaska Communication Service of AK is requesting to trench and install 160 ft of fiber optic line as part of the Seward Highway MP 75-90 realignment at the Portage Curve.

Jackpot Lakes Habitat Enhancement

Brush and other woody material will be cut in the surrounding area, bundled together, and placed in the deeper sections of the lake. 80 - 100 bundles will be created to resemble and provide the same sort of habitat that beaver caches offer.

Jacks Peak

The proposed project would add infrastructure to two existing communication facilities at Jacks Peak and Pigot Point in Prince William Sound

Jerome Lake Trickle-dam Removal

The proposal is to remove the trickle-dam from the outlet of Jerome Lake, and redistribute the rock in the immediate area. The removed structure would allow anadromous fish use of the entire watershed.

Joe's Place mining plan of operations

Proposal to extend a plan of operations for suction dredging and access to an operaton on Cooper Creek for an additional 5 years

Johnstone Point Runway Extension Project

Extension of the runway at the Johnstone Point Communication Site. Improvements include removal of 2.3 acres of trees, installation of a culvert and armor rock, and resurfacing the runway with gravel.

Juneau North Burn

Revisit a decision to improve wildlife habitat in the Juneau Creek area. Aspen stands would be improved using low to moderate intensity prescribed fire to kill some overstory trees and stimulate aspen suckering.

Kenai Hydro, LLC Special Use Permit Renewal

Re-issue special use permit for investigative studies for Grant Lake FERC preliminary license.

Kenai Lake Work Center East #7398 and #3532 Conveyance

Sale of two parcels totalling approximately 40 acres of National Forest System Lands at MP 23 of the Seward Hwy, pursuant to the Forest Service Facilities Realignment and Enhancement Act of 2005.

Kenai Lake Work Center East and Seward Residences #1 and #2 Site Conveyance

Sale of federally-owned properties located at Kenai Lake Work Center East in Moose Pass, Alaska, and Seward Residences #1 and #2 is Seward, Alaska; pursuant to the Forest Service Facilities Realignment and Enhancement Act of 2005, as amended.

Kenai Peninsula Invasive Plant Control

Control infestations of priority invasive plant occurrences on the Kenai Peninsula portion of the Chugach National Forest including use of herbicides on small scales on species and infestations where manual control has largely failed.

Kenai Winter Access Management Plan

Amend the Chugach National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan of 2002, to address recreational winter access on the Kenai Peninsula, resolving motorized and non-motorized issues. CZMA FAA(3)

Kenaitze Tribe Storage Shed Construction

Construction of a 16 X 24 storage shed, from pre-built construction kit. Storage shed will be placed on an existing gravel pad adjacent to the RV parking lot at the K'Beq interpretive site, on the Seward Ranger District.

Knowles Head Restoration Thinning

Thinning of trees less than or equal to 7" DBH on app. 6300 acres over at 10 year period to accelerate the development of old-growth habitat characteristics for species injured by EVOS, primarily marbled murrelet.

Last Hope Mining Plan of Operations

Mining plan of operations for suction dredging in Bear Creek, access by pickup and ATV on Bear Creek Road and existing trail within the claim, and use of an electric winch and dozer for moving large boulders.

Last Hope Mining Plan of Operations

Five year mining plan of operations for placer exploration and access on Bear Creek with exploration using a 4 inch suction dredge and ATV access on existing Bear Creek trail.

Lonesome Dove Outfitters Assigned Site

Approval of an assigned site on the Gandil River to Lonesome Dove Outfitters that includes a 12' x 20' tent platform that will be in place no longer than 14 days annually. The platform will be cached out of site when not in use. T18S, R7E, Sec 36,CR

Lynx #1 mining plan of operations

Proposal for an extension of an existing plan of operations for access on a trail closed to the general public, seasonal suction dredging, and a seasonal tent camp on Lynx Creek.

Lyons Ponds Water Control Structure Rehabilitation

The proposed action is to remove dilapidated lumber from the control structures and nearby area and replace them with cobble and other natural materials. If wood is needed we will use logs from the Granite Creek firewood area.

Main Bay Fish Hatchery Permit Renewal

Renewal of a multi-year special use permit to Alaska Department of Fish and Game for continued use & maintenance of the Main Bay Fish Hatchery located in Main Bay, Prince William Sound. Managed by PWS Aquaculture Corp. EIS/ROD 1980. Constructed 1981.

McClain's Mining Plan of Operations

Proposed mechanical placer mining plan of operations including several 50'x100' excavations per operating season and a 50'x50' camp area. Equipment proposed is a small trommel, small dozer, small excavator and skid steer loader.

Mile 33 Seward Highway sand source expansion

Proposal is to expand the southwest edge of the pit to access additional sand resources; the overall size of the pit will not exceed five acres. Sand will continue to be made available by request for both personal and commecial uses

Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy Revision

The Chugach National Forest is proposing a non-significant amendment to the LRMP to revise the monitoring and evaluation strategy

Moose Habitat Enhancement Project

The Forest Service, Chugach National Forest, Cordova Ranger District is seeking public comment on a moose habitat enhancement project to occur on the Copper River Delta (CRD).

Native Village of Eyak Traditional Fish Camp

Native Village of Eyak is proposing to install and operate a traditional fish camp on Eyak River. The camp would include tent platforms, smokehouse, walkways, stairs, outhouse, cameras, etc. Seasonal use. human waste is packed out.

One Eyed Pond Channel

One Eyed Pond is an isolated former gravel pit. We propose to dig a 40-ft channel to connect it to an adjacent pond. This will allow anadromous salmonids to enter and use the pond for summer and winter rearing habitat.

Operation and Maintenance of Oil Spill Response Improvements, Prince William Sound

Renewal of a permit for 5-yr term to authorize continued operation & maintenance of oil spill response improvements which include: oil exclusion boom shore and rock anchors, and container vans located a four locations within Prince William Sound

Placer Dreams Mining Plan of Operations

Five year mining plan of operations for placer exploration and access on Gulch Creek using up to a 6 inch suction dredge and highbanker and ATV's on existing Gulch Creek mining access trail.

Portage Highway Fiber Optic Cable Repair and Relocation

Project consists of repair and relocation of approx. 2,700 feet of fiber optic cable along the Portage Highway. This would include digging a trench 36 in. deep within the existing highway right of way and boring under asphalt driveways.

Portage Valley Waterfowl and Fish Habitat Improvement Project

Reduce shoreline slope angle to provide habitat for waterfowl in old gravel extractioin pits, and increase vegeation diversity for waterfowl and fish habitat.

Potential Recovery of Pigeon Guillemot Populations, Naked Island Group-Prince William Sound

The FS is tiering to the USFWS EA on Potential Pigeon Guillemot Recovery. Forest Supervisor would decide whether or not, and under what conditions, to authorize occupancy and use on CNF for personnel camping, trapping, and monitoring

Primrose Creek bank stabilization

Stabilize the south bank and reshape the floodplain and channel of Primrose Creek prevent high water events from damaging roads and recreation facilities. Place boulders and anchor up to 60 whole trees along 500 feet of the south creek bank.

Prince William Sound Campsite Hardening and Restoration

19 dispersed backcountry campsites in Western Prince William Sound would be hardened and restored.

Prince William Sound Campsite Management Environmental Assessment

This is project is a duplicate of Campsite Hardening and Restoration #38888.

Prince William Sound Zone Terrestrial Invasive Plant Treatment Project

The Proposed Action is to treat terrestrial invasive plants using integrated methods including chemical (herbicides and adjuvants) and physical treatments (mechanical and manual treatment). Analysis will include both existing and future infestations.

Proposal from Verizon Wireless for Comm Site Lease at Windy Pt.(S) Comm Site

The Chugach National Forest has received an application from Verizon Wireless for cellular use and for installation, operation and maintenace of communication equipment at the Windy Point Communications Site.

Quartz Creek Transmission Line Reconstruction

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS), Chugach National Forest is proposing to rebuild a 12-15 mile segment of the Quartz Creek 115kV transmission line

Recreation Event 6-Mile Creek 2014

Recreation Event to take place Sat/Sun during August 2014

Recreation Roads Reconditioning

This project would do basic roadway maintenance, such as brushing and grading, plus reconditioning work to the road surface, and construct barriers to limit where highway vehicles can drive.

Resurrection Creek Aquatic Habitat Maintenance

Restore flow into a constructed side channel by removing accumulated debris/sediment deposited during a 2012 ice dam break flood event. Improve grade control and excavate an additional inlet reducing potential dewatering from future flood events.

Resurrection Creek parking

Provide parking and discourage unauthorized off road vehicle travel in the riparian area adjacent to Resurrection Creek between MP 3.1 and 3.7 of the Resurrection Creek Road south of Hope, AK in the vicinity of the Rec Gold Panning Area and Trailhead

Resurrection Creek Restoration Phase II

Approve a supplement to a mining plan of operations and new mining operations. Restore Resurrection Creek's channel, floodplain, and streamside vegetation to pre-mining conditions and enhance fish and riparian wildlife habitat.

Resurrection Creek Stream and Riparian Restoration Project

This project involves restoring the floodplain and channel of 0.9 miles of Resurrection Creek to a condition similar to that which existed prior to heavy disturbance by historic placer mining. CZMA FAA (1)

Retriever Club of Alaska Permit Renewal

Retriever Club of Alaska is requesting to renew recreation event permit for another 5 years. It will authorize AKC (dog) field trials and hunt tests with live ammo, and minimal alder brushing for dog safety.

Rocco Mining Plan of Operations

Exploration, access, and camp for proposed mining operation on Stetson Creek near Cooper Landing, AK.

Rocky Bay Lake Salmon Habitat Enhancement

Large wood, brush will be added to 2 lakes to improve winter habitat for coho salmon. The project is in a roadless area and has been reviewed by the Regional Forester. No roads will be built. Up to 30-40 small diameter trees <12" dbh may be cut.

Round Island Area Use and Development Plan

Evaluate feasibility of commercial or non-commercial 5-year plan for extraction of wind-blown sand from dunes, considering potential conflicts from sand removal with recreational use, off-road vehicle use, and Copper River Hwy traffic. CZMA FL/P(2)

Russian River Campground Reconstruction Project

The purpose of this project is to reconstruct Russian River Campground to improve pedestrian/vehicles access, improve functionality of Russian Lakes Trailhead, provide a fish waste disposal facility, and improve facilities for visitor contacts.

Russian River Firearm Restriction--Forest Order

Forest Order to expand the firearm closure to include additional areas for public safety.

Russian River Trail Improvement

The proposed action is to improve approximately 300 feet of trail extending the Russian River boardwalk. The user made native tread trail will be improved with a constructed raised hardened trail utilizing rubber matting.

Saddlebag Firewood Project

Establishing an area for free use firewood harvest on the Cordova Ranger District to help meet the local need for this resource.

Sale of the Seward Ranger District Office

The USDA Forest Service is proposing to sell the former Seward Ranger District Office. This federally-owned property is located at 334 4th Avenue, Seward, Alaska 99664.

San Juan and Quadra Creek Habitat Improvement

Crowded stands in clearcut and uplifted areas would be thinned to accelerate tree growth and old-growth forest conditions. Canopy openings would be created to improve wildlife habitat for the marbled murrelet, a species injured in the oil spill.

San Juan Creek Habitat Improvement

Simulated beaver caches will be placed in tributaries to San Juan creek to create overwintering habitat for salmon. This area is lacking in brushy vegetation due to upheaval from the 1964 earthquake.

Sand Trail Parking Area Construction Project

The project is to build a parking area at the Sand Trail trailhead to provide safe public parking along the Copper River Highway to access National Forest system lands.

Sarah Mining Plan of Operations

Renewal of an existing approved mining plan of operations for suction dredging and access on Gulch Creek near the Hope and Seward Highway junction. proposal is for five years in duration.

Scott Shelly Private Road Special Use Permit Renewal

Requesting renewal of 5 year permit #GLA518 which expires 12/31/2011. New permit would authorize continued use of an existing gravel road and gate for the purpose of personal and commercial access to private property in Portage Valley.

Seward/Primrose Highways Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Project consists of the installation, operation, and maintenance of approximately 3 miles of fiber-optic telecommunications cable along the Seward and Primrose Highways within the existing transmission line and highway right-of-ways.

Snag Lake Restoration

Restore a failed beaver dam at Snag Lake to restore water levels and improve fish habitat.

Snug Harbor Road and Palmer Creek Road culvert replacements

This project includes replacing three undersized, fish barrier culverts with new structures which will allow fish passage (Aquatic Organism Passage structures).

Soggy Bottom Mountain Bike Race

Mountain Bike Rec Event to take place first Saturday in August. This race uses the full length of the Resurrection Pass Trail (including Devils Pass). Race starts off of NFS lands in Hope, AK and ends off NFS lands in Hope, AK.

Spencer Whistle Stop Outfitter and Guide Opportunities

Provide commercial recreation opportunities at the Spencer Whistle Stop recreation area, by issuing special use permits.

Stream Gauge Installation at Tern Lake

Stream gauge equipment to be installed at Tern Lake Picnic Area salmon viewing platform. The gauge will collect hydrology data to support reservation of water applications to protect the lake level and instream flow.

TelAlaska Fiberoptic Cable Installation

Installation of aerial fiber-optic telecommunications cable between Moose Pass and Seward. Aerial cable would be installed onto and along the existing City of Seward pole line/ corridor within USFS parcels.

TelAlaska Telephone and Fiberoptic Special Use Permit Reissue

Reissue of authorization to TelAlaska for operating and maintaining telephone equipment and buried telephone and fiberoptic line at various locations along the Seward Highway and Old Sterling Highway.

Three D mining plan of operations

Exploration utilizing a small suction dredge in Cooper Creek and ATV access on the Stetson Creek Trail, which is closed to the general public for motorized access.

Three Rivers Management Plan

Establish summer recreation capacities on the three rivers area.

Timberline & Stormy Mining Plan of Operations

Renewal of an existing approved mining plan of operations

Tower Rock Lodge Outfitter/Guide Permit Renewal

Re-issue special use permit for guided fishing on Kenai River and along Russian River Angler Trail.

Trail Habitat Improvement Project

Improve moose forage through prescribed burning near Grant and Ptarmigan Lakes. Reduce fuel loading from spruce bark beetle mortality, and increase heterogeneity of vegetation.

Triple H Mining Plan of Operations

Five year mining plan of operations for placer exploration and access on Coeur d%u2019Alene Creek with exploration utilizing a 2.5 inch suction dredge and ATV access on an existing access trail.

Upper Ibeck Creek Off-Road Vehicle Trail

Brush and grade a 1.2 mile off-road vehicle trail re-route that will reduce ORV trail stream crossings and trespass on adjacent private land. Crew will survey and mark boundary. Project will protect coho salmon spawning and rearing habitat.

USCG Tower Extension at Pigot Pt.

USCG is proposing to add 10 feet to their existing communications tower at Pigot Point Communications Site. The final height of the tower will be 60 ft.

Weise and Wolfe Isolated Cabin Reissue

Reissue two special use permits for isolated cabins to Weise and Wolfe for new 5-year terms.

Whistle Stop Project

Develop railroad whistlestops at Grandview, Spencer Lake, and Luebner Lake. Developments include trails, a boardwalk for wildlife and fish viewing, and a backcountry campground. Facilities may include restrooms, food storage lockers, and tent pads.

White Rock Mining Plan of Operations

Plan of Operations proposing geological mapping and prospecting

Wild Alpine, LLC permit amendment

Wild Alpine is requesting an amendment to their existing permit to authorize a new use area southwest of Turnagain Pass. Current permit authorizes avalanche education classes and other backcountry travel uses in Turnagain Pass & Portage Valley.

Williwaw Spawning Channel Treatments

Stabilize erosion at Williwaw Fish Viewing platfrom including repair of Williwaw Platform, modification of stream control structures upstream and downstream of Williwaw Platform. Remove alder and plant willow/cottonwood/birch to improve habitat.

Winter Supplemental Plan of Operations

The Plan proposes cutting 15 to 20 small diameter trees in preparation of processing placer gravels and use and maintenance of approximately 500 feet of new access road to access upper benches of Quartz Creek for exploration.

Wood Bison Pasture by Special Use Permit

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center has requested a 15-year lease (special use permit) on approximately 42 acres of National Forest for purposes of holding and breeding Wood Bison in partnership with the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game. CZMA FL/P (1).

Wood Bison Project

The Wood Bison Project proposes to continue grazing of wood bison on 27 acres for 15 years, and authorize grazing on an additional 138 acres for 15 years adjacent to the Alaska Widlife Center as part of a Wood Bison Reintroduction Project with ADF&G.

Wood Bison Project--Supplemental EA

The USFS is considering amending the Wood Bison Pasture permit to ADFG to allow burning 130 piles on 138 acres of cleared land during winter. The action requires a supplement to the original Wood Bison Project EA to account for changed circumstances.

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