Find information here about specific projects that the Fremont Winema National Forest are evaluating, planning or actively implementing. The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) and National Enviromental Policy Act (NEPA) projects documentation including supporting maps and documents are available.

Schedule of Proposed Actions

Each quarter, the Forests publish a Schedule of Proposed Actions or SOPA. The SOPA is an information guide for public involvement in the management of the Forests' natural resources.

Programmatic Restoration Project

The Fremont-Winema National Forest Programmatic Restoration Project decision will allow the Forest to play an active collaborative role with other agencies, the Klamath Tribes and various organizations in the development and implementation of future watershed restoration and resource improvement actions.

Fremont-Winema National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Access Road Improvement

The proposed project would issue a road use permit with BPA to authorize road reconstruction maintenance on NFDR Roads 2901-013 and 2901-019 on the Silver Lake Ranger District to ensure that the BPA communications relay facility remains accessible.

CenturyLink Master Permits Renewal

CenturyLink has a network of communication lines (telephone; fiber optic) spanning across the Forest. The permits authorizing this network have expired. CenturyLink has applied for two permits renewing all lines associated with expired permits.

Chiloquin Sewer project

This project will connect the Chiloquin Ranger District to the town of Chiloquin's sewer line

Corral Creek Pasture/South Hay Creek (Dog Mountain) Division Fence

The proposed project is a one mile fence to exclude the South Fork of Hay Creek not within the S. Hay Creek Riparian Pasture from use while cattle are on the Corral Springs pasture of the Dog Mountain Allotment.

Dead Horse and Campbell Lakes and Campgrounds Fences

To exclude livestock from Dead Horse Lake/Campground and Campbell Lake/Campground, we will construct wooden fences and install cattle guards at roads and hiker gates at trails. Where possible we may also fell dead trees to block livestock access.

Dog Lake (303) Road Decommissioning

The Fremont Winema NF is proposing to decommission approximately 3.1 miles of the 4020303 road along the east side of Dog Lake due to poor road conditions, hydrological issues, unstable soils, danger trees, and repeated need for maintenance

Dry Prairie Spring Excavation

The Forest Service proposes to allow the permittee of the Yainax Butte Allotment to excavate the identified springs to find water and develop a water system off the spring to provide water to the cattle on the south end of the Dry Prairie pasture.

Forest Management Direction for Large Diameter Trees in Eastern Oregon

The USFS will evaluate alternatives to the wildlife standard of the Eastside Screens that limits harvest of trees greater than 21 inches for the Umatilla, Wallowa-Whitman, Malheur, Ochoco, Deschutes, and Fremont-Winema National Forests.

Forest Plan Amendments for the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline

The Forest Service is proposing to amend the Land and Resource Management Plans (LRMP) for the Umpqua, Rogue River, and Winema National Forests for the proposed Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline.

Hog Creek Oregon Spotted Frog Road Decommissioning

The Chiloquin Ranger District proposes to decommission three segments of roads within the Hog Creek system, 4520-278; 4520-270 (between 4519 and 4520); and 4526-935, totaling about 2.3 miles. All roads proposed for decommissioning are level 1 roads.

Lake of the Woods Resort Improvement Project

I am proposing several actions at Lake of the Woods Resort including road and transportation improvements, dock renovation at the Resort marina, installation of park model cabins, addition of RV sites, and remodeling of the Marina building.

Little Honey Creek Fence Construction

The Forest Service proposes to build a fence to create a rotation manageable riparian pasture around Little Honey Creek on the Whitepine Allotment in the North Warners.

South Warner Habitat Restoration Project

To improve wildlife habitat conditions and increase the forest resilience to disturbance events on approximately 69,567 acres through small tree thinning, prescribed fire, aspen/mountain mahogany/meadow enhancement, and stream restoration.

Thomas Creek Guard Station Demolition and Hazardous Materials Disposal

The Thomas Creek Guard Station off NFS Road 28 was shut down around 1989 and is run down/lacking an adequate water source. Due to the condition of the facility, the Forest Supervisor marked it for demolition to reduce its physical footprint.

Ward Private Road Authorization

The Forest Supervisor proposes to issue a private road special use authorization to the landowner for their construction, operation and maintenance of an access road (30%u2019 wide right of way).

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.