Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Schedule of Proposed Actions is published quarterly to provide notice of current projects in Los Padres National Forest that may require environmental analysis. Project descriptions and contact information are provided so that you can be aware of upcoming activities and gain information on Forest projects. Please contact the person listed for specific information on projects of interest.

The Forest Service now has an on-line, web-based Schedule of Proposed Actions located on the national website. This program will allow anyone with access to a computer to view all Schedule of Proposed Actions produced at all forests within the agency. Using this new program, Schedule of Proposed Actions may be searched by multiple subjects, including geography, activity and NEPA document to be produced. Schedule of Proposed Actions »

Los Padres National Forest Project Archive

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2014 Road Maintenance

Actions include blading the roadbed and restoring proper drainage on National Forest System roads.

Abbott Lakes Restoration

Re-fill lower lake to provide year-round available water for use in emergency wildfire situations

AT&T fiber optic line permit reissuance.

AT&T requests the reissuance of 2 fiber optic line permits - MPD11001 and MPD429401. The entire length of the cable is approximately 15.23 miles of which 6.93 miles are on NF lands. All line exists within Kern Co Rd RoW on existing power poles.

AT&T Passive Reflector Replacement

AT&T proposes to replace the existing 12' by 8' passive reflector at Manuel Peak with a new 24' by 20' reflector. A new reflector is urgently needed to provide critical infrastructure to the Big Sur area including 911 emergency phone service.

Baron Ranch Trail Connector

The US Forest Service, on behalf of the Santa Barbara County Trail Council, proposes to construct a 3.5-mile non-motorized trail in the Gaviota region of the Santa Ynez Mountains in the Santa Barbara Front.

Blue Canyon Trail Race

The proposal is to issue a temporary permit to Blacksmith Endurance Co. to conduct a foot race event on National Forest System trails and roads on the Santa Barbara Ranger District. The proposal is very similiar to last years permitted event.

Blue Point Campground and Day Use Removal and Restoration Project

The Ojai Ranger District proposes to decommission the campground and infrastructure (parking, spurs, campsites, concrete ford, and rip-rap bank protection) utilizing heavy equipment to remove infrastructure and restore area to natural conditions.

Cabin Removal and Restoration

The Ojai Ranger District proposes to remove trespass structures near State Route 33 and rehabilitate the site with mechanical equipment.

CALTRANS Culvert Replacements on State Route 1

CALTRANS requested authorization to replace two culverts along State Route 1 near the Monterey/San Luis Obispo county line. This will require a special use road permit for an expansion to the existing right of way.

Calvin Smith Road access aka Knapp's Castle Road

The Santa Barbara Ranger District proposes to reissue a private road permit for an existing dirt access road to private property. Road is accessed from East Camino Cielo across NFS land to a private land inholding. L=2495', W=20', Ac =1.15

Cherry Creek Pond Habitat Enhancement Project

Mechanically remove vegetation from a pond to improve breeding habitat for California red-legged frogs. This project was previously listed in the SOPA as the Ranger Peak Pond Restoration Project. Project in the De La Guerra IRA.

CHP Facility at Black Mtn Communication Site

CHP requested authorization to replace the Forest Service building and tower at Black Mtn Communication Site and to co-locate with the Forest Service and other public agencies in the new facility. Within or adjacent to Black Mtn. IRA.

City of Santa Barbara Use Permit for Forest road 5N18

Amend existing road special use permit SBD100903 to the City of Santa Barbara (authorizes use of road 5N25) to authorize ongoing use of road 5N18 for ingress and egress to Gibraltar Dam and other City facilities for water diversion.

Davy Brown and Munch Creek Aquatic Barrier Removal Project

Proposal to remove one concrete low-water crossing on Munch Creek and complete channel restoration, and replace two low-water crossings on Davy Brown Creek with stream-spanning bridges to improve aquatic organism passage.

Day Fire Reforestation Phase II

Potential activities will be based upon areas affected by the 2006 Day Fire. Activity locations are projected to be small selected areas within the larger fire area. No work will be done within wilderness areas. Project in Sepse-Frazier IRA.

Deer Trail Mine Bat Gates

Istallation of bat gates, steel slated barrier, at the entrance to old mine adits and/or tunnels to keep people out and still allow bat passage.

Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO) Repair Project

The proposed action is to complete repairs to 12 roads at 31 different sites across the forest. These roads sustained damage from natural events and are approved for repair under the U.S. Federal Highways approved ERFO program.

Evaluation and restoration of degraded chaparral within the Piru Fire perimeter.

Approx. twenty 5x5 meter study plots will be delineated with pin flags. Plots will be raked to remove leaf litter & stimulate seed bank, invasive weeds removed by hand, seed collected, & germination techniques tested. Partnership with UCSB & NFWF.

Fernandez #65 Guzzler Tank Replacement

Project involves replacement of underground tank for wildlife guzzler utilizing hand tools. In addition cleaning and patching of the asphalt water collection apron, repair of the barbed wire fence and sign installation will occur.

Franklin Trail Restoration

Reopen the portion of the Franklin Trail on NFS lands from the Los Padres National Forest boundary to the top of the ridge, connecting it with the Divide Peak OHV route. The lower end of the trail connects to a Santa Barbara County trail easement.

Frazier Mountain Vegetation Management

Proposal to reduce fuels and fire hazard risk; manage the top of Frazier Mtn for the health of the old growth Jeffrey pine/white fir forest; and establish and maintain a healthy Jeffrey pine/pinyon pine forest along Frazier Mtn Road corridor.

Frazier Park PUD

Reissue special use authorization for community water storage and distribution system, to include access roads. No change in level or type of use is proposed.

Fred Reyes Phone Line

Reissuance of special use authorization for an existing phone line across National Forest System lands to private inholdings. Project in or adjacent to Cuyama IRA.

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Grizzly Mine Closure

Closure of an adit and two shafts using bat gates in order to: 1. Reduce the safety risks to the public posed by the open adit, tunnels and shafts 2. Implement measures intended to protect bats and their habitat

Happy Canyon Allotment

Proposal to authorize livestock use on the Happy Canyon Grazing Allotment for a new 10 year Term. This project replaces the prior Happy Canyon Grazing Allotment EA or project number 33801, since that decision was withdrawn. Within De La Guerra IRA.

Happy Canyon Grazing Allotment

Proposal to authorize livestock use on the Happy Canyon Grazing Allotment for a new 10 year Term. This re-inititiates the prior Happy Canyon Allotment Reauthorization EA. Project in the De La Guerra IRA.

Kennedy Ridge Trail Maintenance and Construction

Maintain an existing dozer line to be used as a non-motorized recreation trail up to and along the top of Kennedy Ridge west of Ventura River. Some switchbacks will be constructed. Construct a short (0.4 mile) trail extension by hand.

Kirk Creek Campground Restroom Replacement

Replace two existing bathroom buildings with two new buildings containing new vault toilets

Las Chiches OHV Trail Re-establishment

Re-establish 1,214 feet of single track OHV trail from private property to it's original location on NFS lands. The Las Chiches Trail is located within the La Panza IRA and the proposed trail re-establishment will be constructed within the same IRA.

Level 1 & 2 Trail Maintenance on Ojai Ranger District

The Ojai Ranger District proposes to perform Level 1 & 2 maintenance on all of existing trails within the existing trail corridors.

Lion Creek Dam Removal

Removal of the abandoned Lion Creek diversion dam by hand crew to open passage for the federally endangered southern California steelhead trout to excellent upstream habitat. The dam measures 26.5 feet from bank to bank and is 3.1 feet high.

Little Caliente Road (6N30) Road Maintenance or Partial Decommissioning

Currently a portion of the road known as Little Caliente Road (6N30)is closed to vehicular travel at the first creek crossing due to the road repair needs. The road needs to be reapaired or partially decommissioned.

Los Padres Campground Concessionaire Special Use Permit

Issue Forest wide concessionaire special use permit to replace expiring permits.

Los Padres Forest Headquarters Office Construction

Proposal to construct Forest Headquarters (SO) at Santa Lucia District office property and colocate SO and District employees in the same building.

Los Padres Tamarisk Removal

An effort to remove tamarisk from all watersheds where it occurs in the Los Padres National Forest. For the targeted waterways, project is in or adjacent to the Sespe-Frazier, Juncal, Camuesa, and La Brea IRA's.

Los Prietos U.S. Forest Service Trailer Park Sewer Line Replacement Project

The Forest Service proposes to replace a portion of the existing sewer pipes in the employee housing trailer park.

Lower Oso Bridge Erosion Repair

An emergency repair is needed to the Lower Oso Bridge footings due to channel bottom erosion under the bridge and associated undermining of the eastern bridge abutment footing.

Lower Piru Rangelands Grazing Permit

Analysis to determine whether to authorize livestock grazing on all, some portion or none of the Piru, Pothole and Temescal Allotments. Project is in the Sespe-Frazier IRA

Mixed Use Analysis

Proposal is to designate rts for motorized mixed use to connect OHV trail segments on existing roads on Pine Cyn Rd, Navajo Rd,& Fernandez Rd), and reroute a section of the Las Chiches OHV Trail (1630 ft) off private property. Within La Panza IRA.

Monroe Special Use Allotment Analysis

Review and analyze status of livestock grazing on the Monroe Special Use Allotment to determine if conditions are consistent with the Los Padres National Forest Land Management Plan and applicable laws and regulations.

Monterey Ranger District office replacement

Proposal to reconstruct the administrative office buildings at the Monterey Ranger District office compound in King City, CA

Monterey Trails - On-Going Level 1 and Level 2 Maintenance

Perform level 1 and level 2 maintenance on National Forest System trails in the Monterey Ranger District.

Mount Pinos Forest Health Project: McGill & Mt. Pinos Campgrounds & Organization Camps

Project combines two previously proposed Forest Health projects and proposes thinning, prescribed burning, and fuel reduction on approx. 1,700 acres. Project is located in or adjacent to Sawmill-Badlands & Sespe-Frazier IRA's.

Mt Pinos Ranger District office replacement

Proposal to reconstruct the administrative office buildings at the Mt Pinos Ranger District compound known as Chuchupate Station

Mt. Abel Communication Site

Issuance of Communication Use Lease for existing communication site facilities. This project was cancelled and is now back in progress.

NASA portable weather stations

Renew an expired special use authorization for two weather monitoring stations operated by NASA Ames Research Center on the Brazil Ranch. The two weather stations are for long-term monitoring of climate change. Each creates a 3 foot square footprint.

Navajo Flat Staging Area Redesign

The proposal is to redesign the staging area to provide designated overnight/day use sites, parking area, children's riding area, and barriers; decommission Friis and Navajo Campgrounds; close Friis Rd the last half mile north of Navao Bypass Trail.

OHV Route Level 1 and 2 Trail Maintenance Project

The proposed action is to complete level 1 and 2 trail maintenance on all LPNF OHV system trails on the Santa Lucia, Santa Barbara, Ojai, and Mt. Pinos Ranger Districts. The repair work will be completed with hand tools and mechanized equipment.

Pacific Unified School District - Pacific Valley School Special Use Permit Reissuance

Pacific School Dist. requests reissuance of their special use permit for school & exisiting buildings. Proposal also requests to install bus shelter, emergency food/supply sea train, and create nature study, garden & water system adjacent to campus.

Paradise Road Storm Damage Repairs

Repair or relocation of a portion of Paradise Road adjacent to Fremont Recreation Residence Tract to repair subsidence of the roadbed due to undercutting from the Santa Ynez River.

Peace is Present Foundation Access Road Reauthorization

Reauthorize use of existing access road to Windermere Ranch property by new property owner for a 20 year term. Road was authorizied to Institute for Individual and World Peace for a 10 year term in 1997. Permit is in good standing.

Pfeiffer Falls Trail Reroute and Observation Deck Reconstruction

Reroute approximately 520 feet of Pfeiffer Falls Trail and rebuild the observation deck at Pfeiffer Falls; both on National Forest. The trail originates within Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Work would be performed by California State Parks.

PG&E Diablo-Midway No.3 500kV Transmission Line Maintenance Grading for Span 36/148 to 37/149

PG&E proposes to remove soil material, over a 6,312 square foot area by grading down 1 to 3 feet under the transmission line. Excavated material will be spread on site within the right-of-way.

PG&E powerline to Anderson Peak Communication Site [Re-issue Special Use Authorization]

PG&E requested to convert an existing aerial distribution line providing power to Anderson Peak Communication Site into a buried line using an existing utility trench and requested a new Special Use Authorization.

Pine Mountain Recreation Area Forest Health Project

Improve and maintain stand health conditions on 300 acresby reducing stocking and tree densities. Reduce dwarf mistletoe infection by pruning and thinning outside of campground areas. Project in or adjacent to Sespe-Frazier IRA.

Pine Ridge Trail Reroute

Construct a 0.4-mile reroute around a failed section of the Pine Ridge Trail near Barlow Flat Camp.

Pozo/La Panza OHV Trail Re-route and Restoration Project

The USFS in partnership with the Central Coast Motorcycle Association, proposes to re-route 11-12 motorized trails in the Pozo/La Panza area in order to reduce soil erosion and sediment delivery as well as improve OHV trail system usability.

Quail Run Ranch Special Use Permit Project

The Ojai Ranger District proposes the reissuance of a special use permit for an existing water diversion, transmission pipeline, access road, and associated structures.

Renewing SUP for existing telephone and electric under ground cables

In this project no new ground disturbance will take place. This is only an administrative change of a SUP that was issued to 'All American Pipeline Company' and being renewed to 'Plains Pipeline L.P.'.

Santa Barbara Back Country Trail Maintenance

Level 1 and 2 trail maintenance in the Santa Barbara back country. Includes trails within the San Rafael and Dick Smith Wilderness, and within the following IRA's: Tequepis, Diablo, Mono, Camuesa, Malduce Buckhorn, Little Pine, and Santa Cruz.

Santa Barbara County Lease Reissue - Tepusquet Peak Communications Site

Reissue Santa Barbara County communication uses lease at Tepusquet Peak Communications Site. The county has requested reissuance of lease and road use permit, and authorization to complete a minor expansion to their existing building.

Santa Barbara Mountain Communities Defense Zone Project

The Santa Barbara Ranger District proposes to conduct vegetation management to improve defensible space near the communities of Painted Cave, San Marcos Trout Club, Haney Tract, Rosario Park, West Camino Cielo and Refugio Canyon.

Santa Barbara Ultra Marathon

The proposal is to issue a temporary special use permit to Blacksmith Endurance Co. to conduct a foot race event on National Forest System trails and roads on the Santa Barbara Ranger District.

SBA Tower Reinforcement Special Use Authorization Amendment

SBA Towers proposes to reinforce the foundation of their existing authorized tower at the communication site at Cuesta Peak. 4 pieces of concrete will be installed between the 4 legs of the existing tower, and diagonal braces installed in 4 places.

Seneca 2012 Pipelines Relocation Project Proposal

To greatly reduce risk of line failure and for safer operations, Seneca has requested authorization to relocate select lines along existing roads and relocate old swing tanks to a centralized treating facility with newer & safer tanks.

Seneca weeper dams maintenance project

On-going maintenance work on four weeper dams / catchment basins located within the Sespe oil field in order to protect lower habitat in case of oil spill. The total area of all four catchment basins is 0.228 acres.

Sierra Club Outfitter & Guide Special Use Permit

The Ventura Chapter of the Sierra Club submitted a proposal to change their existing temporary Special Use Permit to a term permit.

Sisquoc Trails Maintenance Project (San Rafael Wilderness Trail Maintenance)

Level 1 and 2 trail work on the Sisquoc Trail from Sycamore Camp to Alamar Camp; the Judell Trail, The Sweetwater Trail, the Jackson Trail, and the Manzana Trail between S. Fork Cabin and White Ledge Camp.

Smith Communication Site Special Use Authorization Renewal

Renewal of permit for the existing communication site at Cerro Noroeste occupying 0.5 acre in T9N, R22W, Sec 26, SBBM. These facilities have been in place since 1961. The facilities include a 30' tall tower, building, solar panels, and fencing.

Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric Master Authorization Renewal

Approve continued operation, maintenance and use of existing distribution and transmission powerlines and infrastructure for SCE and PGE located within existing corridors on the Los Padres National Forest

Southern California Gas Company's Line 8109 Pipeline Exposure Repair Project - phase 1

Hand removal of overburdened soil that is putting pressure on the pipeline and distorting its integrity. Removed sediment would be placed in upland areas where it cannot wash back into the channel. Vegetation removal is not anticipated.

Southern California Gas Company's Line 8109 Pipeline Exposure Repair Project - Phase 2

The action is to repair a 20-inch high pressure gas pipeline within an unnamed tributary to the Cuyama River. The action includes replacing 74 feet of mostly exposed pipleine with 83 linear feet of underground pipeline.

Southern California National Forests Land Management Plan Amendment

The Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres, and San Bernardino national forests propose to amend their land management plans with new guidance for roadless area management and land management plan monitoring.

Special Use Authorization Issuance for Existing Communications Uses

Multiple authorizations for existing communication facilities that support AM/FM radio, television, cellular service, and other uses will expire soon. The proposal is to re-issue authorizations for these existing uses for new terms as they expire.

Special Use Permit - Recreation Residence Lot 11

Removal of a terminated recreation residence cabin and improvements.

Special Use Permits for Additional Facilities at Cuesta Peak Communication Site

Request for special use permits for back up power generators on existing concrete pads near an existing facility owned by SBA Network Services

Special Use Request to Reauthorize a Corral and Associated Outbuildings

The purpose of the 3.5 acre corral and outbuildings is to provide for an existing livestock grazing area, to store cattle hay, to store water for fire protection in the large water tank, and to achieve access to these facilities via the access road.

Special Use Request to Reauthorize a Gas Compressor Station, Flare Stack, & Associated Water Lines

The purpose of the gas compressor station, flare stack, and associated water lines is to service gas pipelines in the Sespe oil field. The original SUP for these facilities was issued to Shell Oil Company in December 1967.

Special Use Request to Reauthorize a Privately Owned Orange Orchard

A special use permit for this 0.52 acre orchard was originally issued in 1963 for this use. The purpose of the orange orchard is to grow and harvest oranges, as part of the ongoing agricultural activities of the applicant.

Special Use Request to Reauthorize an Access Road

The purpose of the 0.25 mile access road is to gain access from Shale Ridge Road across Seneca Resources Corporation's Seltzer oil and gas lease to Seneca's Hansen lease in the Sespe oil field.

Special Use Request to Reauthorize an Access Road

The purpose of the 1.5 mile road is to provide access to private property. Type conversion of this road access to private land occurred prior to inception of this permit, and has been maintained as such ever since.

Special Use Request to Reauthorize an Access Road in Rose Valley

This 1.21 mile long, 16 foot wide access road is to provide access to private property. Type conversion of this land to an access road occurred upon inception of this permit, and has been maintained as an access road since issuance of this permit.

Special Use Request to Reauthorize an Apiary Site

The purpose of the approximate 0.5 acre apiary site is to produce honey. Type conversion to an apiary occurred at the inception of the permit, and has been maintained as such ever since. The SUP authorizing this use would be for a 10-year term.

Special Use Request to Reauthorize Cromer Access Road

This 0.19 mile long, 60 ft. wide right of way provides road access to private property. Type conversion of this land to an access road occurred upon inception of this permit. It has been maintained as an access road since the permit issuance.

Special Use Request to Reauthorize Five Apiary Sites in the Sespe Oil Field Area

The purpose of the five apiaries, approximately 0.5 acres each, is the production of honey. The special use permit authorizing this use would be for a 10-year term.

Special Use Request to Reauthorize Non-recreation Caretaker's Residence and Associated Improvements

The purpose of the camp caretaker's residence is to provide a residence and maintenance yard for the caretaker, as part of the general maintenance of an existing camp. The original SUP issuance occurred on 29 June, 1981.

Special Use Request to Reauthorize Two Apiary Sites along SR33

The apiaries are for the production of honey. Type conversion of this land to apiaries occurred at the inception of the permit, and has been maintained as such ever since. The special use permit authorizing this use would be for a 10-year

State Highway 154 Emergency Repair

In Jan 2005 Caltrans closed SH154 due to extensive storm damage. Some of the damaged area crosses NFS lands included in a special use permit. Emergency repairs extended slightly beyond the existing right of way, requiring a permit amendment.

Steve Atwater Road

Special use authorization reissuance for an existing dirt road across National Forest System lands to private inholdings.

Stone Ridge Trail Reroute

Replace a 177-ft section of the Stone Ridge Trail with a 366-ft section to reduce the worst-case grade from approximately 55% to less than 30% and to reduce the average grade from approximately 35% to approximately 20%.

Strategic Community Fuelbreak Improvement Project

To re-establish and maintain 24.1 miles of historically used fuelbreaks, all of which originated as firelines within the wildland urban interface threat zones on NFS lands; approximately 7.5 miles in wilderness and 16.6 miles outside of wilderness.

Sudden Oak Death Prevention Project

Selectively remove bay and tanoak trees in Bottchers, Ponderosa, and Nacimiento campgrounds to prevent dispersion of disease spores to adjacent disease-vulnerable native oak trees. Treat cut stems with herbicide to prevent re-sprouting.

Sweetwater Grazing Allotment Review

Review and analyze status of livestock grazing on the Sweetwater Allotment to determine if conditions are consistent with the Los Padres National Forest Land Management Plan, applicable laws, and regulations.

Toro Creek Rd. 2" gas pipeline SUP renewal

Renewal of 3 expired Special Use Permits (SUP) for a 2" gas pipeline and a road. No new ground disturbance will take place. The pipeline is buried under an existing paved road and the only changes are administrative.

University of California Santa Barbara, Weather Monitoring Station Installation

UCSB Geography Department wants to install a portable weather monitoring station near Santa Ynez Peak for real-time student download of weather data and soil moisture information. Project adjacent to boundary of Tequepis IRA.

USGS Seismic Instruments Special Use Permit Renewal Project

Proposal to issue one special use permit (SUP) to the U.S. Geological Survey to operate and maintain 11 existing seismic instruments located throughout the forest. The SUP will also provide for removal of the instruments when appropriate.

Ventura Preserve Fuels Management Project

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy proposes to reduce fuels on the east side of the Ventura River Preserve along the interface between the wildlands and developed areas. All of the area to be treated is nonfederal lands.

Verizon Generator Upgrade at Plowshare Peak Communication Site

Request for special use permit for replacement of back up power generator and fuel tank on existing concrete pad near an existing facility owned by American Tower Corp. at Plowshare Peak Communication Site.

Whitestar Line Relocation Project

The current Whitestar line is located in an area that is subject to landslides. In order to reduce the risk of a line failure the LP NF is proposing to relocate the line along existing roads and in an area that can more easily be monitored.

Willow Spring Trail Reroute

This proposal has been modified due to a recent court ruling & now is focused solely on rerouting the 1st quarter mile of the Willow Spring trail. NEPA for repair & maintenance of the trailhead and 6-miles of trail has been completed under a 32.12 CE

Winchester Canyon Gun Club

Proposal to issue a permit for ongoing operation of existing target range; previously an EA overturned on appeal. Project has been re-initiated as an EIS, and is in or adjacent to theTequepis IRA.

Winchester Canyon Gun Club Temporary Permit

Proposal to issue a short-term (one year or less) special use permit for the interim operation of the target range, which has been operating under Forest Service special use authorization since 1969, until analysis of a long-term permit is complete.

Yellow Jacket Water Development Enhancement

Project to add water line from an existing tank to two 700 gallon trough locations to provide water to an unused area for deer and elk.

Zaca and Piru Fire Burn Area Level 1 and 2 Trail Maintenance

Trails within the burned areas have been damaged by erosion resultant from the removal of native vegetation by the fires. The purpose of this project is to repair the trails within the exisiting trail corridors.

Zaca Fire Reforestation Project, Mt. Pinos RD

Potential project locations are anticipated to be small and would occur in selected areas within the 2007 Zaca Fire fire and suppression area. Project may be in up to 15 total IRA's adjacent to the San Rafael and Dick Smith Wilderness areas.

Zaca Fire Reforestation, Santa Barbara RD

Potential project activities are being considered based upon areas affected by the 2007 Zaca Fire. Project activity locations are projected to be small, specifically selected areas within the larger fire and suppression area. In Santa Cruz IRA.

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