The Forest Service develops proposed actions and analyzes them in compliance with environmental laws and regulations, in particular the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) guides clean-up of hazardous waste sites.

CERCLA Cleanup Projects

The CERCLA process assesses site conditions, evaluates hazards to humans and the environment, determines the level of cleanup required and selects an appropriate cleanup alternative. 

NEPA Projects

The NEPA process begins with a proposed action that addresses a purpose and need for action. The NEPA process discloses environmental effects, involves public notice, invites public comment and results in a decision.

The level of NEPA analysis depends on the significance of the effects. Projects that fit a category of actions determined to not significantly affect the human environment fall into a Categorical Exclusion. Some CEs are documented in a Decision Memo.

If the proposed action is not covered by a Categorical Exclusion, an Environmental Impact Statement or an Environmental Assessment is prepared. A project with significant environmental effects has analysis documented in EIS. Its decision is a Record of Decision. 

A project without significant environmental effects has analysis documented in an Environmental Assessment. Its decision is a Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact. 

The quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions lists and describes in detail projects undergoing environmental analysis and documentation as Decision Memos, EAs and EISs.

The Schedule of Proposed Actions list does not include projects on the national forest led by a different agency.  See below for additional information about projects led by other agencies.

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Special Use Permit Reissues – Forest-wide

Reissue a backlog of expired special use permits for existing facilities or activities throughout the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.  The permits were approved in previous NEPA decisions, there would be no new ground disturbance or changed conditions, and each facility or activity is in compliance with the terms and conditions of the permit.

Projects led by other agencies:

Index-Galena Road Milepost 6.4-Milepost 6.9 

          Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO) Road Repairs

          Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Transmission Line Right of Way Maintenance

Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Project Archive

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2019 Puget Sound Energy Special Use Permit Reissuance

Project would reissue expired Special Use Permits authorizing existing high-voltage transmission and low-voltage distribution PSE power lines.

410 Recreation Residences Cabin Modifications 2020

Cabin permit holders propose modifications to the cabins at Deep Creek Lot 7 (expansion), Silver Creek Lot 24 (covered porch), and Silver Springs Lot 141 (expansion).

Aquatic Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permits

Issue special use permits for outfitter and guides using the Skagit, Sauk, Suiattle, Nooksack, N. Fork Skykomish, and Skykomish rivers

Aquatic Resource Protection Project

decommission an unauthorized road off FSR 1152 by removing a culvert and associated fill at MP 0.22.

Baker Lake Area Access and Travel Management

Analysis/decision on future travel management in the Baker Lake basin, primarily on the west side of the lake.

Baker Lake Blow Down Salvage

Harvest of timber on 68 acres and reforestation of 28 acres in the Baker River Watershed.

Baring Communications Site

Issue a special use permit to American Tower to construct a new wireless communications site and associated infrastructure along Forest Service Road 6024

Bayview Campground Redevelopment and Expansion

This project will rehabilitate and redevelop existing group sites at Bayview North and South Campgrounds into single unit campgrounds with group sites and expanded day use facilities (e.g., picnic shelter, trails, parking)

Bazooka Mine Exploration Plan of Operations

Bazooka Gold Mine, LLC has proposed a Plan of Operations for mineral exploration on National Forest System (NFS) land. The purpose of this action is to provide reasonable access for exploration of locatable minerals on NFS lands.

Beckler Project

Commercial thin or regeneration harvest about 937 acres (stands <80 years), decommission about 4.65 miles of National Forest System roads no longer needed for forest management, and replace three culverts on Road 65 that now inhibit fish passage.

BNSF Railway MP 1726.4 Slide Repair

Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF)would construct a rock buttress at the toe of an ongoing landslide to prevent further movement of the embankment and tracks.

Boulder River Trailhead and Road Storage

Construct new trailhead with toilet, large gravel parking area (20-30 vehicles), picnic area and signs. Place last 0.7 mile of Road 2010 in storage for use as trail until new trail route can be constructed from new parkign area to current trailhead.

Buck Creek Campground Restoration

Project would restore riparian habitat where a logjam rerouted stream flow into campsites on the West side of Buck Creek campground and would upgrade campsites on the East side of Buck Creek campground to compensate for sites loss to the storm damage

Bull Bear Trail construction

Construct approximately 5.75 miles of new trail between Rat Trap Pass and Skaar Pass for trail access to Circle Peak/Crystal Lake areas. The trail would partially replace existing trail that is expensive and difficult to manage to desired standards.

Cable Drop Trail Repair

Improve, repair and realign existing trail and improve, expand, grade and surface an existing parkng area, ingress and egress for the Cable Drop river access site to the South Fork Skykomish River from Mt. Index Road 6020.

Camp Brown Day Use Area trail construction

Construct approximately 2,106 feet of trail to ADA standards that would provide an interpretive loop around the Camp Brown area and access to picnic sites and a large gravel bar

Canyon Creek Road 41 Repair and Storage

Conduct repairs to Roads 41 and 4140, and storage treatments on eight spur roads, to address drainage on approximately 21 miles of forest roads in the upper South Fork Canyon Creek drainage of the S.F. of the Stillaguamish River.

Canyon Creek Spur (FSR 3140) Road Repair

This project would repair the embankment failure on Forest Service Road 3140 by replacing the embankment with riprap armored walls, replacing a culvert, removing debris, moving the road into the hill and replacing lost aggregate.

Communications Use Lease Renewals

Renew communications use lease for existing Maloney Ridge communications sites.

Covanta Energy Communication System Update

Improve communication between Covanta Energy power plant and main office by topping up to 8 live western hemlock trees and 2 snags, a single tree at a time, until a clear signal path for a new satellite communication system is achieved.

Crystal Mountain Master Development Plan

Within the existing Special Use Permit area, approve development over 10-15 years of new chair lifts, parking, trails, and facilities. Includes a Forest Plan amendment to reallocate 550 acres (all Administratively Withdrawn).

Dan Thin Commercial Timber Sale

Commercially thin within 600 acres of second growth forest, 45 to 55 years-of-age, and pre-commercially thin 80 acres of 20 years-of-age forest stands. All activity is within the matrix Forest land allocations.

Darrington Blowdown Salvage

Partial salvage is proposed to meet visual management objectives, access needs, and reduce concentrations of down material which would harbor bark beetles. Salvage would be located at the Old Sauk trailhead (<1 acre) and along Suiattle Rd 25(<5 ac.)

Darrington District Road Repairs

Repair roads damaged over the winter months to regain access to trailheads, climbing routes and recreational use areas. Roads 2060, 49, 18 and 2040 are in need of road prism reconstruction, low water ford construction or culvert upgrade.

Darrington Storm Damage Repairs

The project would repair storm-damaged trails and roads on Darrington District as funding is available. Repairs include trail tread and reconstruction. Road repairs include slide debris removal, drainage and embankment repairs, and reconstruction.

Decline Commercial Thin

Commercial thin in matrix and late successional reserve, non-commercial thining in late successional reserve, road decommissioning, and culvert replacement with bridge.

Denny Creek and Franklin Falls Traihead and Trail Reconstruction

The project would enlarge and better define existing parking facilities at the Denny Creek and Franklin Falls Trailheads, close access to some roads around the trailheads, and reconstruct flood damaged portions of the Franklin Falls Trail.

Depression Lake Improvements

The proposed action is to replace a wooden toilet that was removed due to disrepair and install an accessible toilet at this site and provide additional resource protection measures as needed.

Diobsud Road Repairs

Repair two sites on the Diobsud Creek Road that were damaged when a portion of the roadway slid during a heavy rain event.

Dirty Harry Road-to-Trail

Convert approximately 0.6 miles of non-system road to trail. This is a portion of a larger non-system road that connects a State Parks trailhead to Dirty Harry Peak across two sections of land managed by DNR, who would manage the entire trail.

Evans Creek ORV Management Plan

Assess and evaluate current site conditions and identify and prioritize restoration areas; develop a sustainable carrying capacity; develop a management plan; and develop a monitoring plan for the ORV area

Excelsior Campground Road Reconstruction

Reconstruct the Excelsior Campground Road to provide better traffic flow and parking. About 380 feet of road would be reconstructed to access Site B and bypass Site A. Parking areas would also be reconstructed to improve safety and capacity.

Excelsior Mine Plan of Operations

Improve access to mine site, repair underground infrastructure, and conduct underground sampling.

Fish Fry Release into Upper Baker Lake

Issue special use permit that allows development of a fish fry release site on the north side of Baker Lake

Forest Road 6122 Culvert and Stockpile Project

Install two relief culverts above existing culverts within the prism of Forest Road 6122. Remove up to 6,100 cubic yards of excess road fill material from the two culvert crossings and pile the material in an existing clearing adjacent to the road.

Frog Mountain and Alpine Falls Trail Construction

Construct about 3.8mi of trail from the gravel pit on Forest Service Road 6550-610 north of Jacks Pass to the summit of Frog Mtn. Construct about 750ft of trail with viewpoints of Alpine Falls, adjacent to Hwy 2, about 6mi east of Skykomish.

Frontier Communications Site Lease Reissuance

The Forest Service proposes to reissue a lease to Frontier Communications to operate and maintain its communication site(s) located on NFS (National Forest System) lands for a 20 year term.

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Glacier House Conveyance

This project will reduce facilities operations and maintenance costs, the number of unused facilities and administrative site maintenance backlog through the sale of one house, a detached garage and a small cement bunker on 0.51 acre of land.

Glacier Peak Data Collection

Issue a special use permit for the US Geological Survey (USGS) to install temporary Global Positioning System (GPS) antennas at two headwater streams of Glacier Peak, and collect geophysical core samples around Glacier Peak.

Gold Basin Habitat Restoration Project

Reduce sediment delivery from the Gold Basin slide to the S.F. Stillaguamish River to improve salmonid habitat. Includes: construction of live crib, sediment detention basins, diversion fencing, grading, large woody debris structures, & re-vegetation

Gold Creek Pond Habitat Assessment Special Use Permit

Permit Kittitas Conservation Trust to experimentally increase the water surface elevation in Gold Creek Pond and measure upstream hydrological changes that could improve bull trout habitat

Gold Mountain Road Repair

Proposed re-establishment of year-round access to land on the north side of the Sauk River by repairing and rerouting roads. Flood-caused damage sites include Forest Roads 22, 2210, 2211, and the White Chuck Bridge.

Green Hope Mine Operation Plan and Helicopter Access

Analyze and approve the Operational Plan for the Green Hope Mine which includes a helicopter drop point on closed Road 1870, equipment storage and removal of locatable minerals with motorized equipment.

Green Mountain Lookout Removal EIS

The project proposes to relocate Green Mountain Lookout to a similar mountain top at Circle Peak, outside of Wilderness. The proposed action would also include the use of motorized equipment and mechanized transport within Glacier Peak Wilderness.

Greenwater Access and Travel Management Project

This project would decide which roads to close or decommission and whether to change maintenance levels of existing roads.

Greenwater Elk Forage Management Project

Convert about 171 acres of conifer stands within the Greenwater River watershed to permanent elk/deer forage

Greenwater Floodplain Restoration

Partial restoration of about 3.5 miles of the Greenwater River between MP 5.3 and 7.8, obliteration of about 4,500 feet of system and abandoned road, ripping about 1 mile of abandoned road, and installation of up to 16 engineered logjams

Grubstake Peak Communication Site Renewal and Expansion

Renew the existing special use permit for the communication site and allow expansion of the existing facility

Hannegan Pass Road (FR 32)Winter Closure

Change the existing road designation on Hannegan Pass Road from an open year round to an annual winter closure from November 1 to March 31. Maintain or improve existing winter recreation opportunities.

Hard Creek Bridge Replacement

Replace bridge damaged by landslide by narrowing and shifting bridge downstream, utilizing existing abutments, complete minor repairs to create level surface, chip upstream bedrock to create additional clearance to reduce potential future failure.

Harlan Creek Road Decommissioning

The proposed action is to decommission and remove from the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Forest Transportation System about 9.9 miles of road within the 6522 and 6525 road systems, within the Harlan and Johnson Creek drainages.

Huckleberry Enhancement CCS

Reduce competing vegetation in big-leaf huckleberry areas to maintain and enhance berry production for tribal and recreational use as well as wildlife forage.

Hwy 542 Enhancement Project

Improve access to recreation sites, maintain facilities and visitor amenities, provide additional interpretive opportunities and materials, increase motorist and visitor safety, and protect resources at dispersed recreation sites.

I-90 Corridor Thin

Commercially thin approximately 338 acres in the I-90 Corridor within the Snoqualmie Ranger District. About 4.3 mmbf would be thinned from 14 units. This project would reconfigure units returned unthinned in the cancelled I-90 II Timber Sale

Illabot Road Decommissioning

Decommission 14.5 miles of road (Road 16) in the Illabot Creek Drainage to reduce the risk of road failure and sediment delivery to Illabot Creek.

Index Sportsman Club Permit Reissuance

Issue a 1 year Special Use Permit for the use of existing facilities for a public clay target range. The range would operate between 3:30 to 10:00 PM on Thursdays and 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM Sundays for clay target, archery, and social events

Index-Galena Road Milepost 6.4-Milepost 6.9

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), and Snohomish County propose to design and construct the Index-Galena Road Milepost 6.4 to Milepost 6.9 project. Index-Galena Road was damaged by river high flows in 2006. The proposed project would construct repairs by relocating the damaged roadway further landward from the North Fork Skykomish River. The repaired roadway would restore essential travel and prevent future damage to the roadway. The repaired roadway would re-establish connectivity for property owners, emergency service providers, recreation users, and U.S Forest Service personnel accessing private and National Forest lands in the upper North Fork Skykomish River valley. FHWA, with the consent of the U.S. Forest Service, would grant an easement for approximately one mile of new roadway easement across National Forest land. To learn more about the project plans, project design, and timeline, please visit

Invasive Plant Management

Treat approximately 4000 acres with herbicide, manual, mechanical, cultural and biological methods. Add aminopyralid. Use boom sprayers. Use Early Detection, Rapid Response for new infestation

Kaaland Habitat Restoration Project

Plant native vegetation plantings and begin annual maintenance to improve habitat quantity and quality for fish and wildlife on the Kaaland land acquisition.

King County 911 Communications Phase 2 Project

King County Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network is expanding its regional emergency services network. This proposal includes leases for constructing and operating seven communication sites on Forest Service managed lands.

King County 911 Upgrades Project - Phase 1

Project would approve construction of additional facilities at existing leased communications sites on National Forest System lands.

Lake Serene Trailhead Parking Lot Expansion and Connector Trail

Reduce parking lot overcrowding by expanding existing parking lots, adding an additional parking area and connector trail. Total acres is approximately 2.7. A special order requiring dogs to be kept on leash is also proposed.

Little Sandy Creek Fish Barrier Replacement Project

Replace three culverts in the Baker Lake Basin to provide access to upstream rearing and spawning habitat for known Coho salmon and Coastal Cutthroat Trout populations in the Little Sandy Creek drainage.

Loop Road Water Association #2 Permit Reissuance

Issue a new well and water transmission line permit to recreation residence association whose permit has expired

Loop Road Water Association Permit Reissuance

Issue a new surface water withdrawal and water transmission line permit to a recreation residence association whose permit has expired

Lost Creek Bridge Replacement

Replace the Lost Creek Bridge, an undersized and deteriorating timber bridge on Road #49 with a longer steel or concrete bridge. The bridge is located across Lost Creek on Road #49 in the North Fork of the Sauk River drainage.

Lower Pratt River Trail Reconstruction and Partial Relocation Project

Reconstruct and partially relocate of the first 3 miles of the Pratt River Trail

Maple Grove Campground Maintenance

This is a rustic campground with seven individual sites that is highly popular for a variety of users (e.g., families, scout groups) due to its' relative remoteness but e

Marsh Pond Fish Access Restoration

Reconfigure Marsh Pond and Swamp Creek to enhance fish passage into and out of Marsh Pond and restore natural flow and sediment processes. Remove the nonfunctional metal fishway at the pond outlet and portions of placed fill in the pond berm.

Merrill & Ring Private Road Use Permit

Issue special use permit to Merrill & Ring Co. to use 0.24 mile of connector road (built by Snohomish Co.) for accessing timber and to construct road on Merrill & Ring company land. Issue Road Use Permit on USFS Rd 22.

Middle Fork Trail #1003 Relocation (MP 3.04 to 3.83)

Relocate flood damaged, deteriorated, and slide-prone sections of the Middle Fork Trail between MP 3.04 and 3.83 to a bench out of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River floodplain, decommissioning about 2,815 feet of damaged trail.

Middle Fork Trail Bridge - Goldmyer

Construct new trail bridge across Middle Fork Snoqualmie River connecting FS Road 5600 to Middle Fork Trail #1003

Milk Creek Trail Connection

This project proposes to replace a bridge crossing the Suiattle River, reconnecting Milk Creek Trail and providing access to the Pacific Crest Trail.

Money Creek Fish Drop Special Use Permit

Establish a fish drop site for WDFW trap and haul program and issue a Special Use Permit for a 10 year period. WDFW proposes to improve the access road, clear vegetation, grade, and add surfacing to accommodate the fish truck.

Mountain Loop Highway Repair

Proposed repair of flooding-caused damage to four sites along National Forest Road 20 (Mountain Loop National Scenic Byway).

Mountain Loop Vegetation and Road Management

Vegetation management would include pocket openings (approximately 2 acres) for scenic vistas, thinning of forest stands (approximately 27 acres) along the Mt. Loop for forest stand enhancement and removal of vegetation overhanging roads and ditches.

Mouse Creek Drainage Improvement Project

Project proposes issuance of a special use permit to Snohomish County for reestablishing a channel within a segment of Mouse Creek that flows through National Forest System land to and through county bridge 631.

Mowich River Road Easement

A 40ft wide easement for 1 mile single lane road on an existing road prism to access proponents property for timber and rock source. About 50 trees would be removed to widen cleared area, turnouts would be placed in existing clearings.

Mt Baker Ski Area Parking Expansion

Create an additional 151 parking spaces within the boundary of the Mt. Baker Ski Areaby expanding both the Heather Meadows and White Salmon parking lots during the summer of 2014. Alternate parking will be available at Artists Pt and Heather Meadows.

Mt Loop Byway Trailhead Enhancement

Expansion of the Lake 22 and Perry Creek/Dickerman Trailheads to provide sufficient, safe parking.

Mt. Baker Geothermal Consent to Lease

The Forest Service (FS) will determine whether to provide consent to BLM to lease nominated lands, or to lease with stipulations, or to deny from further consideration for leasing and subsequent development

Mt. Baker Outfitter and Guide Project

This project analyzes allocation of 28,350 service days to an outfitter-guide permit pool for use within the Mt. Baker Wilderness and Mt. Baker National Recreation Area.

Mt. Baker Ranger District Geothermal Consent to Lease Project

This project will analyze nearly 83,378 acres to decide whether or not to consent to lease, an if so, what lease stipulations are necessary to minimize impacts to other resources and comply with law, regulation, policy and Forest Plan Direction.

Mt. Baker Ski Area Chair #7 Replacement

This project proposes to allow construction in order to replace an outdated, non-repairable chairlift with a new chairlift at the Mt. Baker Ski Area.

Mt. Baker Wilderness and National Recreation Area Outfitter and Guide Project

Please visit this page instead

Mt. Loop Gateway and Beaver Lake Trail Enhancement

Construct a gateway visitor information station at the Beaver Lake Trailhead along with reconstruction of the Beaver Lake Trail and Trailhead

Nielsen Bros Martin Creek Timber Access Road

The proponent has requested a special use permit for a temporary road on an existing road prism with approximately 100 ft of new temp road, existing log landing, and yarding corridor for timber and reforestation activities on private land.

Nooksack Flat Trail Restoration

The Forest Service proposes to relocate 1.2 miles of the South Fork Nooksack Trail #602 out of the floodplain and repair an additional two miles of existing trail.

North Cascades Mountain Goat and Climate Change Study

Phase I and II: Collar up to 20 mountain goats to study population dynamics, seasonal movement and habitat use to better understand factors influencing populations, including climate change. Phase III: Install 2 SNOTEL sites to monitor weather.

North Mountain Lookout Restoration

Provide a special use permit for Friends of North Mountain Lookout to repair and maintain the existing North Mountain Lookout for future recreational use in accord with the standards for structures eligible for the National Historic Register.

North Zone Huckleberry Enhancement

Promote huckleberry growth through the removal of small diameter conifers within approximate 30 acres of existing mixed conifer and huckleberry stands. Project is a partnership with the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community and Sauk-Suiattle Tribe.

North Zone Huckleberry Enhancement Project

This project would enhance huckleberry habitat by reducing live tree canopy cover of encroaching conifers to less than 30 percent on 31 acres in 3 locations. Treatments include lop and scatter, and pile and burn.

North Zone Non-Commercial Thinning 2010

Thin up to 8,830 acres of 15 to 30 year-old conifer stands generated by past timber harvest. Spacing between trees after treatment will vary between 12 and 17 feet in most areas depending on site productivity.

North Zone Revegetation Project

This project aims to assist the recovery of degraded or damaged sites by re-establishing native plants and vegetation communities. The actions include site preparation, direct planting, and site maintenance.

Olivine Mine Exploratory Drilling

Drill three test holes to explore olivine ore body for possible future quarry expansion. Will involve constructing and rehabilitating two temporary roads of less that one half mile total length

Olympic National Park Mountain Goat Management Plan

Non-native mountain goat removal to address resource and safety issues on the Olympic Peninsula. Goats could be removed from the Olympic National Park and Forest. Goats could be translocated to Mount Baker-Snoqualmie and Okanagon-Wenatchee NFs.

Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail Repair Upper Suiattle River

Repair and relocation of segment of the Pacific Crest Trail using motorized equipment in the wilderness

Panorama Point Boat Launch Improvements

Cancelled due to duplication with project #43973.

Pratt Bar Trail Construction

Provide safe access to the Pratt Bar, by converting 1,100 ft. of closed non-system road to a USFS system trail. A 35-40 foot bridge would be constructed over a creek and a toilet and trailhead sign would be installed in the existing parking lot.

Private Driveway Easement

Provide an easement across NFS lands to the private land owner to build and maintain a 125 foot long by 25 foot wide private driveway.

Puget Sound Energy/CenturyLink Greenwater to Crystal Mountain Utilities Special Use Permit

Allow Puget Sound Energy (PSE) and CenturyLink to bury portions of their distribution line located near Highway 410, within the upper White River watershed. The portion of the line that would be buried is currently located on wooden poles

Puget Sound Hydro Easement

The proposal is to issue a 20 year Special Use Authorization to grant access on approximately 625 feet of existing Forest Service Road 3045 from the entrance of Excelsior Campground to private property.

Ranger Creek Airstrip Special Use Permit Renewal

Renew the existing special use permit for the airstrip operated and maintained by Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

Ranger Creek State-Managed Airport Airspace Obstruction Removal

Removal of trees identified as airspace obstructions to improve safety of air operations at the airport facility.

Raven Hot Cafe Expansion

Demolish the existing cafe and construct a larger facility that includes indoor toilets. The project will also expand the water and septic systems that serve the Raven Hot Cafe.

Removal of Unauthorized Road at Baker Lake

Remove 700 feet of an unauthorized road from Baker lake that is below full pool and scarify, revegetate, and place downed wood on access road. Heavy equipment would be used to excavate and remove soil, scarify, and place downed wood.

Revised Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Access and Travel Management

9/03 decision withdrawn (no informal appeal disposition).FS proposes converting 7.6 mi. of Road 5600 to trail, with special access provisions for pvt. landowners and mining claimants, and seasonal, odd-numbered day mtn. bike use on Middle Fork Trail.

Road 1106 Relocation

Reroute road 1106 to formerly abandoned roads, construct approximately 100 yards of new road, remove temporary bridge over Sulfur Creek, and decommission approximately 1/3 mile of existing road 1106.

Road 25 Riprap Removal

Enhance fish rearing habitat with removal of 900 linear ft. of riprap from along the Suiattle River, placed to protect Road 25. Since the road is closed at this location and proposed for decommissioning, there is no longer need for riprap protection

Sauk Mtn Tripartite Land Exchange

The proposed action is to exchange an equal value of National Forest timber for two parcels of land approximating 78 acres

Segelsen Collaborative Vegetation and Aquatic Restoration Project

Project would entail a 70-acre thinning with a stewardship component of drainage restoration in the Segelsen and Clear Creek drainages - see

Segelsen II Collaborative Vegetation Project

The proposed project would thin 70-acres of second-growth stands of western hemlock and Douglas-fir that originated after clear cut harvesting approximately 60 years ago.

Ski Clubs Special Use Permit Reissue for Skykomish and Snoqualmie Ranger Districts

This is to reauthorize 19 existing ski clubs at Stevens Pass and in the vicinity of Dry Creek and Crystal Mt. Ski Area in the White River drainage

Sky Forks Thin

Commercial timber thinning sale in Salmon Creek and Northtown area; Late Successional Reserve Stewardship thin at Barclay Creek.

Skykomish District 2016 ERFO Road Repairs (FSR 6830)

This project would repair storm damage at MP 5.95 pursuant to the Federal Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO) program. The end section of the existing culvert will be cut out and replaced and the shoulder embankment would be replaced.

Skykomish District 2016 ERFO Road Repairs (NFS Road 6412)

Repair storm-related damage to National Forest System Road 6412 at mile post 1.79-4.59. Repairs include culvert replacement and cleaning, restoration and stabilization of failed embankment, and road resurfacing.

Skykomish Geothermal Consent to Lease

The Forest Supervisor will determine whether to provide consent to BLM to lease nominated lands, or to lease with stipulations, or to deny from further consideration for leasing and subsequent geothermal development.

Skyline Ridge Communications Site Lease Reissue

Issue a lease to WSDOT for their existing communication sites and authorize the construction and use of a new generator facility.

Snohomish Co. PUD Power Lines Permit Reissue

Reissue a special use permit and consent agreement to Snohomish Co. Public Utility District (PUD) for operation of existing electric distribution lines across National Forest System lands. Permit request is for 20 years

Snohomish County PUD Power Lines Permit Reissue

Reissue a 20 year special use permit and consent agreement to Snohomish County Public Utility District (PUD) for existing electric distribution lines located on portions of NFSL on the Darrington and Skykomish Ranger Districts.

Snoqualmie Christmas Tree Project

Hand plant up to 57,400 conifer seedlings to provide new Christmas tree cutting opportunities on approximately 255 acres of National Forest System lands within recently thinned I-90 Corridor Thin Timber Sale units

Snoqualmie Pass Ski Area Master Development Plan Amendment #2

The proposed amendment includes the installation of a loading conveyor at the bottom ramp, and earthwork at the top ramp, of the Pacific Crest Chairlift.

Snoqualmie Pass Utility District Permit Amendment

Extend water and sewer lines along Forest Service Road 4832 from the I-90 Hyak interchange for approximately 3,000 feet. The new lines would stop before reaching Gold Creek. Lines would be laid within the existing road right of way

South Fork Skykomish Roads

Close 19 miles and decommission 18 miles of unneeded and environmentally high-risk roads on National Forest System lands within the South Fork Skykomish River and Miller-Foss watersheds. Leave remaining roads open.

SPUD Water Treatment Facility and Water Tank

SPUD (Snoqualmie Public Utility District) has submitted a request to add a second concrete reservoir next to their existing reservoir, and an arsenic water treatment facility adjacent to the existing well.

Stevens Pass Base Area and Jupiter Chairlift Projects

Improve Pacific Crest Lodge and upgrade the Jupiter Chairlift at the Stevens Pass Ski Area

Stevens Pass Phase 3

Stevens Pass Mountain Resort wishes to develop additional downhill mountain bike trails and skills parks, replace two chairlifts, add parking on the north side of US Highway 2, and remove a gun mount (formerly used for avalance control).

Straight Creek and All Creek: Aquatic Organism Passage

Would replace two existing culverts, re-grade streambed, install culvert structure that fits aquatic organism needs, and re-establish road segment including erosion control measures. Actions included in prior NEPA analysis (2012 Suiattle ATM).

Stream Gauge Equipment

Issue a 20-year permit for the Upper Skagit Tribe to install and maintain gauging equipment on Skagit River tributary stream systems of Tenas Creek and Diobsud Creek.

Suiattle Access and Travel Management Plan

Identify what National Forest System roads to manage at current maintenance levels, what roads to assign to reduced maintenance levels, and what roads to put into storage or close through decommissioning, within the Suiattle River drainage

Suiattle Road 26 Repairs

Repair of Road 26 at Milepost 14.4, 21.9, and 22.9 to restore access. Sites were damaged by October 2003 flood event

Sulphur Creek Campground Restoration

Provides for the clean-up and reconfiguration of access in Sulphur Cr. Campground after 10 years of no drivable access due to flood damage. The project would restore floodplain processes and conditions along known fish spawning and rearing habitat.

Sultan Roads Improvement and Decommissioning Project

Project would treat and put in storage approximately 0.5 miles of Forest Service Road (FSR) 6122, decommission approximately 4.1 miles of system and non-system roads including FSRs 6100-050, 6122-115, and 6124-114, and remove a log stringer bridge.

Swen Larsen Quarry Expansion

Amend the existing Plan of Operations to expand the quarry by 9.98 acres on National Forest System Lands.

Talapus Lake Trail Reconstruction

Relocations and reconstruction of portions of Talapus Lake Trail # 1039 and relocation of Talapus Cutoff Trail # 1039.1 to hiker only Trail Development Class 3 (moderate level of development) standards.

The Summit at Snoqualmie Pass, Proposed Master Development Plan

Proposed upgrade, relocation, development of facilities at the ski areas at Snoqualmie Pass. Portions located on MBS NF lands (and on Okanogan/Wenatchee NF). On Oka-Wen NF, minor Forest Plan amendment plus small expansion of permit area is included

Three Fingers Lookout Maintenance

Roof repair and other maintenance activities are proposed by the Everett Mountaineers on the existing Three Fingers Lookout in accord with standards for structures eligible for the Nat. Historic Register and following the rehabilitation standards.

Twentyeight Mile Creek Steelhead Acclimation Pond Special Use Permit

Permit Puyallup Tribe to construct and maintain a 100-foot-long by 35-foot-wide steelhead acclimation pond using water diverted from Twentyeightmile Creek.

Upper White River Vegetation and Restoration

Commercially thin about 1,413 acres (stands <80 years) and close or decommission about 20.6 miles of road, protect McCullough Seed Orchard fence by clearing trees along its south and east border (approximately 18 acres).

US 2 Slope Stabilization

Permit WSDOT to stabilize the highway cut and fill slope on three segments of US Highway 2, west of the summit at Stevens Pass (mile post 61,1-64.1).

US 2/Stevens Pass Avalanche Deflection Berm

WSDOT proposes construction of an avalanche berm that will deflect avalanche debris from entering US 2. A 2.5-3 acre area on the avalanche slope will be excavated and shaped into an earthen berm.

USGS Forest-wide Special Use Permit - Stream Gauge Stations

Install & establish a new stream gauge station on Huckleberry Cr, located adjacent to the bridge on FS Rd 7320. A 20-yr Special Use Authorization would be issued for the proposed site & existing stream gauges authorized through a MOU btwn FS and USGS

USGS Glacier Peak Wilderness Seismic Station Repair and Geologic Sampling

Authorize USGS to replace batteries via helicopter in GPW in August of 2018. Transportation of materials to be done via helicopter sling load. Geologic sampling would be done in same load and flight as battery replacement.

USGS South Cascade Glacier Research Station

The USFS proposes to issue a 20 year permit to USGS Ice and Climate Project, to continue the operation and maintenance of the research station at S Cascade Glacier, in the Glacier Peak Wilderness area.

Verizon Communication Permit Amendment

Verizon Wireless (VW) proposes to add alternative energy source components of solar and wind power for the existing VW communication site located on Seglesen Ridge of the Darrington Ranger District.

Washington State Department of Transportation(WSDOT) Howitzer Structure

Authorize the construction, use, and occupancy of a small structure (20’ x 26’) for the storage and use of an artillery piece (105mm howitzer) for avalanche control along US Highway 2 by WSDOT

Water Special Use Permit Reissues

Reissue nine special use permits to authorize existing water systems, water lines, and stream flow gauges. There are no proposed changes to the water lines in their existing locations.

Weden Creek Trail Flood Repairs

Construct 0.5 mile of the Weden trail to replace flood damaged portions of the trail. The trail relocation would begin north of the clay slide on the county road to Monte Cristo, with construction upslope of the county road.

Wells Creek Road (FSR 33) Repair at Mile Post 4.0

A concrete culvert (3 ft diameter) would be removed and a larger corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culvert (5 ft diameter) would be installed, upgrading the crossing to add capacity for flows and debris.

Wells Creek Road (FSR 33) Repair at Mile Post 6.1

SOPA entry cancelled because this an Emergency Response for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO) project led by USDOT Federal Highways Administration (FHA). FHA is lead agency for planning and implementation of this repair.

Wells Creek Road (FSR 33) Road Repair at Mile Post 5.1

SOPA entry cancelled because this is an Emergency Response for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO) project led by USDOT Federal Highways Administration (FHA). FHA is lead agency for planning and implementation.

Weyco Skyko-Foss Road Easement

Grant a 2220-foot long easement to Weyco across National Forest System lands. Weyco would construct a non-cost-share road along this easement to access their adjacent land.

White Chuck Bench Trail Repair and Reconstruction

Repair and reconstruct the White Chuck Bench Trail (#731) that was damaged in both the 2003 and 2007 floods. Repair work includes relocation and reconstruction at multiple locations from several hundred feet to over 1 mile in length.

White Chuck Road 23 Repair

Repair segments and decommission segments of flood-damaged sites on the White Chuck Road 23, which is part of a road system that provides access to trails, wilderness, and suitable timber management lands.

White River Recreation Residence Water and Septic

Permit three new community water systems, one community septic system, and four private septic systems serving a total of 11 recreational cabins.

WSDOT Highway 542 Microwave Towers

Issue and amend special use permits to WSDOT for new passive microwave dishes mounted on monopoles at each site to reflect radio signals around Anderson Mountain from WSDOTs Pinus Lake communication site.

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