Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The Forest Service has established a national database for ease in accessing each Forest's Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions. Follow the link to access the main database and from there select the Payette National Forest. Links to both a PDF file and an HTML version are available.

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Payette National Forest Project Archive

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2009 Unity Mine Drilling Project [59]

Drill three exploration holes to determine underground mineralization, including approximately 1/4 mile of temporary road.

2013 West Zone Range NEPA Analysis

Range NEPA analysis on Crooked River On/Off, Johnson Creek, and Mill Creek (Council Ranger District) C&H Allotments.

2015 Range Improvements

New Meadows Ranger District is proposing several range improvement projects such as spring & fence improvements and replace a cattle guard. There is a need to improve livestock distribution, improve riparian habitat and provide water for livestoct

2015 West Zone Range Improvement Projects

This project proposes to repair, rebuild and improve seven spring developments and four livestock watering reservoirs

Admininstrative Site Hazard Tree Removal Project

The proposed action would remove hazard trees and the resulting slash from the bunkhouse and smoke jumper housing areas to help protect housing facilities, the Creative Cubs Day Care Center, fences, power lines, city roads, etc.

Bald Hill Vegetative Management Project [86]

To improve vegetation conditions and wildlife habitat and to reduce fuel loads through burning of dead and down materials and understory shrubs and trees.

Bear Pete Mountain Repeater

Reissue a special use authorization for the continued use and maintenance of a portable repeater on Bear Pete Mountain.

Bear Pete Trail (#142) Re-Route Project

The proposed action would re-route three sections of the Bear Pete (#142) Trail as the trail climbs from Cloochman Saddle to the Bear Pete ridge.

Bear Tornado Recovery Project [8]

A salvage recovery effort of the Bear Tornado Blowdown Area to recover timber resources & reduce the risk of wildfire & bark beetles associated with tornado damaged forests.

Big Creek Airstrip SUA Reissuance

Issuance of a new special use authorization for the operation and maintenance of the Big Creek Airstrip. Big Creek is an open-public airfield on National Forest land outside of the wilderness.

Big Creek Lodge Resort Special Use Permit Reissuance

Issuance of a new special use authorization, to the new owner J. Curtis Earl Idaho Aviation Foundation, for a new term to replace an existing or expired special use authorization at the Big Creek Lodge Resort.

Big Creek Road Plan of Operation Project

The Big Creek Road Plan of Operation Project would authorize the use of roads to conduct exploration and development of locatable mineral claims by the minerals operator.

Big Creek, Yellow Pine Travel Plan [Snow Free] & Big Creek Ford [85]

Evaluate oportunities for motorized and non-motorized use on roads and trails in the Big Creek and Yellow Pine areas. Provide alternative access across Big Creek to reach private property and a Forest Service trail. Rehabilitation of old road & ford

Bighorn Sheep Helicopter Capture and Collar

Helicopter capture and collaring of bighorn sheep to facilitate monitoring of sheep movement. Activities would occur in the main Salmon River Corridor, Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, and Gospel Hump Wilderness

Bluebell Mine Exploration Project [64]

The Forest is proposing to approve a Plan of Operations (PoO) for the Bluebell Mine. The project would entail the reopening of a collapsed mine adit to remove samples for assay.

Brundage Bulk Sampling Project

This is a new bulk sampling project at the existing Brundage Placer claim, where related minerals work has been ongoing for several years. Two areas would be excavated for sampling, processed off-site, and then the site would be reclaimed

Brundage Mountain Resort Cat-Ski Outfitter and Guide Permit Boundary Expansion

Amend the existing Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permit issued to Brundage Mountain Resort for their Cat-skiing program, expand the existing boundary up to Six Mile Ridge in the Granite Mountain Area.

Brundage Mountain Resort Cat-Ski Outfitter and Guide Permit Reissuance

The Forest Service proposes to authorize Brundage Mountain Resort a special use authorization for a term of 10 years. This includes a seasonal yurt, addition/modifications of snowcat routes, and allocation of 860 service days to the resort.

Brundage Mountain Resort Toilet and Communication Project

The proposed action would install three vault toilets and bury approximately 1,400 feet of communication cable.

Brundage Mountain Ski Area Vegetation Management Project [59]

Begin implementation of vegetation management within ski area to maintain stand health and vigor. Modify vegetation around infrastructure to reduce risk of uncharasteristic or undesirable wildfire and subsequent damage to those improvements.

Brundage Placer Production Project [54]

Removal of surface material down to eight feet to remove gold and other minerals. Reject material will be used to fill back in holes excavated for gold revocery. Five acres will be mined over a ten year period. No chemicals will be used.

Brundage Wildland Urban Interface / Bear Basin Restoration Project

Treat stands around the private property at Brundage Mountain Resort to reduce the potential for uncharacteristic wildfire and modify fuel conditions so that in the event of a wildfire, effective suppression actions are more likely to be successful.

Burgdorf Admininistrative Hazard Tree Project

The proposed action would fell and remove dead and imminently dead trees within and immediately adjacent Corduroy Creek dispersed area, Bear Pete Trailhead and dispersed area, Jeannette Campground, and Burgdorf Campground.

Calumet Placer & Bear Track Lode Mines Plan of Operation [51]

Approval of a Plan of Operations (PoO) for the Calumet Placer Mine(placer operation) and Bear Track Mine(hardrock underground mine). The 4.8 acre mine would be placer mined over a 5 year period and a collapsed/bridged shaft would be reopened.

Cambridge Telephone Company Special Use Permit Re-issue

Cambridge Telephone Company has requested a renewal of four Special Use Authorizations. All four are to maintain existing buried telephone lines along with associated pedestals, posts, and warning signs. The 4 permits will be re-issued as 1 permit.

Chelsie Lode Exploration Project

The proposed action would excavate up to 25 sample pits to expose and sample vein material for assay. The maximum pit size would be approximately four feet wide by 20 feet long by five feet deep.

Council and Weiser Districts On/Off Allotments Project

The Proposed Action is to authorize continued grazing on six on/off grazing allotments on the Weiser and Council Ranger Districts consistent with requirements of the 2003 Payette National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan.

Cow Secesh Face Project

Project would decommission approximately 30 miles of road in the Fitsum and Cow watersheds.

Crater Lake Access Road

The proposed action would issue a special use authorization to private land owners for use and maintenance of a road crossing National Forest land. The road is approximately 1/2 mile. A parking area and turn around would be included.

Crooked River Fuels Management Project [1]

Conduct vegetation and fuels management activities, reduce fire risk to private and Forest lands, improve white-headed woodpecker and northern Idaho ground squiirel habitat, and improve watershed condition..

Cuprum Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project [7]

Treat 1650 acres around town of Cuprum to reduce hazardous fuel loading using a combination of mechanical and hand treatments followed by prescribed fire.

Deep Creek Trail Improvement Project [14]

Trail re-route of 0.3 miles, installation of a 34 foot gluelam bridge and foot bridges to provide safe public access to over 30 miles of multiple use trails in the Deep Creek drainage.

Domestic Sheep and Goat Grazing & Payette Bighorn Sheep Viability LRMP Amendment [105]

Supplement to the Southwest Idaho Ecogroup FEIS for the Revised Land and Resource Management Plans to analyze bighorn sheep viability compliance with the Hells Canyon NRA Act, NFMA, 36 CFR 292.48, and 36 CFR 219.9.

East Fork Lost Creek NIDGS Habitat Improvement Project [27]

To improve northern Idaho ground squirrel habitat, project proposal includes commercial thinning 571 acres, pre-commercial thinning 139 acres, brush disposal and prescribed burning 710 acres, obliterating 3.1 miles and relocation of 0.6 miles of road

East Pine Creek Trail Improvement Project [10]

Reconstruction of 8.4 miles of the East Pine Creek Trail #263. A trail bridge would also be constructed at a current ford on East Pine Creek on Trail #245, the Boundary Trail.

Fall Cr. / Whitebird - Meadows Valley Range Allotments [50]

Manage domestic livestock grazing activities on 2 allotments in accordance with Forest Plan standards and guidelines.

Fall Cr/Whitebird & Meadows Valley Cattle & Horse allotments EA (revision after reversal on appeal)

Reauthorize continued grazing that meets or move towards desired resource conditions according to current Forest Plan management direction, using appropriate design criteria and an adaptive management strategy consistent with Region 4 direction .

Firewood Roads 2011

Proposed roads currently closed to public travel would be opened to provide public firewood cutting and removal under current firewood permit restrictions.

Firewood Roads [25]

To provide increased public access for firewood cutting.

Fly Fish McCall Permit Re-Issuance Project

The proposed action would re-issue the special use permit to Fly Fish McCall (Idaho Angler McCall, LLC) to continue what has been a successful and compliant fishing outfitter and guide operation.

Four Mile Prescribed Fire

The Four Mile Prescribed Fire would apply fire to approximately 9500 acres of National Forest lands over the next 10-15 years for the purpose of improving elk habitat while retaining habitat and cover for small mammals and cavity nesting birds.

Four Summit Challenge Event Multi-Year Special Use Authorization

This project would authorize a 5 year special use permit for the 4 Summit Challenge bicycle race (2017-2021). The annual, 1-day event would include a partial day road closure on the South Fork Salmon River Road (Forest Service Road 674/474)for safety

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Gillihan No Name Creek Water System Project

The continued diversion and transmission of water from No Name Creek, a tributary of Big Creek, with approximately 200 feet of 10 inch diameter conduit pipe across National Forest system land to private property.

Golden Hand #1 and #2 Lode Mining Claims Plan of Operations [81]

Plan of Operations (POO) proposal to allow for collection of subsurface geological information on the Golden Hand #1 and #2 mining claims. The mining claims are located in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.

Golden Meadows 2011 Core Drilling Project

The proposed action would authorize exploratory drilling on 16 pads and provide necessary access for drilling and reclamation activities.

Golden Meadows 2011/Winter 2012 Exploration Project

The proposed action would allow Midas Gold, Inc. to conduct exploratory drilling and reclamation on National Forest System (NFS) lands.

Golden Meadows Mineral Exploration Project

The purpose of the proposed action is to access nine locations from which to conduct exploration drilling operations. Eight of these locations are on private land and one is on Forest System Land in an area previously disturbed by mining.

Hedges Water System

This special use authorization includes a concrete headbox installed in a small unnamed tributary of the Weiser River, a fence, a 300 gallon holding tank, and approximately 600 feet plastic pipe. It provides water to 3 summer homes on private land.

Idaho Angler McCall (dba Fly Fish McCall) Outfitter and Guide Special Use Reauthorization

This project is considering the reauthorization of Idaho Angler McCall to continue to offer outfitting and guiding services specializing in high mountain lake and stream fishing operations on the New Meadows, McCall, and Krassel Ranger Districts.

Idaho Power Brownlee Guard Station Underground Distribution Line

To reauthorize a special use permit for an underground distribution line that was installed in 1985. This line provides power to the USDA Forest Service Brownlee Guard Station and nearby private property. The permit would be authorized for 20 years.

Jackson Creek Trail (#116) Re-route Project

The proposed action would re-route eight sections of the Jackson Creek (#116) Trail. Old sections of trail would be decommissioned.

Krassel Administrative Hazard Tree Project

The proposed action would remove roughly 40 mature trees from the Krassel Guard Station administrative site.

Krassel Outfitter and Guide II

Re-issue permits for continued client service on nine Outfitter and Guide Permits on the Krassel Ranger District. There are no changes proposed in the authorized facilities, or increases in the scope or intensity of the authorized services.

Krassel RD - 2013 Outfitter and Guide Permit Actions

The project proposes to reissue permits for Mackay Bar Guest Ranch, Salmon River Lodge, MOSS, Trent Bullock, and Pineland Outfitters of Idaho. The project would only reuthorize the current use with all changes being administrative in nature.

Lick Creek Water Association Water System Project

The project would approve the application for the operation and maintenance of the Lick Creek Water Association (LCWA) improvements to provide water to private property.

Little Ski Hill Improvements Project

The project proposes to conduct several small projects that will provide skier improvements, promote a safer atmosphere for the general public, and will provide needed maintenance structures to store equipment.

Little Ski Hill Run Expansion Project

The proposed action would widen the existing run to safely accommodate a more expansive terrain park and a more traditional run on the south side of the existing lift (T-bar. Trees would be cut and removed to accomplish this project.

Lockey U Outfitter and Guide Special Use Re-authorization

Lockey U Outfitters, LLC is requesting reauthorization of their priority use permit for a new 10 year term to continue to offer guided bear, cougar, and wolf hunts in spring and fall.

Lower Secesh Watershed Restoration Project

The Proposed Action would implement a range of activities, including road decommissioning/rehabilitation, route designation, stream crossing improvement, trail designation or improvements, and interpretive improvements.

Lynes Point Communication Site Special Use Permit Reissue

To reissue a Communication Use Lease for a Communication Site on Lynes Point, a 9%u2019 X 10%u2019 shelter, and microwave repeater on a 25 foot tower; located on National Forest System land on the Council Ranger District. Road access and maintenance.

McCall Area Co-Location Project [57]

Construction of a new Forest Service office combining the Payette National Forest Supervisors Office and the McCall and Krassel Ranger District Offices and associated parking and storage structures at one location.

McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS) Special Use Authorization

McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS) is requesting reauthorization of their priority use permit for a 10-year term. MOSS has requested that this permit be re-issued with no significant changes for educational and institutional purposes.

Meadows Slope Wildland Fire Protection Project [44]

Create fuelbreak of 6,452 acres through timber harvest (3292 acres), non-commercial thinning, and prescribed burning (4773 acres). Riparian Conservation Area Treatment (939 acres) includes hand piling and some prescribed burning.

Middle Fork Blowdown

Salvage of blowdown timber in the Middle Fork of the Weiser River watershed. This occurred with a wind event in early June, 2010.

Middle Fork Zone Elk Monitoring Project

The proposed action would permit Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) to conduct helicopter landings in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness through a special use permit.

Midvale Telephone Special Use Reauthorization

Reauthorize for a new term the continued use and maintenance of Midvale Telephone Exchange buried (along roads) fiber optic line that provides phone service to Burgdorf, Secesh Meadows, Warren, Lower South Fork Salmon River, and Yellow Pine, ID.

Murphy Water System Special Use Authorization

The project would issue a new special use authorization for the use and maintenance of an existing water system (storage tanks and pipeline) for private domestic use at a single residence.

No Name Creek Water System Special Use Permit

Issue a new special use permit for the operation and maintenance of an existing water system that consists of a screened water collection box on No Name Creek, an intermittent tributary to Big Creek, with approximately 600' of 2" plastic water line.

North Fork Lick Creek Trail #082 Re-Construction/Re-Route

Three segments of approximately 9,360 linear feet of the North Fork Lick Creek Trail #082 would be reconstructed and/or re-aligned to meet trail management objectives for non-motorized uses. The work is needed to address windfall and erosion issues.

North Hornet C & H Allotment Spring Protection, Improvements and Developments

This project will consist of improvements to six spring developments and four livestock watering reservoirs in poor condition. Approximately 1.5 miles of drift fence will also be constructed.

Northern Idaho Ground Squirrel Habitat Improvement Study

Wildlife habitat improvement activities including timber harvest and prescribed burning,

NRCS Snow Data Collection Site Project

The Natural Resource Conservation Service is requesting authorization for the continued operation of manual snow course and automated SNOTEL sites to collect hydrometeorological and climatic data for purposes of water supply forecasting.

Outfitted and Guided Snowmobile Tours Project

Interest in guided snowmobile tours has been growing. Currently there is only one permitted snowmobiling O&G on the Forest. This project would provide the public the opportunity to use a licensed O&G to take them snowmobiling on the Forest.

Outfitter and Guide Permit Issuance

The project proposes to reissue permits for Salmon River Lodge, MOSS, Trent Bullock, and Pineland Outfitters of Idaho. The project would only reuthorize the current use with all changes being administrative in nature.

Payette Lakes Ski Club Bear Basin Permit Amendment

The Payette Lakes Ski Club has proposed to modify their assigned site used for Nordic skiing to allow a temporary warming structure. Seasonal use of the structure will require modifying the existing parking lot approximately 40ft x 20ft.

Phoebe Creek Dispersed Recreation Site Management Project

Install a vault toilet at the dispersed camp site. Improve signage with a kiosk at the trailhead along Forest Road 775. Surface the access road to trailhead area and dispersed camp parking.

Pioneer Creek Water Intake and Screen Project

The proposed action would replace the existing Pioneer Creek water intake structure at the University of Idaho Taylor Ranch.

Poison Timber Trail Reconstruction

Conversion of 1.8 miles of existing old system road to ATV/UTV trail, by improving existing 2 track trail or old road bed to Forest Service design specifications for Trail Class 2 (moderately developed) ATV trail use.

Pony Creek Outfitters Special Use Permit Authorization

This project would reauthorize a special use permit for a 10-year term to Pony Creek Outfitters, to offer guided big game hunts in the McCall and Krassel Ranger Districts. The permittee has 3 assigned sites and would be authorized for 155 service day

Poverty II Reforestation Project [79]

Plant ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir in an area burned by uncharacteristic wildfire in the summer of 2007 to hasten seral tree regeneration to benefit wildlife.

Ram House Access Trail Special Use Authorization

This project would authorize motorized trail access across an approximately 12-20 feet section of flat, grassy NFS land approximately 72 inches wide to provide access to Ram House, a private property. A special use authorization would be issued.

Range Improvement – Spring Development and Fence Construction

This proposed project would develop 12 springs and construct 2 let-down drift fences to provide a watering source away from creeks and riparian areas and to help with livestock trailing and management.

Reed Ranch Airstrip [77]

Change in management of the Reed Ranch Airstrip from a Forest Service managed Restricted Use airstrip to a Public Use airstrip managed by the Idaho Transportation Department, Division of Aeronautics.

Reissue of 7 Devils Lodge, LLC Outfitter-Guide

This project would reissue the special use permit held by 7 Devils Lodge, LLC to continue to provide guided snowmobile tours on the forest, as well as reinstating summer use previously authorized.

Rescue Mine Expansion Project

This project proposes to reauthorize the continuing use of the existing infrastructure, the addition of new facilities, and exploratory drilling.

Rocky Bear Project [49]

Fuels reduction, thinning, shift Fire Regime Condition Class (FRCC), Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) - related forest management actions on approximately 826 acres.

Rosenbaum Spring Development Project

This project proposes to issue a special use permit for the continued operation and maintenance of an existing spring development on National Forest System (NFS) land.

Salmon River Helicopter Repeater Special Use Authorization

The Forest Service wants to issue a special use permit for ten years to Salmon River Helicopters for the installation and maintenance of a radio repeater to facilitate their helicopter communications in remote areas.

Secesh River Lake Creek Road Decommissioning Project

The proposed action would restore and maintain healthy habitats through road restoration activities. Restoration activities include scarification, full recontour, improved signage, and road to trail conversions on existing routes.

SFSR Subbasin Noxious Weed Management Plan [80]

Use a variety of treatment methods to control and contain noxious and invasive weeds within the South Fork Salmon River Subbasin. Separate decisions will be issued for the Payette (May 2007) and Boise National Forests (February 2010).

Sheep Creek Bull Trout Exclosure Fence

This project proposes to rebuild and improve an exclosure fence to improve protection of bull trout spawning habitat from livestock grazing.

Shoshone Silver Gold Mining Company Access Roads Project

The proposed action would authorize approximately 0.7 miles of temporary road on National Forest System lands. The roads would be used by SSGMC from June to November as weather allows.

Snowmobile Trail Grooming in Valley, Adams and Idaho Counties

Proposal to support and maintain the ongoing winter snowmobile trail-grooming program in cooperation with Valley County and the State of Idaho parks and Recreation Department.

Sturgill-Dennett Unauthorized ATV Route Decommissioning Project

The purpose of this project is to decommission and eliminate access to an unauthorized ATV route located on a ridge between Sturgill and Dennett Creeks.

Subalpine Fir Removal

Under special use permit, remove subalpine fir trees (<8 inch diameter) from plantations and natural stands within 600 feet of open roads in the N Fk Payette R drainage to be sold for landscaping purposes.

Sugar Creek Storm Treatment and Ford Rehabilitation

This project would implement storm damage risk reduction road restoration treatments on approximately 4.5 miles of FS Road 51883 and restore the road ford crossing at Sugar Creek for the protection of endangered fish habitat in the adjacent stream.

Summit Gulch Vegetation Management Project [5]

Manage vegetation to promote development of suitable habitat for Northern Idaho Ground Squirrel NIDGS, move forest vegetation conditions towards desired conditions in forest plan, reduce wildlife and watershed road impacts on 1200 acres.

Surdam Multiple Use Trail Construction

Trails 275 and 275A would be connected to form a loop. This would accommodate ATVs, motorcycles and non-motorized users. 3.4 miles of trail would be constructed, 1.1 miles of trail is an existing trail bed, 2.3 miles would be new construction.

Twentymile Trail Re-routes

The Forest Service proposes reconstructing numerous sections of the Twentymile Trail (#085) by re-routing around washed out or significantly troughed portions of the trail, as well as moving it out of wet meadow systems using hand and power tools.

Twin Lakes Drift Fence

The 0.3 mile drift fence suffered significant damage during the Teepee Springs Fire in 2015.The fence is part the Jacks Creek C&H Allotment. The permittees will replace the fence in kind.

Unity Mine Drilling Project

The proposed action would construct three drill pads and conduct exploratory core drilling from each pad. Drill pads would be constructed on temporary roads.

USGS Stibnite Stream Gage Installation Project

The proposed action would authorize USGS to install, operate, and maintain four gaging stations in the Stibnite area.

Valley County FRTA Project

Valley County has submitted a special use application requesting authorization for the continued use and maintenance a road for public use. The road is approximately ½ mile long and is accessed from the McCall-Stibnite road #50412 roughly ½ mile.

Valley County Warming Hut

A special use authorization was initially issued in 2001 and again in 2009 for the operation and maintenance of a day use warming hut on West Mountain in Adams County, Idaho. The proposed action is to issue a new authorization for a 10 year term.

Virginia Tech Small Seismometer Line Project

Placement of small seismometers every 100-500 meters along the sides of existing roads and trails. To be placed for 2 to 8 days in areas previously disturbed by rd construct. or within 18 in of travel surface. Holes will be 6" wide, 6" deep, 18" long

Walla Walla Mine Exploration Drilling and Trenching Project [53]

Drilling and trenching to support the underground operations at the Walla Walla Mine.

Warm Springs Fuels Reduction Project [48]

Shift forest from Fire Regime Condition Class 2 & 3 towards 1. Commercially thin approx 976 ac. Also understory thin these areas plus 68 ac of plantations (1044 ac total); prescribe burn these areas. Treat additional approx 3341 acres with fire only.

Warren Meadow Placer

Small placer test pits proposed to be excavated in the previously worked gravels in the area of Warren, ID

Warren Transfer Station Project

The proposed action would re-issue an existing special use authorization for the Warren Solid Waste Transfer Station.

Warren Wagon Road Improvement Project [61]

Idaho County is proposing to improve the road alignment and widths along a 2.1 mile section of Warren Wagon Road west of Secesh Meadows. The proposal would widen the existing roadway to approximately 70 feet and move it away from the Secesh River.

Weiser On-Off Cattle & Horse Allotments

Authorize continued grazing on 5 on/off grazing allotments on the Weiser Ranger District consistent with standards and guidelines, management prescriptions, and monitoring requirements specified in the 2003 Payette Forest Plan.

Weiser River Fuels Reduction EA [35]

To provide an area of reduced wildfire risk adjacent to private lands and Hwy 95 corridor. Commercial timber harvest (and BD) 1345ac., timber stand improvement 279 ac., prescribed burn 475 ac., 5.1 mi road decom, and 1.2 mi road construction

West Zone Firewood Roads 2013

This project proposes to open areas on selected roads that are currently closed on the Council and Weiser Ranger Districts for firewood cutting and gathering for about a month in July and August of 2013 under personal use firewood permitting.

Wooten Water System Special Use Permit

Issue a new special use permit for the operation and maintenance of an existing water system diverting and transporting water from Government Creek for use on private property. The system consists of a 4'x4'x8' collection tank & ~1320' of 3" pipe.

Zena Ranch Hazard Tree Project

The proposed action would fell and remove dead and imminently dead trees immediately adjacent the Zena Ranch.

Zena-Cow-Maverick Road Decommissioning Project [84]

Decommissioning of approximately 30 miles of road no longer needed for resource management. Area was burned in 2007 East Zone Complex Fire which removed nearly all the vegetation that had grown over the roads. Approximately 7 miles are in IRAs.

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