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San Bernardino National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Keen Camp Summit gap-filler wireless communications site

Improve wireless communication coverage along Highway 74 between Mt. Center and Garner Valley with a small gap-filler facility off of 5S05 near Keen Camp Summit, designed to accommodate multiple carriers.

Under Analysis

Anza Electric Permit Renewal

This project is to renew the operating permit for Anza Electric, the public utility on the southern half of the San Jacinto Ranger District. Occurs within the Pyramid Peak B, Horse Creek Ridge, Hixon Flat, and Cactus Springs B IRAs

Big Bear Mountain Resorts Improvements

Authorize construction and maintenance of improvements to the Mountain Bike Park and other uses, all within the developed permit area along existing ski trails and service roads.

Cajon Mountain - Communication Site Designation, addition of Mobile Relay facility

Cajon Mountain currently has a Forest Service radio repeater facility. Propose to Designate it as a multiple facility Communications Site and authorize Mobile Relay to add a 40' monopole and small pre-fabricated building on an existing cement pad.

Cajon Summit - San Bernardino County new communications tower

Installation of new steel tower to replace wooden poles. Caltrans, CHP & County would utilize new tower and existing Caltrans' building. Part of county's public safety radio system upgrade which will provide better radio coverage in Cajon Pass.

Carbonate Habitat Mineral Withdrawal

Requested Mineral Withdrawal to implement portions of the Carbonate Habitat Management Strategy, and also to enable mitigation elements of two separate proposed mining projects on the San Bernardino National Forest. Decision authority is with DOI.

Charter Fiber Optic Extensions

Underground fiber optic lines at Bertha Pk, Crest Park & Strawberry Pk Communications Sites. Would provide backup & be primary source for emergency services during bad weather, also improve signal strength for more effective overall communication.

Garner Grazing Allotment Project

Assess grazing allotment, grazing program, determine compliance with Forest Plan and the 1995 Rescission Act Specifically for the Garner Allotment.

Grass Valley Fire Restoration - Fuels Reduction/Reforestation/Invasive Species Removal/Road Repair

Removal of hazard trees, reforestation of burned areas, repair of roads and trails, and invasive plant control.

Lakeview Point Communications Site - additional multicarrier cellular facility - Vista Towers, LLC

Existing Designated Lakeview Point Communication Site. Propose to authorize Vista Towers, LLC to construct and operate a multicarrier cellular facility adjacent to existing Frontier Communications microwave facility.

Mitsubishi Cement Corporation South Quarry Plan of Operation

Mitsubishi Cement Corporation (MCC) is proposing to develop and reclaim a new 153.6 acre high grade limestone quarry, the South Quarry.

Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Reestablishment

The USFWS proposes to approve the reestablishment of federally endangered mountain yellow-legged frog. The attached figures display the potential reestablishment locations. Please send comments to Jesse Bennett at

North Big Bear Fuels Reduction and Forest Health

Cut and remove dead and dying trees as well as some green trees to reduce hazardous fuels in the community defense and threat zones along the North Shore of Big Bear Lake.

Omya Sentinel & Butterfield Quarries Expansion

Omya California is submitting to the Forest and County, for permitting, an amended Plan of Operations and Reclamation Plan for an expansion of 28.8 acres for the Butterfield 3 Quarry and 22 acres for the Sentinel Quarry.

San Jacinto RD Administrative Structure Defense Zones

Admin sites: may include rec cabins, comm sites, lookout towers, campsites, stations, trailheads, evacuation routes & special use permit areas lack adequate defensible space from wildfire. Will reduce hazardous fuels within defense zones by veg type.

SCE - Doble Circuit Grid Reliability and Maintenance Project

The Southern California Edison Co. is proposing to replace 385 wood poles with light weight steel poles; replace, remove and install 200 anchors and down guys; and re-conductor the overhead 33kV line along the Doble Circuit.

Southern California Edison Company Master Permit Renewal

Approve continued operation, maintenance and use of existing distribution and transmission powerlines and infrastructure for Southern California Edison located within designated corridors on the San Bernardino National Forest.

Special use authorization issuance for existing communications uses

Issuance of a new special use authorization for existing communications uses on the San Bernardino National Forest, for a new term to replace an existing or expired special use authorization.

On Hold

Holcomb Valley Seasonal Closure

Seasonal closure in the Holcomb Valley area for resource protection and public health and safety. Gates would be installed, and closed by Forest Order based on wintery conditions when driving would be unsafe and damage the roads and other resources.

Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Translocation

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to issue 10(a)(1)(A) permits in accordance with the Endangered Species Act of 1973, for the reestablishment and/or population augmentation of the federally endangered mountain yellow-legged frog.

MTRD 2017 Road Decommissioning and Watershed Improvement

This project would decommission system roads, and redesignate one system road as open to administrative use only. Project emphasis is on the Holcomb Valley Baldwin Lake Special Interest Area, with two roads beyond the SIA.

ROW from Hwy 74 to Lookout Mountain

Issuance of a 20 year FLPMA special use permit to RFNHND Kennedy Trust for use and maintenance of an existing 20 foot wide by 0.23 mile long access road from Hwy 74 to privately owned property on Lookout Mountain.

Santa Ana Watershed Hazardous Fuels Reduction and Forest Health

Fuels reduction within a 21,000-acre analysis area to reduce the risk of high intensity wildfire to adjacent communities, organizational camps, and recreation residences. Occurs within Sugarloaf IRA.


CalNev Pipeline Expansion

Expansion of Kinder Morgan gas pipeline from Corona CA to Las Vegas NV to authorize a new 16" pipeline. BLM is lead federal agency.

Expired Permit reissuance

To reissue approx. 65 expired permits for transportation, sanitation, energy, and communications. These uses are ongoing and continuous. This action is administrative only and does not authorize ground disturbing activities or changes to the permits.

Fontana Union Water Company Permit Renewal

Analyze the environmental impacts of re-issuing an expired special use permit to the Fontana Union Water Company for the operation and maintenance of a soft plug dam on Lytle Creek.

Garner Valley Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

The project would introduce fire to chaparral areas to create a mosaic of age classes and will reduce fuels in the project area.

North-South Project, Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Special Use Authorization

Issuance of a new special use authorization for the construction, operation, and maintenance of a 36 inch natural gas transmission pipeline within West-Wide Energy Corridor #108-267 (Cajon Pass).

San Jacinto Wilderness Trail Maintenance - CMTL Major Project

Maintenance of trails in the San Jacinto Wilderness

SJ Wild & Scenic Rivers Management Plan

To develop a Wild & Scenic River Comprehensive River Management Plan (CRMP) for Bautista Creek, the North Fork of the San Jacinto River, Palm Canyon Creek and Fuller Mill Creek. Occurs within Hixon Flat, Rouse Hill, and Pyramid Peak A IRAs.

Snow Summit Mountain Bike Trails - Ski Area Permit Amendment

Authorization and construction of mountain bike trails both on and outside of ski runs

Southern California Edison Pole/Switch Replacement

Forestwide utility pole/switch replacement on Southern California Edison distribution lines.

Southern California Edison San Gorgonio FERC Decommissioning

Decommissioning of the Southern California Edison FERC San Gorgonio License

Wellman Grazing Allotment Project

New project based on original, larger allotment review. Assess grazing allotment, grazing program, determine compliance with Forest Plan and the 1995 Rescission Act. Occurs within the Pyramid Peak A IRA.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.