The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA  requires federal agencies to consider the environmental impacts of proposed federal actions, or specific projects, related to forest management under the plan. Depending on whether or not a proposed action could significantly affect the natural environment, either an Environmental Assessment (EA) or an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is prepared. View additional U.S. Forest Service Planning and Environmental Policy information.

Below you will find information about specific projects that the Gifford Pinchot ational Forest is evaluating, planning, or actively implementing.

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The Gifford Pinchot's National Forest's Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA), is published quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.)

To view our Schedule of Proposed Actions, please visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the Gifford Pinchot National Forest 

Specific Information: For proposal-specific information, please contact the corresponding "Project Contact" listed in the SOPA.

Future Involvement: To be included in future public involvement for a specific proposal, contact the corresponding "Project Contact" listed in the SOPA and indicate your interest in being involved.

Past SOPA Reports: Visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the Gifford Pinchot National Forest for the most recent past SOPA reports in both PDF and HTML formats.

Gifford Pinchot National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Developing Proposal

  • Olallie Lake Boat Launch Improvements

    Project proposes to apply compacted gravel to an existing boat launch and maintain drainage ditches along the launch to prevent or reduce erosion into the lake.

Under Analysis

  • Ape Cave Resource Protection

    Project proposes to install gates on Ape Cave, listed as a Significant Cave per Federal Cave Resources Protection Act of 1988, to protect the cave from resource impacts outside of normal operating hours or season, including White Nose Syndrome.

  • Chambers Lake Campground Development

    Project proposes to improve a dispersed camping area in order to create a developed campground. Fee authority for the campground was approved in 2022 per Recreation Advisory Committee. Improvements include toilets, campsite expansion, walkways.

  • Forest Road 25 Repair

    Project proposes to repair a 0.1 mile section of Forest Road 25 at milepost 25.03, where a landslide occurred, damaged the road and rendered it unsafe for public travel.

  • Forest Wide Plantation Thinning & Potential Operational Delineation (Fuel Breaks)

    Project will analyze previously regenerated stands in forest plantations less than 80 years of age for commercial thinning. Additionally, non-commercial risk reduction treatments conducted along POD roads identified by fuels specialists.

  • Little White Salmon Forest Resiliency and Fire Risk Mitigation Project

    Increase forest resiliency to climate-related stressors and mitigate fire risk to highly valued resources in the Little White Salmon Watershed. Proposed actions will include commercial timber harvest, fuels treatments and other restoration projects.

  • Moss Creek & Sunset Falls Campground Improvements

    Project proposes to replace aging toilets and water system components at two campgrounds on Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams Ranger Districts.

  • Mount Adams South Climb / Cold Springs Trailhead Improvements

    Trailhead improvements necessary to ensure quality visitor experiences, improved sanitation and safety, and resource protection and restoration in the vicinity of the Mt. Adams South Climb (#183) and Cold Springs (#72) trailheads.

  • Mount St. Helens Hut Operation Special Use Permit

    The project authorizes an operator to construct and rent two 6-8 person huts at Lahar Viewpoint and Climber's Bivouac for overnight use. Huts would be semi-permanent, removable structures for year-round use.

  • Northwest Forest Plan Amendment

    The 21 members of the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) Federal Advisory Committee will provide NWFP modernization recommendations to the USFS.

  • Red Mountain Toilet Installation

    Installation of a Romtec valut toilet at Red Mountain to support recreation rental of the Red Mountain Fire Lookout. Toilet will not be installed until rec rental is approved.

  • Takhlakh & Walupt Lake Boat Launches

    Project proposes to replace concrete ties that form the boat launches at two recreation sites. Also proposes to place barrier rock on the adjacent shoreline to delineate the launch and reduce impacts to surrounding vegetation.

  • USGS Lahar Monitoring Station Installation

    A monitoring and alert system is needed to mitigate lahar hazards for communities in the area, including Trout Lake. USGS proposed to install 5 new monitoring stations.

  • Yellowjacket

    Produce a sustainable supply of forest products; improve terrestrial and riparian habitat conditions; promote huckleberry growth; enhance old-growth conditions; improve visitor access. DRAFT DECISION NOTICE/FONSI published 2/8/2024

Analysis Completed

  • 2020 Flood Damage ERFO Repairs

    Project proposes to repair nine road segments damaged during the February 2020 flood event. Actions include removing landslide debris, repairing/cleaning culverts and ditches, embankment and slope reinforcement.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.