OHV Riding & Camping

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The Daniel Boone National Forest invites users to experience more than 150 miles of Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails. Many of these trails are also open to horses, mountain bikes and hikers; caution and courtesy must be exercised. Learn how to Share The Trail.

View Tready Lightly's Quick Tips for Responsible ATV Riding.

The Redbird Crest and White Sulphur OHV Trail are the two designated OHV trail systems on the forest. Other short distance trails provide forest access for hunters and other occasional users.

The list of trails below and the motor vehicle use map for each district illustrate where designated trails are located. All other areas of the forest are closed to OHV use.

  • Vehicles 50 inches or less in width may ride all designated OHV trails identified on the motor vehicle use maps.
  • Vehicles greater than 50 inches in width are prohibited on all trails except the Sand Hills Road section of the Redbird Crest Trail. Vehicles using this section of trail must be licensed for road use.
  • Vehicles greater than 50 inches wide may use Forest Service roads which are identified on the motor vehicle use map as open to the public. These vehicles must be licensed for road use according to state laws.
  • All cross country motorized travel and use of trails not identified on the motor vehicle use map are prohibited.

Kentucky offers a variety of OHV opportunities. If you are seeking mudbogging, jeep trails, technical challenge routes or extreme riding adventure visit the GetOutKy.com website to find a trail system that meets your needs. 

Trail use has inherent risks. Be prepared. You may encounter a variety of conditions along the trail. You are responsible for your own safety.