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Logging Operations - Emmett Ranger District  208-365-7000

State and Federal, logging and gravel hauling operations, have begun in the Scriver Creek area about six miles north of Crouch, in the Garden Valley area.

Trucks started hauling around April 28, 2015 and operations are expected to continue through early fall, along National Forest System roads 693B & 693 (Scriver Creek Roads), and National Forest System Road 698 (Middle Fork Payette River Road).  Some trucks will be making multiple trips daily.  Warning signs have been posted in this area.  

7-23-2015 News Release: Emmett Ranger District Initiates Temporary Closure Of Forest Road 695 Due to Logging Activity.




9-11-2015  Effective Friday morning September 11, 2015 at 12:01 a.m. the Stage 1 Fire Restrictions on the Boise and Payette National Forests were terminated.



If you are seeking information about the WALKER Fire south of Idaho City, go to:

10-20-2015 - The Forest Closure Order in the vicinity of the Walker Fire has been rescinded.  The area is now open to the public. 



Check with the Forest Ranger Districts Offices about roads and conditions before heading out. 

For more information:

Boise NF Supervisor's -208-373-4100

Interagency Visitor Center - 208-373-4007.

Boise Dispatch - 208-384-3398




2015 Cascade Ranger District -  208-382-7400

11-6-2015 Cougar Fire Area Closure - Version #3- HAS BEEN TERMINATED.



11-6-2015 Tyndall Creek Road #483 Closure  - HAS BEEN TERMINATED.




2015 Mountain Home Ranger District 

REVISED Elk & Pony Fires - Area and Trail Closure Version #7.

View the revised closure and map. 

Dog Creek Area remains closed.  Wilson Trail System remains closed.  (Review the map for area and trail closures).

South Fork Boise River / Anderson Ranch Reservoir Day Use Area has changes. 

See the map for areas open to day-use and areas open to overnight camping.

Spur Roads off the South Fork Boise River Road with Overnight Use allowed include the 121 -  J, K, L, M, N, O, Q, and R road spurs.

Spur Roads off the South Fork Boise River Road with Day Use only include the 121 - P, S, T, and U road spurs. The threat of a flash flood or mud slide remains due to unstable hill slopes and drainages above or directly across from these locations.  It is aggravated because there is little or no flood plain to handle a high intensity rain event which could affect the main river flows.  Even though specific sites did not burn, surrounding hazards are present.

Order number:  0402-01-60.  Mountain Home Ranger District - 208-587-7961.


2015 Mountain Home Ranger District

11-12-2015 - Closure of NFS road #255 (Roaring River Road) has been terminated.  View the termination.


National Forest System Trail 045 (Roaring River) and National Forest System Trail 122 (William Pogue) remain closed.

View the closure and map.

Order number:  0402-01-59.   Mountain Home Ranger District - 208-587-7961.




Roads that were washed out in 2014 may still be closed. Check with the Ranger District before heading out.

Currently there are several road closures in effect due to flash floods in 2014. 

Some of the closed roads are still in repair status. VIEW NEWS RELEASE.

For UPDATES on road closures due to spring floods call the local Forest Service Office.




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Current Forest Conditions

Call the Districts for updated information and conditions before heading out.