Alerts & Notices

Ongoing Fires and Emergencies

Please check the Incident Information System (InciWeb) or the Cal Fire web site for information about any current California wildfires.

To report an emergency, please dial 911.

How to Obtain Project Activity Levels

Please call the Mendocino National Forest Contractor Activity Phoneline at (530) 934-1240 to receive the current Project Activity Level (PAL) .

How to Find Specific Orders

Orders which affect the entire Pacific Southwest Region will start with the prefix of R5, the next pair of digits depict the year that it was issued and the last two digits will be the Order number for that particular year.

Mendocino National Forest Orders follow a similar numbering sequence. MNF-08 indicates the Mendocino National Forest. The next two digits depict the year that the order was issued, and the last two digits is the Order number for that year. MNF-08-09-02 would be the second Order issued in 2009 for the Mendocino National Forest.

Please click on "View More Orders" below to access the archives for older Orders on the Mendocino National Forest.


  • Washout on Road to Summit Springs TH
  • OHV Trail Closures
  • Learn About OHV Rain Closures
  • Naturally Occurring Asbestos


  • Critical M1 Road Closure No. 08-16-09
  • Critical M4 Road Closure No. 08-16-08
  • Critical M5 Road Closure No. 08-15-13
  • MNF 08-15-06 GRCC Hours
  • MNF-08-10-02 Emergency Trail Closure - Trail #6 Grindstone Ranger District
  • MNF-08-98-01 Restricted Use - Lake Pillsbury Basin Recreation Area

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Snow Reports

On the first of February, March, April, and May each year, snow depth and moisture content is measured at Anthony Peak. The Plaskett Meadows snow depth and moisture content is only measured on the first of April. The snow reports for previous years are available along with the current year's totals.

Road Report

Roads above 5000 ft. elevation may have snow. 4WD or chains are recommended if traveling in the Forest. Call ahead for current conditions. See Alerts and Notices for specific information on Mill Fire area closures.

Key Contacts

Supervisor's Office
   (530) 934-3316

Upper Lake Ranger District
   (707) 275-2361

Stonyford Work Center
   (530) 963-3128

Lake Red Bluff Recreation Area
   (530) 527-2813

Covelo Ranger District
   (707) 983-6118

Public Affairs Officer
   Tamara Schmidt
   (530) 934-1137

Rules & Regulations

  • Code of Federal Regulations OffSite Link

    All visitors and users of the National Forests are subject to Federal Regulations. The points of conduct listed here are generally included in and enforceable through Federal Regulations. All of the regulations are published in Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations and are on file at all Forest Supervisor and District Ranger offices. Violation of orders and regulations is subject to punishment by a fine or imprisonment.

    Authority: 16 USC 551, 7 USC 1011(f)

    State traffic and game laws apply to National Forests unless otherwise specified.

  • Forest Regulations

    As a visitor to the National Forest, you are asked to follow certain rules designed to protect the Forest and the natural environment, to ensure the health and safety of visitors, and to promote pleasant and rewarding outdoor recreation experiences for all visitors.