Angeles National Forest Mt. Baldy Visitor Center

[Photo: Visitor Center]  For a recreation map and additional recreation  information  on the visitor center, follow this link to the recreation page.  The historic Mt. Baldy Schoolhouse, located in Mt. Baldy Village, CA, has been transformed into a beautiful visitor center. An indoor trail leads ou on a short, simulated trip from the foot of the mountains to the high peaks. Follow the path, and watch the change in vegetation and terrain. Keep an eye out for signs of wildlife - or evidence of who may have passed that way. Exhibits of the early days of this historic schoolhouse are also housed in this beautiful Center. Environmental Education Programs are available for pre-school through high school. For more information call (909) 982-2829

From the time it first opened its doors in 1921, the Mt. Baldy Schoolhouse has been a center of activity in Mt. Baldy Village. With the help of the Mt. Baldy community, Historical Societies, local school districts and many volunteers, this historic building has been transformed into a beautiful Visitor Center. An adjacent classroom, potting shed and greenhouse provide opportunities for environmental education.

When you enter the Center, take the indoor trail to your left to see some of the plants and animals native to this area. Look carefully - there are birds, squirrels, deer and other "critters" to see. Follow the trail signs and notice how the vegetation changes as you go on your short hike.

[Photo: Mountain Sheep]  The friendly staff will be glad to answer your questions about the area and the recreation opportunities it provides. You may also buy your National Forest Adventure Pass at this location.

Historic displays highlight not only the Schoolhouse itself, but the major uses occurring in the Mt. Baldy area through the years.

The charming sales corner is full of books, posters, maps and other interesting items.  A short trail behind the schoolhouse leads visitors to a historic stone building and a reproduction of a small mining site. Come enjoy a little bit of history! 

For more information on the environmental education programs available at the Visitor Center, follow this link to a detailed outline. Environmental Education Programs