Travel Management Rule

Travel Management Rule

On November 2, 2005, the Forest Service announced final travel management regulations governing OHVs and other motor vehicle use on national forests and grasslands. Under the new rules, forests that do not restrict OHV travel to "designated roads-and-trails" must do so.


The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests currently has travel management on hold. 

National Process

When complete, each National Forest and Grassland should have a unique public motorized system based on:

  • local interests
  • high quality, sustainable recreation opportunities
  • natural resources
  • transportation management budgets

Current Status of Public Motorized Travel Planning on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests

Travel management has been delayed due to the Wallow Fire. 

Tentative Timeline for Travel Management Rule Implementation

Tentative Date Steps in the Process
November 2005 Travel Management Rule directs all National Forests and National Grasslands to designate a system of roads, trails and areas for public motor vehicle use
2005-2007 Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests hosts 26 public collaboration meetings to gather ideas and input
February 2008 Publish the Modified Proposed Action and request public comments
September 2008 — June 2009 Develop alternative transportation proposals that address those issues identified in the public comments
May 2011 Wallow Fire causes delay to project


Background Documents

Transportation Analysis Process (TAP):   A report documenting an analysis of the roads located on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests has been completed and is available here. This report is quite large (54 MB) so we've tried to make it easier to view by breaking it into chapters:


NEPA Documents

Abstract Summary Alternative Maps   (4-7MB each)
Chapter 1  
Chapter 2 Alternative A — Apache
Chapter 3 Alternative A — Sitgreaves
Chapter 4 Alternative B — Apache
Appendix A Alternative B — Sitgreaves
Appendix B Alternative C — Apache
Appendix C Alternative C — Sitgreaves
Appendix D Alternative D — Apache
Appendix E Alternative D — Sitgreaves
Glossary Alternative E — Apache
Literature Cited

Alternative E — Sitgreaves

  • Notice of Availability
  • Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Record of Decision (ROD)   (pending)

Public Participation

News Releases

Maps and Other Documents

A-S public transportation system maps:   these maps represent the current management for our system and also the starting point for our public designation process. Planning is focused on changes to this system.

The top two maps are the current maps in our travel management database:
  —   Current system managed roads for public travel ML 2-5

  —   Entire current system of roads including closed roads ML 1-5

Current Maps Alpine RD Black Mesa RD Clifton RD Lakeside RD Springerville RD
System managed roads for the public Map (1.5Mb PDF) Map (1.8Mb PDF) Map (1.0Mb) Map (1.0Mb PDF) Map (1.7Mb PDF)
Entire system (including closed roads) Map (2.1Mb PDF) Map (2.3Mb PDF) Map (2.2MB PDF) Map (1.3Mb PDF) Map (1.7Mb PDF)
Maps of the Modified Proposed Action, 2/11/08 Map (1.5Mb PDF) Map (1.8Mb PDF) Map (1.3Mb PDF) Map (1.1Mb PDF) Map (1.3Mb PDF)
Dispersed Campsite Maps, 2/25/08 Map (1.6Mb PDF) Map (1.8Mb PDF) Map (1.3Mb PDF) Map (1.1Mb PDF) Map (1.3Mb PDF)