Forest Plan Revision


The Cibola National Forest, with your collaboration,  is revising the 1985 Forest Plan for the "mountain districts"—the Sandia, Mountainair, Mount Taylor, and Magdalena Ranger Districts.

The Cibola was one of eight national forests selected to be the first to implement the 2012 planning rule. The proposed directives to support the new planning rule have guided the Cibola's efforts thus far.


!!NEW!! Announcement of 2nd input period for the inventory of lands potentially suitable for wilderness (November 4, 2014)


!!! Introducing !!!  The new Collaborative Mapping Tool for identifying potentially suitable wilderness areas

Wall-sized hard-copy potential wilderness inventory maps of the Sandia, Magdalena, and Mountainair Ranger Districts can be viewed at their respective Ranger District offices; Mt Taylor Ranger District maps can be viewed at the Mother Whiteside Memorial Library in Grants, NM, and the Octavia Fellin Public Library in Gallup, NM. These maps can also be viewed at the Supervisor's office in Albuquerque. Comment forms are also available at the locations mentioned above. 

The Cibola recently conducted four Potential Wilderness Inventory Workshops. Click here to view the presentation from the workshops.


Draft Assessment Report Released April 14, 2014

Plan revision begins by assessing the Forest's resources. The draft documents (Volumes I & II) below assess the resource conditions, trends, and risks to sustainability of the Cibola National Forest mountain ranger districts. The Forest received contributions from the public, government and non-government entities, and tribes on the draft assessment and/or statements of preliminary needs for change to the existing 1985 Cibola Forest Plan during the period April 14 through July 31, 2014.

See what input others have offered on the draft assessment report or preliminary needs for change statements by visiting:

Thank you for your input to-date. Both the draft assessment and preliminary needs for change statements will be updated based on relevant contributions and/or additional analyses. The updated assessement and preliminary needs for  change statements will be posted on this site, so please visit this site regularly for updates and announcements.

Because of its length, the draft assessment is posted in seperate volumes below. Please click on the below links to access the documents. Please note that neither the draft assessment nor the preliminary needs for change statements are decision-making documents.

Letter from Forest Supervisor Elaine Kohrman announcing the draft assessment posting on the web.

Executive Summary of Key Findings of the Assessment (updated May 12, 2014) 

NEW!! Updated Preliminary Statements of Needs for Changes to the Existing 1985 Cibola Forest Plan (updated August 7, 2014). Updates include comments captured during all of the collaborative work sessions AND those received via email/CARA or postal mail through July 31, 2014 or postmarked by that date. 

Volume I – Ecosystems – Ecological Assessments (updated May 13, 2014)

Key concepts of ecological analyses

  • Vegetation
  • Soils
  • Water
  • Air
  • Carbon
  • Species
    • Threatened, endangered, proposed and candidate species
    • Species of conservation concern

Volume II – Human Systems – Social, Cultural, and Economic Assessments (updated May 21, 2014)

  • Cultural and historic resources and use
  • Areas of tribal importance       
  • Social, cultural, and economic conditions
  • Multiple uses and their contributions to local, regional, and national economies
  • Recreation settings, opportunities, and access, and scenic character
  • Existing designated areas
  • Infrastructure, such as recreational facilities and transportation and utility corridors
  • Land status and ownership, use and access patterns
  • Renewable and nonrenewable energy and mineral resources

Literature Cited

Planning Team

A Core Team has been dedicated to the timely completion of the plan revision process. Many other Forest Service resource specialists lend their expertise to the effort as well.   more

Tentative Plan Revision Schedule

Fall 2012 - Informal Notice of the Beginning the Assessment Phase

Spring 2014 - Availability of the Assessment Report for Public Review

Fall 2014 - Notice of Intent to Begin Plan Revision and to Prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS)

Summer 2015 - Notice of Availability of Proposed Plan and Draft EIS

Summer 2016 - Notice of Objection Period Prior to Approval of the Preferred Alternative and Final EIS

Fall 2016 - Notice of Plan Approval and Final EIS

Click here to see the Cibola National Forest Plan Revision Roadmap.

Other Forest Plan Revision Information