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The only thing the FTA loves more than trails is volunteers! The FTA declares that volunteers are the heart and soul of the Florida Trail Association. Every year, thousands of people from Florida and across the nation and even the world contribute thousands of hours to building and maintaining the Florida Trail!  Our volunteers make generous contributions of their time and resources to help preserve the trail for the enjoyment of future generations.

You’ll find more information about volunteering on the trails by visiting the Florida Trail Association website at

Florida Trail Association  

The Florida Trail Association is the USDA Forest Service's chief partner in managing volunteers on the Florida National Scenic Trail.
Incorporated in 1964, the Florida Trail Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit volunteer organization that helps build, maintain, protect, and promote the 1,000-mile Florida National Scenic Trail.
With 19 local chapters, the Florida Trail Association provides educational opportunities for people to learn to appreciate and conserve the natural beauty of Florida, as well as recreational opportunities for hiking and camping.

Memorandum of Understanding - U.S. Forest Service and Florida Trail Association 2008-2013

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is between the US Forest Service, federal administrators of the Florida National Scenic Trail, and the Florida Trail Association, Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the FNST and other hiking trails through out the state of Florida.  This MOU is intended to document  the partners shared commitment to: facilitate the improvement, management, operation and protection of the FNST; facilitate the coordination, development and distribution of educational and interpretive material related to the FNST; encourage and manage volunteer involvement in the FNST; recognize FTA as the Forest Service's primary partner in the management and operation of the FNST; and document the agreement to coordinate the management and operation of the FNST.

Challenge Cost Share Agreement - U.S. Forest Service and Florida Trail Association 2008-2013

This Challenge Cost Share Agreement (CCSA)  between the US Forest Service and the Florida Trail Association builds upon the Memorandum  of Understanding (MOU), establishing a shared program of work to accomplish mutually beneficial objectives related to the overall management and maintenance of the FNST. 

Sand Pond at Pine Log State Forest

Pine Log State Forest