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The Florida National Scenic Trail is a federally-designated, non-motorized, recreation trail that meanders approximately 1,000 miles across some of the most beautiful, unique landscapes in the entire country. Along the way, it highlights the diverse scenic, natural, historic, and cultural character of the Florida countryside. The U.S. Forest Service is designated the administrator of the Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST), but the trail would not be the incredible public asset it is today without the enthusiasm and years of dedication and hard work of the volunteers and staff of the Florida Trail Association. For additional information about hiking the FNST and for planning a trip, please visit the website of the Florida Trail Association in the Related Links section to the right.

The FNST is a local, state, and national treasure. To help preserve this important natural resource, the U.S. Forest Service is expanding our community involvement and partnerships through the Florida National Scenic Trail Coalition. This collection of land managers and other stakeholders was assembled at the request of the Forest Supervisor of the National Forests in Florida to help guide and support the USFS in its management of the Trail. To learn more about the FNST Coalition, please follow the link provided in 'Related Links' on the right side of your screen.  

Hiker walking the FNST through sabal palms and pines

Campsites along the L-1 Canal

Sunset over canal


FNST Mapping Tools - UPDATE

FNST Interactive ArcGIS Map icon

UPDATE -- The USDA Forest Service is excited to make available an ArcGIS Online map for the Florida National Scenic Trail. This beta version of the map is not designed for navigational purposes. It is intended for planning and management of the FNST and is being updated regularly to reflect the most recent GIS data, including land management boundaries and designated trailheads, parking areas, and campsites. For hiking maps please visit the website of the Florida Trail Association.

National Volunteer Appreciation Week

Bradwell Bay F-Troop

In honor of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, the U.S. Forest Service would like to thank all of our volunteers for their invaluable work on the Florida National Scenic Trail! 

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FNST 101 Prezi

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Take a tour of the Florida National Scenic Trail! This interactive presentation takes users on a visual tour of the history, management, and recreation experience of the FNST.