Town of Tusayan Proposed Easements

The Kaibab National Forest received an application from the Town of Tusayan for road and utility easements as part of plans for substantial development of private inholdings within the Tusayan Ranger District administrative boundaries and near Grand Canyon National Park. 

Current Status

The Kaibab National Forest notified the Town of Tusayan on March 4, 2016, that its application for road and utility easements on National Forest System land was being returned and would not receive further evaluation and processing. The proposed project does not meet agency requirements for initial and second level screenings. Therefore, the Forest Service may not process such an application for authorization. 


The Kaibab National Forest issued a scoping notice in April 2015 seeking public comment on the Town’s proposal, and public meetings were held in May 2015. During the initial scoping process, the Forest Service received 2,447 unique comment letters, 85,693 form letters, two petitions with 105,698 signatures, and 86 other comments. After the close of the initial formal scoping period, the Forest Service received over 35,000 additional comment letters. The vast majority of commenters opposed the Forest Service authorizing the proposed roads and infrastructure.

The Kaibab National Forest completed a review of the comments received during the formal scoping period. Based on the comments received, and considering the other information available regarding the proposed project, the Kaibab National Forest Supervisor decided to reconsider application of the screening criteria to the proposal, as set forth under 36 CFR 251.54(e), which provides that any proposal for use or occupancy of National Forest System land must meet specific minimum requirements before the Forest Service may consider processing an application for authorization. If the proposal does not meet all of the screening criteria, the proposal may not receive further evaluation and processing by the Forest Service. The Kaibab National Forest determined that the Town’s proposal failed to meet specific agency requirements under both initial- and second-level screening criteria. As a result, the Kaibab National Forest returned the application for road and utility easements on National Forest System land to the Town without further evaluation and processing.

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Additional Information

All historical project information and documentation, including access to the Public Comment/Objection Reading Room, is available on the Town of Tusayan Proposed Roadway Easements project site.