Bagby Hot Springs

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These natural hot springs are located among towering firs adjacent to a secluded tributary of the Clackamas River, forty miles south east of Estacada, Oregon. The springs are accessible by trail and offer a unique recreation experience. No chrome fixtures here! Hand-hewn tubs and cedar plumbing are typical of the primitive facilities. For further information contact the Clackamas River Ranger District at 503-630-6861.

Bagby Update

  • If you park along the road, make sure you are off the fog line, you may receive a ticket for obstructing the roadway.
  • No Day-use fee is required to park at the Bagby Trailhead. However, there is a $5.00/person soaking fee that can be paid to the attendant at the trailhead (cash only). A wristband will be given upon paying the fee that you will need to wear while soaking.
  • Alternatively, you make purchase wristbands for soaking using a credit card at the Ripplebrook store on the way to the Springs.
  • As a reminder, alcohol is not permitted at Bagby Hot Springs.  Please pack out your garbage.
  • Be courteous to other Bagby patrons,  if there are others waiting to get into the tubs, please limit your soaking time. 
  • Weather is unpredictable, make sure you are prepared and that someone knows where you are.


The springs were discovered in 1880 by an early hunter and prospector named Bob Bagby. Accounts of his discovery differ, but the man and this place are inseparably linked in the history of the upper Clackamas.

In 1913, Phil Putz, the Forest Service Guard, built a cabin that is still present today. A telephone switchboard and small fire crew stayed there during the summer months. They built a barn, dam, shelters, and bathhouse in the 1920’s. All of these facilities have disappeared. In 1974 the Forest Service built a new cabin for the guard. The Friends of Bagby built the current bathing facilities at the hot springs over several years of volunteering.

Communications were switched to Oak Grove in 1940 and recreation use of the Hot Springs increased with the development of the Clackamas Drainage.

For further information contact the Clackamas River Ranger District at 503-630-6861.


The main bathhouse contains five tubs in private stalls. These hold up to 200 gallons each and were hewn by hand from single logs. The bathhouse below the main one contains three log tubs and one 6ft round tub in a community setting.
The upper bathhouse contains one 6ft round tub on an open deck. Please empty your tub and fill it half full so that the water will cool for the next bather.

The Springs

Three major springs and several minor seeps are found at Bagby. The large bathhouse spring flows twenty-four gallons per minute at 138 degrees F.

Chemical analysis by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey of the water indicates the following chemical analysis (in parts per million): Silica 80.0, Sodium 51.0, Sulfate 45.0, Carbonate 36.0, Chloride 13.0, Calcium 3.4, Hydroxide 1.0, Potassium 1.0, Fluoride 0.8, Magnesium 0.1, Arsenic 0.01, Lithium 0.026, Strontium 0.014, Nickel 0.004, Silver NONE, Copper NONE

The other springs produce 15 gallons per minute at 136 degrees and 3 gallons per minute at 120 degrees.

Regulations, Ethics, and Safety

Nudity - Public nudity is not allowed in open areas.

Fee - No Day-use fee is required to park at the Bagby Trailhead. However, there is a $5.00/person soaking fee and a regular camping fee of $16/night single or $24/night double site to camp at the Bagby Campground.

Camping - Camping is not permitted at Bagby Hot Springs. However, there are established campsites at the Bagby trailhead (see Bagby Campground recreation site) or hike ¼ mile beyond the Hot Springs and camp at Shower Creek.

No Alcohol - Alcohol is not allowed from the trailhead to and including Shower Creek. This includes the Hot Springs.

Pack it Out - Maintenance of this area is expensive and funds are limited. Help us provide a enjoyable recreation experience for those who follow you. Please pack out your litter.

Roads - Fall, winter and spring are wonderful times to visit Bagby, but come prepared for rain and snow. The springs are occasionally closed due to snow. The roads are not plowed in the winter.


From Estacada follow HWY 224 for 26 miles just past the Ripplebrook Guard Station. Then follow road 46 for 4 miles to the junction of road 63. Turn right on road 63 and follow it for 4 miles to the road 70 junction. Turn right on road 70 and follow it for 6 miles to the Bagby Trailhead. Then it is a pleasant 1 ½ mile walk through the forest to the hot springs.

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Map of Bagby Hotsprings