Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests Plan Revision

**Updated Plan Revision Timeline (August 2015)

ROD updated revision timeline 2015


The U.S. Forest Service is revising the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests Land and Resource Management Plan.

When revision of the Plan is completed, it will guide management of the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests for approximately 15 years. The Forest Service published the original Plan in 1987. A significant amendment to the Plan was published in 1994, and similar amendments occured in subsequent years.

What are we working on this Fall and Winter?

  • Refining the content of the forest plan, based on previous input from the public: having interdisciplinary discussions on forestwide content first; next we will discuss management areas.
  • Beginning to prepare the Draft Environmental Impact Statement analysis.
  • Working on our required evaluations: Evaluation for lands that may be suitable for inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation System; Evaluation of eligibility of rivers for inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic River System; Identification of Lands Suitable for Timber Production.
  • Involving the public in plan development, through the opportunities identified below.

How can I provide input before the Draft Environmental Impact Statement release?

There are many ways to be involved in the development of draft plan and EIS. The following are upcoming opportunities:

  • Late October - Provide input for the next stage of the required Wilderness and Wild and Scenic River evaluation processes. We will share our proposed methodology for the evaluation steps coming next, and a few samples of how that methodology could be applied. We’ll ask for input on the processes and for input to consider as we conduct the evaluations. We’ll share how we’ve used the input we’ve received thus far.
  • Mid Fall through Winter -Help us refine our forest plan content, during development. We will share preliminary plan content as it is being developed, in order to provide transparent communication about how the plan is developing, and to create opportunities for iterative input.
  • Late Fall - Help us create a plan monitoring program. We will work with the public and partners to gather input on monitoring questions, approaches, and partner resources.
  • Early 2016Provide input to alternative development. We will revisit the range of alternatives with the public to ensure we haven’t missed anything as we head in to NEPA analysis.
  • Spring 2016 - Tell us what you think. Release Draft Environmental Impact Statement for formal 90-day NEPA comment period.




2015 timeline NP_Plan


Species of Conservation Concern

Wilderness inventory and evaluation process

April 20, 2015 Collaborative Summit (Summary)

April 20, 2015 Collaborative Summit (Meeting Notes)



2014 timeline NP_Plan


Fall 2014 Public Meetings: Development of the Revised Land and Resource Management Plan


The National Forests in NC held six public meetings in October and November 2014 to share information about the proposed Forest Plan, including potential management areas and desired conditions. The Forest Service planning team also shared some proposed desired condition statements and information about watersheds and recreation settings during an open poster session.

**Information and Presentation shared at these meetings.



2013 timeline NP_Plan


November 2013 Plan Revision Update and Frequently Asked Questions


The Nantahala and Pisgah National Forest Assessment Report

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Notice of Initiation for Revision of the Land Management Plan for the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests