Enchantments Report

Enchantments - August 23
Panorama of Enchantments (View of Aasgard Pass to Snow Lakes, from Little Annapurna) on August 23, 2011. Photo by Clint Kyhl

June 10, 2014

The 2014 Enchantment annual advanced lottery period is now CLOSED. The lottery period WAS open from February 15 to March 2 2014.  Please login to your account on Rec.gov to see if you won and confirm your dates. For more information on the 2014 lottery, and changes for the 2014 Enchantment permit process Please click here

You may go into Recreation.gov and look for open dates and zones that were not confirmed in the lottery. Not all of them were taken in the lottery for all zones. Dates also become available throughout the season due to cancellations, so it's a good idea to periodically check.

Current Conditions:


EIGHTMILE ROAD is open to Stuart Lake Trailhead.

Colchuck Lake and Stuart Lake are snow free with the exception of one snow patch before the lake, easy to navigate.  Mosquitos are moderate at these lakes. 

Aasgard Pass is 60 % snow free.  Due to localized landslides, some of the cairns on the route up the pass have been knocked down, but the main route is still discernable. 

The Upper Enchantments is still 100% snow covered.


Typically, snow melt begins to open up to Snow Lakes, Stuart and Eightmile Lakes from late April to late May, depending on snowpack and weather. The Core Enchantments often hold snow well into June and July. 

NWS Weather forecasts in the Enchantments near Snow Lakes at 7,000 ft please click HERE

For Leavenworth area webcams click HERE

Some other GREAT resources for trail information, including recent Enchantment trip reports, can be found on WTA.org and NWHikers.net



-Campfires are prohibited above 5000’ and within ½ mile of Little 8-Mile and Eightmile Lake.  There are only a couple campsites low on the Snow Lakes Trail and Stuart Lake Trail where campfires are allowed.  Check carefully and make sure you know where you are.

-Unlike the rest of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, the Enchantments has a party size limit of 8 people.  You cannot combine two permits that creates a group larger than 8.

-You must camp within the zone you are permitted for the duration of your trip.  The only permit that allows you to camp anywhere is the Core Enchantments Permit.

-Dogs are prohibited in the entire Enchantments Permit Area.  If you want to hike with your dog, most other trails on the district are open to pets.  Contact the Leavenworth Ranger Station if you would like some recommendations.


Overnight Wilderness Permits for the Enchaments are required from June 15 - October 15th.   Information is available on Recreation.gov and the forest website HERE. Self issuing day use permits (free) and Northwest Passes ($5 per day, per car) are available at most trailheads accessing the Enchantments. Free parking passes are given to those purchasing Enchantment Permits for the duration of your stay. No camping at trailheads.