“Celebrate Native Pollinators” Reaches Broad Audience

Release Date: Nov 5, 2012   Eastern Regional Office

Contact(s): Jan Schultz, (414) 297-1189

Celebrate Native Pollinators

The Forest Service’s Eastern Region partnered with Wildlife Forever to spread news about native pollinators to 4,636,000 readers of the National Home Gardening Club Magazine entitled Bringing Your Garden to Life - Gardening How-To.

The message reads:  “Celebrate Native Pollinators! These critical creatures make enormous contributions to thriving food crops and plants in our everyday world. Gardening with native plants encourages healthy biodiversity and solutions for feeding an already hungry planet. Take action and participate in a native plant and pollinator program near you.  For more information visit: www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/ Join us at: www.WildlifeForever.org .”  Three pollinator images also appear:  a ruby throated humming bird, a bumble bee mimic/ pollinating fly, and a monarch butterfly.  The partner logos displayed are:  FS Eastern Region; Wildlife Forever;   North American Pollinator Protection Campaign; USDA.   

Gardening How-To allows gardeners to share their knowledge with others while inspiring readers to create their dream garden. We are hopeful that this message will create additional interest in and support for native plants and their native pollinators in the Eastern Region and beyond.