Four Rivers Lottery and Permit Reservation System

Four Rivers Lotteries and Permit Reservation System

Selway River, Hells Canyon-Snake River, Wild Main Salmon River, Middle Fork of the Salmon River

Lottery Applications for the Four Rivers

The Selway River, (Wild Main) Salmon River, Hells Canyon-Snake River, and Middle Fork of the Salmon River (aka 4 Rivers) use randomized lottery drawings to assign launch reservations for their control (primary) seasons.

The 4 Rivers Lottery Control (Primary) seasons:

Selway River: May 15 - July 31

Hells Canyon-Snake River: Friday before Memorial Day - Sept. 10

Wild Main Salmon River: June 20 - Sept. 7

Middle Fork of the Salmon River: May 28 - Sept. 3


Lottery Results Available beginning February 11, 2016

Applicants can log into their profile at to see the results of their lottery application.

Beginning Feb. 11th, any unfilled or revoked lottery dates will be posted on the website. Also, throughout the confirmation period, any successful lottery reservations that are declined will be posted on the website at a random time within 24 hours of being released, except for Selway reservations, which will not be released until March 16th.

How to Confirm Your Lottery Reservation  - Deadline is March 15

CONFIRMATION DEADLINE is MARCH 15 for all successful lottery applicants. To confirm your reservation, log into your profile, accept your reservation, and enter your Permit Details information by March 15th. You must enter at least one person, the exit date, and any required information on the Permit Details page to confirm your reservation. You will be able to change your group size and trip details at any time prior to the launch date. The Salmon and the Middle Fork require payment of recreation fees to confirm your launch reservation.

Unconfirmed reservations for the 4 Rivers will be released beginning March 16th. These unconfirmed dates may appear at any time on the website. Boaters can also call 1-877-444-6777 to check for availability.

On the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, cancellations of August 15 through September 15 will not be reissued after March 15. This is one of the mitigation measures in place for spawning chinook salmon.

Successful applicants do not receive a paper packet of confirmation materials. Boaters will need to access the respective river's information webpage for details about equipment requirements, regulations and trip information. The website will be listed on the confirmation letter that will be emailed once the reservation is confirmed. Or you can click on the river's links at the bottom of this page.


2016 Four Rivers Lottery Statistics and Calendars:

Previous Lottery Statistics and Calendars 


CANCELLATIONS: Cancelled reservations are released randomly at within 24 hours of submission. Boaters should try to anticipate high and low water levels before reserving a launch date. Individuals can only have one reservation at a time during the lottery/primary contol season for each river. Individuals who are being penalized for being a no-show or cancelling late are not eligible.

How to Find an available Launch Date

Pre/Post Season Reservations: Each year at 8:00 Mountain time on October 1st, the Middle Fork of the Salmon and the Wild Main Salmon rivers begin accepting reservations for available pre- and/or post-season launch dates which occur outside of the lottery control seasons. The Wild Main Salmon River has unlimited launches for pre/post season dates. The Middle Fork only allows 7 launches per day throughout the year.

To reserve pre or post season launch dates, go to and search for the Middle Fork of the Salmon River or for the Salmon River, or call 1-877-444-6777. Reserving a pre or post season launch date does not exclude the person from applying to the lottery.

How to reserve a pre/post season launch date.

Each river has different reservation/permitting requirements for pre/post season trips. For details, click on the river name at the bottom of this page. For a summary about each river, see Whitewater Rafting on the Four Rivers page.


How to apply for the lottery

How the Lottery works

FAQs about the Lottery

Lottery applications, reservations, cancellations and recreation fee payments for permits to float these Four Rivers are processed through the National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS) website at .

Acceptance of Four Rivers Lottery Applications begins annually on December 1 and closes on January 31 at midnight Eastern Time.

The Four Rivers are also using to allocate all river permit reservations, including reassigning cancellations and declined or unconfirmed dates. You can reserve cancellations at or call 1-877-444-6777 to check for launch date availability.

The website is also the method boaters will use to update their reservation details, or to cancel their reservation if necessary. This is also the place to submit payment of recreation fees for the Middle Fork and the Main Salmon Rivers. Complete and final payment of recreation fees must be entered in your reservation prior to your launch date; payments will not be accepted at the launch sites.


River Contact Information:

Email the Four Rivers Lottery group. We welcome your comments and questions.


Main Salmon River
North Fork Ranger District
(208) 865-2700
Fax: (208)-865-2738

Middle Fork of the Salmon River
Middle Fork Ranger District
(208) 879-4101
Fax: (208) 879-4198


Snake River
Hells Canyon National Recreation Area
(509) 758-1957
Fax: (509) 758-1963

Selway River 
West Fork Ranger District
(406) 821-3269
Fax: (406) 821-1211





 Weighted Lotteries for the Four Rivers