Enoree Ranger District

Sumter National Forest

Paddling on  the Enoree Ranger District

The Enoree Ranger District consists of more than 170,000 acres located in Newberry, Union, Chester, Laurens and Fairfield counties.

Even though the Enoree Ranger District is a consolidation of the Enoree District and the Tyger District, for now there are still two separate offices -- the Enoree in Whitmire and the Tyger in Union, only 18 miles apart.  Both offices are located on Highway 176 approximately 50 miles and 70 miles, respectively, northwest of Columbia, the state capital. 

However, the Enoree Ranger District expects to be housed in one central office in the next three or four years. The Enoree Ranger District has many active programs including a growing recreation program, soil and water improvement, wildlife and fisheries program, timber management and prescribed burning.

Beaver Pond Boardwalk

The Enoree District and its diverse resources provide a full range of active outdoor recreation activities.  These include hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, canoeing, photography, scenic viewing, etc.

The Enoree offers annual youth dove hunts and hunts for individuals who are mobility impaired (read a letter from a participant's father).

The area is home to hot summers but really mild winters so you can get out year round.  Overall, think southern with southern hospitality and really friendly folks!

Recent Successes on the Enoree Ranger District

Enoree Ranger District

20 Work Center Road
Whitmire, SC 29178
Phone: (803) 276-4810
Fax: (803) 276-9303

District Ranger: Beth LeMaster