Francis Marion Plan Revision 2012 - 2016


Francis Marion National Forest Plan Revision


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Welcome to the Francis Marion Plan Revision where you can help us plan the forest's future! This web page serves as a one-stop resource for information associated with the plan revision process.

We need your help today!

Right now, we need any suggestions for changes or additions to the Draft Forest Scenery Inventory Concern Level Assignments for all travel ways, use areas and water bodies on the forest. Please take a look at the map and the Inventory Assumptions for Concern Levels, fill out the Scenery Input Form and email it to

Need some additional information before you get started? Check out this presentation on the Francis Marion Scenery Inventory and why we manage scenery.

The Plan Revision Process

Changes since the 1995 Plan

Since we completed the last Francis Marion Land and Resource Management Plan in 1995, the communities surrounding the Francis Marion have grown and changed significantly. Now we face different opportunities and challenges, and we need your help.

Developing the New Forest Plan

With your help, we are developing the new plan under the 2012 forest planning rule, which places great emphasis on public involvement and collaboration. As part of the revision process, we have held multiple Community Conversations in Charleston and Berkeley Counties and intend to hold more soon.


Plan revision timeline 2012 - 2016

We expect this plan revision to take about four years. At any time during the process, you can submit your comments and suggestions to

Supplemental Material

From time to time, we'll post supplemental material that relates to the new plan, especially when we need your input. If you don't see what you're looking for here, please check our background information page for older documents.