OHV, Horse, Mountain Bike Trail Maps

Printable maps are provided for visitors to download for the Wayne National Forest off-highway vehicle, horse and mountain bike trail systems. In each case you should print the cover sheet for the system, and then the desired section map you wish to ride.

OHV Trail System -

 Monday Creek OHV Trails

Grid to location of Printable Maps for Monday Creek Trails


Ironton OHV Trails (Includes: Hanging Rock, Pine Creek and Superior)

Grid for location of OHV Maps


Horse Trail Systems

Vesuvius Horse Trails:

Grid for printable maps for Vesuivus Trail


Stone Church Horse Trails -

Kinderhook Horse Trails

Grid for Kinderhook Printable Maps

Mountain Bike Trail Systems

Cover Sheet

Most of the Trail Systems for Mountain Bikes can be downloaded from one of the maps above. Check the coversheet for applicable trails. The rest of the trail maps will be uploaded soon.

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