Fire Information

Fire fighters in blaze at Clark Fire 2003All our information about the current fire situation, including fire precaution levels and public use restrictions is provided by Eugene Interagency Communication Center (EICC).

Fire Fighters at Clark Fire ~ 2003

Current Situation

Industrial Fire Precaution Level: I
As of  September 25, 2014 

Fire Danger Level*:  Low for all areas
As of October 18, 2014

Public use restrictions: NO

Closures: YES - See below.

(*Fire Danger Level is also known as Public Awareness Level or Adjective Class)

Fires & Fire Closures

Visit InciWeb for information on active fires

Middle Fork Ranger District Fires

Deception Complex

September 4, 2014:
Three separate wildfire complexes, Staley, Deception Creek and Middle Fork Ranger District Initial Attack, have been combined under the new Deception Complex as of August 21, 2014.

  • You will find all new information for all three under the Deception Complex on InciWeb. 
  • Please update your links.

Additional updates:

Deception Creek Closures
There are 2 closures - one on the Willamette National Forest and the other adjacent to it on the Umpqua National Forest

  • Closure Order including map of area (pdf ~ 459 kb) - Willamette National Forest 
    Updated closure area: October 2, 2014
    • Status of trails & roads within the closure area:
      • Highway 58 will remain open to the public.
      • Forest Road 1700 will remain open to the public.
      • Forest Roads 5847 and all of its associated spur roads are closed within the affected area.
      • Forest Roads 5850 and all of its associated spur roads are closed within the affected area.
      • Forest Roads 2102 and all of its associated spur roads will remain open to the public to the junction with Forest Road 5850.
      • Trail 3466 (Deception) is closed within the affected area.
      • All other roads and trails within the affected area are closed to public entry. 
  • The Umpqua National Forest has a closure for an area adjacent to the Willamette National Forest to cover an area affected by the Deception Fire.

West Side of Waldo Lake Closure

  • Update 8/27/2014:  Closure Lifted Friday 8/29/2014

Staley Closure 

  • Update 9/16/2014: Closure lifted Tuesday 9/16/2014

McKenzie River Ranger District Fires

Update: August 17, 2014

  • Hagan fire is contained.
  • The other fires from last week are out, with two small fires contained at this point. 

Update: August 13, 2014

The district is dealing with approximately 10 fires, the largest of which is located on the east-facing slopes of Mt Hagan. They have a line around that one, including some hose lay. It was about 7 acres last night; their other fires are small (1/10th to ¼ acre) – and several of those in the wilderness.


Detroit Ranger District Fires

Bingham Complex

Fire on the Detroit Ranger District in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness started by lightning on July 13, 2014

  • Update 10-17-2014
    Information (including closures and maps) about the Bingham Complex  is available on InciWeb under the Bingham Complex Fire 
  • Closure Order including map of area (pdf ~ 563 kb)
    Revised: October 17, 2014
    • The following trails are closed:
      • Bingham Trail #3421
      • Lake of the Woods Tr. #3493 north of the Bingham Trail #3421 junction and south of the Hunts Creek Trail #3440 junction.

Neighboring Forests 

Bridge 99 Complex (on Deschutes National Forest)

Fire on the Deschutes National Forest in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness -  the includes the Bridge 99 and the Bear Butte 2 fires.

Fire closure in Bull of the Woods Wilderness ~ Mt. Hood National Forest

  • A portion of Bagby Trail #544 in the Bull of the Woods Wilderness  on the Mt. Hood National Forest is closed for fire. 
  • This affects hikers on the Willamette National Forest on Whetstone Trail, Battle Ax Mountain Trail and people heading out to Bagby Trail from Elk Lake Campground.
  • Closure order and map (Mt Hood National Forest)
    August 12, 2014

Fire Management Information

Check our Fire Management section under Land & Resources Management for additional information.

Fire Prevention & Education

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