Current Conditions Information

All conditions reports are for general reference. We list all site conditions on the forest in the Recreation Current Conditions Table below the map on our Recreation page. Make sure to check our Alerts and Notices for any critical information before heading out. Conditions can change rapidly, especially during fall, spring and winter. Please be prepared!

Climbing - Mountain climbing information and conditions

Weather - Access current weather conditions at the National Weather Service's (NOAA) website.

 River and Stream Gauge Data

Sno-Park Conditions - Sno-Parks are open and accessible as snow levels and funding for plowing activities allow.

Campgrounds - Most campgrounds are closed for the winter and will reopen in May as snow melts, blown down trees and branches are removed and amenities are serviced.

Trails - Most Gifford Pinchot National Forest trails are under snow in the early spring. As snow melts, low-elevation trails become accessible allowing trail crews to conduct maintenance.

Roads - Most mid and higher elevation roads are blocked by snow through winter and sping, usually well into summer. The Gifford Pinchot National Forest’s Motor Vehicle Map delineates which roads and trails are open or closed to motorized use.


  • Road conditions are subject to change without notice and the information presented online may not immediately reflect these changing conditions. Always call the local Forest Service office for the latest updates.
  • When on single lane Roads use extreme caution. Use turnouts, and make sure you can stop in half your sight distance. High clearance vehicles are required on many Roads. Most Roads are not patrolled, so be careful so you do not become stuck.
  • Helpful tips about Traveling on Forest Roads (Adobe PDF, 256 KB) 
  • Be prepared for extreme changes in weather conditions.
  • There are remote snow guage stations in the Forest. To see the amounts go to the Washington Snotell sites on the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services website.