Travel Management Planning

Travel Management - Motor Vehicle Use Maps (Travel Maps)

Click the links below to view and download these maps for 2016.

Summer (no snow on the ground) Travel Maps

  •  East Side (summer) (2.02MB) East of Highway 55/95
  •  West Side (summer) (3.36MB) West of Highway 55/95

Winter (snow on the ground) Travel Maps

Note: To print a portion of the maps you may do one of the following while in the Adobe program:

  1. Select Tools-->Select & Zoom onto area of interest-->Snapshot Tool (the cursor will change into a cross)-->With the cursor drag/select the area to be printed and release mouse button-->You will receive a message that the selected area has been copied, press OK-->Select File-Print-->Print Options-->Select Print Range-Selected Graphics
  2. Using Zoom Tool select area of interest-->Select File-Print-->Select Current View


Over Snow Motor Vehicle Use - 2016-2017 Snow Season

Granite Mountain Special Order (signed January 6, 2015).  Please view or downlaod this special order to be aware of the areas where motor vehicles are allowed, and where they are not allowed between the dates of January 15 and March 31 annually.

The closure of portions of Granite Mountain area to over-snow vehicle use for the annual periods of January 15th - March 31st, preserves the non-motorized recreations experience and safety of all visitors using the area.  Any violation of this order is punishable by a fine or not more than $5000 for an individual, or $10000 for an organization, and/or imprisonment for not more than six months.


Records of Decision regarding travel management (for historical reference) - Snow-Free Motor Vehicle Use

Final EIS -- Posted May 25, 2007

Summer Use Maps

Winter Use Maps

The following maps show the FEIS winter travel designations by alternative. These are high resolution maps, at about 13 MB each. Approximate download times are as follows: 2-6 minutes with DSL; approximately 30 minutes with a dial-up connection. Hard copies of these maps are also available for viewing and overnight check-out at the McCall, Weiser, and Council Ranger Districts, and the Forest Supervisor's office in McCall. You may also pick up a CD copy of these maps at the Forest Supervisor's office at 500 N Mission Bldg. 2 in McCall.