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About the pass


On October 2, 2006, the Tonto National Forest has replaced the current machine-based recreation fee collection system with the new Tonto Pass.

The Tonto Pass is a daily (24-hour) recreation pass for visitors to more than 50 recreation sites where a daily-use fee is required on the Tonto National Forest. The Pass will be displayed on visitor's vehicle rear-view mirror. The passes sell for $6.00 per vehicle per day. Watercraft stickers sell for $4.00 per watercraft per day.

Using the Tonto pass


Where do I need a Tonto Pass or other recreation permits?

Where? - Recreation passes and permits, like the Tonto Pass, are required for use at certain recreation sites and areas in the forest. The forest and district offices maintain a listing of sites where a fee is required. Visit the following pages in this website for detailed listing of these sites and areas where the Tonto Pass will be valid.

Designated Recreation Sites

At sites listed at the link above, passes must be displayed on the visitor's rear-view mirror. Private concessionaires operating Forest Service facilities charge separate fees which are not covered by the Tonto Pass program. The links above contain information about these other passes and permits.

How will I know where the fee is required when I'm in the forest?
Look for the signs shown below to be posted near the entry to designated fee sites and areas.


Fee sign Fee sign Fee sign