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The Wayne National Forest employs 76 people in a variety of professional, administrative, technical, and clerical positions.

Job applications are not accepted unless a position is advertised on the Office of Personnel Management web site at

The easiest way to search is to go to job openings, click on Agency (USDA Forest Service) and if you are interested specifically in the Wayne National Forest, query for the geographic area: Ohio.

When a vacancy announcement is listed, you should review the area of consideration, the major duties, and instructions on how to apply to ensure you meet the established criteria.

If you are specifically interested in a National Forest job, you may also want to check the website. Some open continuous recruitment jobs may not be placed on both sites. 

Jobs in the Eastern Region are also listed under USDA Forest Service Eastern Region-Current Job Openings

When jobs are posted below, some positions are listed as "outreaches". This is an early solicitation for people interested in a particular job. Note that some jobs are open only to people who are already government employees. The temporary or seasonal jobs are subject to the availability of funds.

Job Description Location Open Job Closes
Realty Specialist GS-1170 -7/9 Outreach Nelsonville, OH 3/18/2014 4/10/2015

Youth Conservation Corps Crew Leaders (4) and Two (2) Forestry Technician positions. (All GS-4 Recreation Technicians) 15-TEMP-R9462-S4-TRLS-DT-PG  -- FORESTRY TECHNICIAN (TRAILS)

various 3/15/2015 3/18/2015

Zone Botanist GS-0430-09 (outreach)

Nelsonville, OH



Botanist Detail NTE 120 Day Detail GS-0430-09 (outreach) Nelsonville, OH 3/10/2015 3/20/2015

Forestry Technician -Timber Sale Administrator – GS-0462-8/9 - may fill more than one position (Outreach)

Nelsonville and or Pedro, OH



 Forester (Timber Sale Administrator) – GS-0460-7/9 - may fill more than one position (Outreach)

Nelsonville and or Pedro, OH 3/10/2015 3/27/2015
Youth Conservation Corps Enrollee Application Letter, Application Ironton, OH 2/24/2015 4/15/2015
Youth Conservation Corps Enrollee Application Letter, Application Marietta, OH 2/19/2015 4/15/2015
Youth Conservation Corps Enrollee  Application Letter.  Application Nelsonville,  OH 2/19/2015 4/15/2015
Americorps Enrollees Rural Action Announcement For full consideration apply before April 1. Apply online Nelsonville, OH 3/1/2015 6/1/2015


Tips on applying for jobs are found in this document.

Apply for summer jobs in the Eastern Region!

Information on programs for students and recent graduates can be found at Or by calling the Wayne National Forest Supervisor's Office, Attn: Administrative Officer, 13700 U.S. Highway 33, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764.

Most summers the Wayne National Forest employs some high school youth (15-18 years of age) through the Youth Conservation Corps program. The application must be turned in to the Nelsonville office each spring.

 For more information contact us