Forest Roads Status


Road District Status Notes
Basin Pond Rd (FR 36) Saco Closed  Will be closed on 12/23/2015
Bear Notch Rd (FR 26) Saco Open

 Maintainted by NHDOT 

 Updated 04/21/2016

Bog Dam Loop (FR 15) Andro Open  Updated 04/21/2016
Bowen Brook Rd (FR 352) Pemi Closed  Updated 12/17/2015
Cherry Mountain Rd (FR 14) Pemi Closed   Updated 12/17/2015
Connor Brook Rd (FR 95) Andro Closed Not gated, not maintained, use caution if planning to travel this road.
Crocker Pond Rd
(FR 18, Maine)
Andro Closed  Will be closed on 12/23/2015
Deer Hill Rd (FR 9) Saco Closed  Will be closed on 12/23/2015
Dolly Copp (Pinkham B) Rd (FR 71) Andro Closed Pinkham B Road is maintained by and is under the jurisdiction of the State of New Hampshire.  Please be aware that this road is not maintained for winter travel and when it is signed “Authorized Vehicles Only” at either end it is officially closed by the State and is enforced as such.  
Dugway (Passaconaway) Rd (FR 60) Saco Open  
East Branch Rd (FR 38) Saco Closed  Will be closed on 12/23/2015
Elbow Pond Rd (FR 156) Pemi Closed   Updated 12/17/2015
Fifield Brook (Deer Mtn) Rd (FR 105) Andro Closed  Will be closed on 12/23/2015
Gale River Loop Rd
(FR 25, FR 92)
Pemi Closed  Updated 12/17/2015
Harriman Brook Rd (FR 59, Maine) Andro Closed  Please note, active logging: stay clear of logging trucks and equipment and exercise extreme caution when crossing near skid trail locations. Updated 12/22/2014
Haystack Rd (FR 304) Pemi Closed  Updated 12/17/2015
Hurricane Mtn Rd (FR 45) Saco Closed  Maintained by NHDOT 
 Updated 12/17/2015
Hut (Great Brook) Rd
(FR 4)
Saco Closed  Updated 12/18/2015
Jefferson Notch Rd Andro Closed

 Maintained by NHDOT

Langdon Brook Rd (FR 39) Saco Closed  Updated 12/18/15
Little Lary Rd (FR 8) Andro Open  Updated 04/13/2016
Long Pond (formerly North-South) Rd (FR19) Pemi Closed   Updated 12/17/2015
Meserve Brook Rd (FR 325) Saco Closed  Updated 12/18/2015
Mill Brook Rd (FR 93) Pemi Closed  Updated 12/17/2015
Moat Mtn mineral site access (FR 380) Saco Closed  Updated 12/18/2015
Mt Clinton Rd Pemi Closed

 Maintained by NHDOT
 Updated 12/17/2015   

Oliverian Boat Launch
(FR 123A)
Pemi Open

 Updated 04/11/2016

Patte Mill Brook Rd (FR 7) Andro Open  Updated 04/12/2016
Peaked Hill Rd (FR 450) Saco Closed  Will be closed 12/23/15
Ravine Lodge Rd (FR 754) Pemi Closed

 Updated 12/17/2015
Closed from 1st snowfall to approximately
May 1.  Access maintained by Dartmouth Outing Club.

Rocky Branch Rd (FR 27) Saco Closed   Will be closed on 12/23/2015
Rte 113 (Evans Notch Rd, Maine) Andro Open  
 Updated 04/11/2016
Sandwich Notch Rd
(FR 98)
Pemi Closed   Updated 12/17/2015
Sawyer River Rd (FR 34) Saco Closed  Will be closed on 12/23/2015
Slippery Brook Rd (FR 17) Saco Closed  Will be closed on 12/23/2015
South Pond Rd (FR 65) Andro Closed  Updated 12/22/2014
Tripoli Rd
(FR 30)
Pemi Closed  Updated 12/17/2015
Upper Hall Pond Rd
(FR 422)
Pemi Closed  Updated 12/17/2015
Wild River Rd (FR 12, Maine) Andro Open  Updated 04/19/2016
York Pond Rd (FR 13) Andro Closed Gate controlled by fish hatchery. Entire road may not be passable even if gate open.Will be closed on 12/23/2015
Zealand Rd
(FR 16)
Pemi Closed  Updated 12/17/2015