The Kaibab National Forest is located in the north center part of Arizonia.
Where is this Forest?


Welcome to Kaibab

The Kaibab National Forest truly offers something for everyone!  If you are anywhere near Northern Arizona, you
won't want to miss the chance
to visit us!

From canyons to prairies, peaks to plateaus, the Kaibab National Forest offers layers of opportunity for peace, solitude
and discovery.

Fire Danger Sign with Smokey Bear


Photo of Keyhole Sink rock waterfall areaMule deer in the forestPrickly pear cactus in Sycamore CanyonFlowing water at Big SpringsArizona Trail sign at the Grandview Lookout TowerSaddle Mountain - Arizona Trail path with wooden fenceHistoric Hull Cabin, Tusayan District



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Personal Use Fuelwood

Firewood is stacked neatly for future home heating use.

A permit must be acquired by anyone harvesting any fuelwood on the Kaibab National Forest, except for the rather small amounts used in a campfire and gathered at the campfire site.

Hopi-Kaibab National Forest Springs Restoration Project

Water flows from Big Springs on the North Kaibab Ranger District.

This video documents the ongoing partnership between the Kaibab National Forest and the Hopi Tribe to conduct restoration treatments on natural springs while outreaching and training Hopi youth. Through this partnership, Hopi tribal elders share traditional ecological knowledge to be integrated into Forest Service natural resource management plans.

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Head Kaibab NF Fire Official Recognized For Achievements

A photo of Art Gonzales with his fire helmet on in the forest

Art Gonzales, head fire official since August 2011 on the Kaibab NF, was recently recognized for his achievements with two notable awards.

Kaibab NF and Alamo Band of Navajo Nation expand partnership into 2020

Alamo Navajo

After years of partnering together to conduct forest restoration work and provide employment opportunities to tribal members, the Kaibab and Alamo Navajo have expanded their relationship.


Kaibab NF employee receives top award in wildfire prevention

Bob Blasi receives his award from Smokey Bear.

After achieving zero human-caused wildfires for two years in a row, Bob Blasi was honored with a prestigious award for his outstanding work and significant program impact in fire prevention.

Keeping Fire on the Ground: Resource Specialist Perspectives

The Belknap Fire was a lightning caused fire that was managed for multiple objectives near Tusayan.

This new informational video explains the importance of wildland fire to the Kaibab NF from the perspectives of various natural and cultural resource specialists.

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  • Prevent Wildfires

    Abandoned campfires year-to-date on the Kaibab and Coconino Forests

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