The Coconino National Forest is located in the center of Arizona
Where is this Forest?

Lava-capped red rock cliffs of Oak Creek Canyon near Encinoso Day Use Site

Photo (above, Flickr): The lava-capped red rock cliffs of Oak Creek Canyon, viewed from Encinoso Picnic Site on the Red Rock Ranger District. Taken June 2015 by Deborah Lee Soltesz. Credit: USDA Forest Service, Coconino National Forest.

The Coconino National Forest is one of the most diverse National Forests in the country with landscapes ranging from the famous red rocks of Sedona to Ponderosa pine forests, from southwestern desert to alpine tundra. Explore mountains and canyons, fish in small lakes, and wade in lazy creeks and streams.

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If you fly, we can't! Do not interfere with wildfire fighting operations!

Public Awareness Poster: If you fly, we can

When you fly your remote controlled quadcopter, helicopter, or other aircraft around a wildfire, you are endangering lives and property. Your RC aircraft poses a serious danger to the emergency aircraft and firefighting crew both in the air and on the ground. When you fly, we must ground our helicopters to keep from further endangering the lives and safety of fire fighters, pilots, and everyone else in the area.

Whether you are an enthusiast or a member of the media, flying an RC aircraft around a wildfire interferes with critical emergency operations. Quadcopters being flown around a wildfire has already created situations that resulted in serious property damage.

Roving Ranger Programs

Ranger on top of San Francisco Peaks giving a talk.

Presented to you by a partnership team comprised of both National Park Service and Forest Service rangers and volunteers, the Roving Rangers provide free ranger programs that are a fun and entertaining way to learn about and experience the great outdoors with family, friend, and your neighborly park and forest rangers! Come exploring with us today!

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Desert Canyon Loop Scenic Drive

Wet Beaver Creek along Bell Trail

This is a drive through scenic desert country where you'll see colorful canyons, lush oases, picturesque ranches, and out of the way Indian ruins.

Doe Mountain Trail

View of Bear Mountain and the edge of Does Mountain from partway up Doe Mountain Trail

A short hike up the side of this small mesa leads to fantastic views of many of Red Rock Country's fantastic landmarks, including Bear Mountain, the Cockscomb, and the nearby canyons.


Campfire Safety

Burning campfire

Never leave a burning campfire unattended. Put campfires dead out. Learn more about campfire safety. Only you can prevent wildfires.

Four Forest Restoration Initiative

Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI)

The Coconino, Kaibab, Apache-Sitgreaves, and Tonto National Forests are engaged in a collaborative initiative to restore fire-adapted ecosystems in the Southwestern Region.

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