The Coconino National Forest is located in the center of Arizona
Where is this Forest?



Forest Plan Revision

The Coconino National Forest is revising its Forest Plan! A forest land and resource management plan, or forest plan, provides integrated, forest-wide guidance for all forest uses and activities on National Forest lands.

We encourage the public to participate throughout the plan revision process and believe stakeholder involvement and input will help to develop effective and sustainable forest guidance for the next decade and beyond.


Forest Plan Monitoring and Evaluation Reports

As directed by the Forest Plan, the Coconino National Forest conducts regular monitoring and evaluation of forest resources. Annual reports are available online at Forest Plan Monitoring and Evaluation.


Fossil Creek Comprehensive River Management Plan

Fossil Creek was designated by Congress as a Wild and Scenic River in 2009, which includes approximately 17 miles of river located in central Arizona. Coconino and Tonto National Forests are developing a plan to manage the area since its popularity has increased and the area has suffered from the impact of trash and overuse.  The public plays a pivotal part in developing the plan and is encouraged to participate in developing the plan for future management.


SOPA (Schedule of Proposed Actions)


Red Rock Ranger District Trails Planning (2013-Present)  

The Red Rock Ranger District held monthly meetings in 2013 to discuss new trails and trailheads for potential addition to the District’s official trail system. A report summarizing the results of the meetings is now available (Red Rock Trails Planning Results 2013 and Appendices). Red Rock District Ranger Nicole Branton is now asking for broader public feedback about some of the specific trail ideas. See her  letter for more information.  Also please see the October 2014 Public Comment SummaryPublic Comment Matrix and User Conflict Report for more information.