The Deschutes & Ochoco National Forests & Crooked River National Grassland are located in central Oregon.
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Featured Video: Finding Their Forest

"The Sisters Ranger District made an invitation to kids across Oregon:

Come see what we do--you might want to do it, too.

Two months later, kids from urban areas started a journey towards the Metolius River."

So begins a voyage of discovery for Oregon students who came to the Deschutes National Forest to learn about internships in Natural Resources and left with a new appreciation for wild places.




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West Bend Project

Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project Logo

We are restoring 26,000 acres of forest adjacent to the City of Bend to improve forest health, create a diversity of plant and wildlife habitat and to protect our communities and quality of life.

Historically in Central Oregon small wildfires or insect infestations regularly occurred and created a forested landscape of different aged trees, underbrush, and openings that allowed a diversity of wildlife and plant habitats to flourish and made forests resilient to large scale disturbances. As humans settled the area, large trees were removed for wood products and small fires were suppressed for public safety and profitability.  This human impact created a more uniform forest of even-aged trees, which is vulnerable to large-scale disturbances and less capable of supporting a diversity of wildlife and plants. The goal of the West Bend Vegetation Management Project is to restore a more historic and healthy forest landscape.

Prescribed Fire in the Wilderness Project

RXfire in the Wilderness

What we’re proposing

The Deschutes and Willamette National Forests are proposing to burn some selected areas in  the Three Sisters Wilderness and the  Mt. Washington Wilderness.

The entire project area will not be burned and when completed there will be a mosaic of burned and unburned vegetation across the landscape.  For More Information.


Accessible Adventures in the Deschutes National Forest

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