The El Yunque National Forest is located in the eastern part of Puerto Rico.
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Planning Process News .......   

The Proposed Action for the Revised Forest Plan are  available for review and comment!

We are preparing the draft Forest Plan.  Please join us in public meetings in June to discuss key planning themes and components.  Las Piedras (June 23)/ Luquillo (June 24) / San Juan (June 25)

Help Plan El Yunque‘s Future

The El Yunque National Forest has begun revising its Forest Plan.  This section provides information on the Forest planning process and how you can learn more and become involved.  It will be updated and revised as new information becomes available. 

Here you will find information and links to planning documents and reports, dates for meetings, press releases, maps, briefing papers and ways to comment or be involved in the process.


Since the release of the current 1997 Forest Land and Management Plan El Yunque’s natural resources and the communities surrounding the Forest have changed and new information and technologies are now available to help us analyze and plan on how to best manage the Forest into the future.  We face different opportunities and challenges now than we did then.  The new forest plan will be developed using the 2012 forest planning rule which places greater emphasis on collaboration and public involvement than ever before.  While we have good relationships with many of our partners, stakeholders , neighbors and visitors we need more information and input to move forward with this important planning effort. 

Forest Plans provide strategic direction to guide management of forest resources and provide a framework for decision making on site-specific projects and activities.  The new planning rule directs Forest Plans to be science-based and developed collaboratively with stakeholders interested in the management of national forests.  The El Yunque National Forest is committed to collaboration, improving transparency in the process, and strengthening the role of public involvement  through dialogue on Forest plan issues.

Forest Plan Revision Phases

Tentative Plan Revision Schedule

The planning process will take place in the following phases: 



Estimated Time Period

Phase 1



  • Evaluate existing and relevant data and information
  • Assess sustainability of social, economic and ecological resources within the plan area and a broader landscape
  • Complete a Forest Assessment Report that will be made available for public review
  • Begin collaboration and communication processes

August 2012 – December 2013


Phase 2 Forest Plan Revision

Step 1

Plan Revision and Developing Alternatives

Documents now  available!


  • With public involvement determine the need for change to the current 1997 Plan 
  • Publish Notice to begin Plan Revision
  • Develop a Draft Plan to address potential desired conditions, management objectives, and other plan components based on identified need-for-change
  • Develop alternatives for issues with differing options
  • Develop a draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that analyzes the effects upon the environment of each of the alternatives

January 2014-May 2015

Step 2

Public Review and Comment

  • Distribute proposed Forest Plan and DEIS for public review and comment
  • Obtain public feedback on plan components and content and use comments to determine a final Plan
  • Complete a Biological Assessment of the selected Plan
  • Prepare a final Environmental Impact Statement

June 2015 - Jan 2016

Step 3

Objections Process

  • Prior to approving the preferred alternative, the public may raise issues related to the plan revision and suggest ways to improve the plan decision

Feb 2016-April 2016

Step 4


  • Final decision is made by the El Yunque National Forest Supervisor

May 2016

Phase 3

Implementation and Monitoring

  • Forest Service implements the Plan and begins on-going monitoring

July 2016 on

A graphic of the Forest Plan Revision Timeline provides an outline of the Forest Planning process.

Collaboration, Communication and Conversations

The El Yunque National Forest is currently planning communication and collaboration efforts for the Forest plan revision.  The Forest began the formal planning phase in January 2014 with holding public workshops and meetings, discussing  the assessment and working collaboratively to develop activities for public involvement, dialogue, and communications.

Announcements and Summaries: 

News Releases and Announcements

Comments on the Plan Revision Process

We need your help in planning the future of the Forest. If you would like to send comments or suggestions about Forest Plan revision you can download this comment form and use it to send comments or suggestions about the Forest Plan revision process.   Or send an email to: