The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is located in the north center part of Washington state.
Where is this Forest?



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Waterfall in the Bolder River Wilderness. Photo by Gary Paull, USFS.

Welcome to the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, one of the most visited forests in the country, located east of Seattle, Washington on the west side of the Cascades between the Canadian border and Mt. Rainier National Park. Here you will find glacier-covered peaks, spectacular mountain meadows and old-growth forests, rich in history and outdoor opportunities.


A love of nature, 40 years working with the Forest Service

John Robinson headshot 1994

Turning forty is a major milestone in any person’s life; an event many people reach, but serving the public for 40 years to the US Forest Service is rarely achieved.


Hiking the Continental Divide Trail

Jessie Kiel headshot

Follow Jess Kiel, Skykomish District wilderness ranger, as she hikes the Continental Divide Trail.

Recreational Target Shooting

Target Shooting Sign

Recreational target shooting is an appropriate use of the Forest, when done safely and with respect to the land and forest property.


Sustainable Roads

The forest must identify a road system within budget. What roads are important to you?