The Ottawa National Forest is located in the north central part of Wisconsin.
Where is this Forest?



Welcome to the Ottawa National Forest

The almost one million acres of the Ottawa National Forest are located in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The forest extends from the south shore of Lake Superior to the Wisconsin border. The area is rich in wildlife viewing opportunities; breathtaking views of rolling hills dotted with lakes, rivers and waterfalls; and spectacular fall colors. But you have to see it to believe it--come visit the Ottawa!


Timber Sales

Logging in the Winter

The Ottawa National Forest is strongly committed to the management of our forests in an environmentally sound manner.  One such method is through Timber Sales...

Emerald Ash Borer

Image of EAB

One of the major concerns of the Ottawa National Forest at this time is the invasion of the Emerald Ash Borer...


WANTED Campground Concessionaire

The Ottawa National Forest is currently advertising for a Developed Recreation Facility Concessionaire.  Please see the Prospectus

J. W. Toumey Nursery

Nursery Planting Operations

The mission of J.W. Toumey Nursery demonstrates the highest standards of forest nursery management. 



Ottawa Visitor Center

Located in the heart of the Ottawa, the Center provides a relaxing and informative environment for visitors to learn about the Ottawa National Forest and our nature, wildlife, and history.

Ottawa Road Study

Road Study Ahead

The US Forest Service has begun a study that analyzes the road system on the Ottawa National Forest.  Please visit the Road Study web page for more info...

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