The Prescott National Forest is located in the western center of Arizona.
Where is this Forest?


Recreation Passes & Permits

Standard Amenity Fee Recreation Passes

The Prescott National Forest Passes and Interagency Passes are valid at all Prescott National Forest standard amenity fee sites. The Interagency Passes will be valid nation wide at federally operated standard amenity fee sites as well as entrance fees at National Parks. The Interagency Annual Pass program eliminates the need to purchase separate passes on different National Forests across the nation.

Prescott National Forest Passes

  • Annual Pass (Sticker) $40 - Second Family Member additional Annual Prescott National Forest Pass (Sticker) $10.
  • Four Month Pass $20 -  Second Family Member additional Annual Prescott National Forest Pass (Sticker) $10.
  • Day Pass $5 (Available at site.) - Payment of the fee at one site entitles that vehicle to park at any standard amenity fee site within the Prescott National Forest during the same day without paying an additional fee. 

Interagency Passes

  • Annual Pass $80
  • Senior ($10) and Access (Free) Passes - If you have a permanent disability or are over the age of 62, you may be eligible for an Interagency Senior or Access Pass. 
  • Volunteer Pass (Free)

Accomplishment Reports

The majority of proceeds from recreation fees goes right back into maintaining and improving the things you use most like bridges, buildings, trails, boat ramps, and visitor centers. (MORE)