Working Together

The US Forest Service works in partnership with public agencies, private organizations, tribes, watershed groups, volunteer organizations, nonprofit organizations, schools, and individuals to manage national forest resources. These include water, fish, trees, soil, recreation facilities, roads, terrestrial habitats, invasive weeds, and more!

Multiple and dynamic partnerships between the Forest Service and other entities come in the form of agreements, grants, contracts, and volunteer commitments for specific projects or tasks needed to keep our forest healthy and active.


The Forest Service is working hard to support an integrated, strategic, and above all, person-to-person approach to developing and maintaining partnerships of all sorts, for mutual benefits both short and long term.

Tribal Relations

The Forest Service is committed to working and enhancing tribal relations.

Urban Connections

Urban Connections is an effort by the Forest Service Eastern Region to engage and build relationships with urban residents. Our aim is to bridge the gaps between rural communities and city dwellers, and involve underrepresented urban audiences in Forest Service activities. Urban Connections also aims to build on existing urban outreach efforts of Eastern national forests and connect to other urban involvement, education, research and development work in the East, South and throughout the Forest Service and U.S.