The Wayne National Forest is located in the southeaster areas of Ohio.
Where is this Forest?


Maps & Publications

Brochures and Publications

The Wayne National Forest has several recreational brochures and publications available for downloading, or which can be mailed to you on request. Click here for more information.


Downloadable mini-map of the Wayne National Forest. Size is 11 x 12 inches.

Area maps for each unit on the Wayne National Forest. 

Hiking, Backpacking and Mountain Bike Map  Size is 28" x 27" - but viewable on your screen

Downloadable Brochure on ordering maps from the Wayne National Forest  (8.5 x 11 format)

Printable Maps -

Printable Maps for OHV Trail systems

Printable Maps for Horse Trails

Printable Maps for Mountain Bike Trails 

  • Cover Sheet - Most of the Trail Systems for Mountain Bikes can be downloaded from one of the maps above. Check the coversheet for applicable trails. The rest of the trail maps will be uploaded soon.

Historical Maps

Historical maps, some dating from the early 20th century are available at (you will leave the Wayne NF website).
Click on the Historical Topographic Map Collection link, then select the desired state and scale from the dropdowns. The earliest maps are found at scales no longer used, such as 1:48000.

You can download a PDF of the map you select. Note that even though you select one state, adjacent states may show up since states overlap on the maps.

Wayne National Forest also has several maps available:

Forest Map:

Scale: 1/2 inch = 1 mile. This map consists of maps of all three units of the Wayne National Forest as well as recreational information. A regular paper version of the map sells for $9, a plasticized water-resistant version sells for $10.

Purchase Online:

The public can purchase a Forest Visitor Map online at following internet sites:

National Forest Store

The U.S. Geological Store (USGS) 

Hiking/Backpacking Map:

Trails featured on the Hiking/Backpacking map are: Wildcat Hollow, Lamping Homestead, Ohio View, Archers Fork, Covered Bridge, and Scenic River trails on the Athens District; and Vesuvius Recreation Area trails and Symmes Creek/Morgan Sisters trails on the Ironton District.

All Terrain Vehicle Map:

Trail systems featured on the ORV map are: Monday Creek on the Athens District; and Pine Creek and Hanging Rock ORV areas on the Ironton District. A copy of this map is given out free with the purchase of a trail permit.

Bridle Trail Map:

Trail systems featured on the Bridle trail map are: Stone Church and Kinderhook Trails on the Athens District; and Vesuvius Horse Trail on the Ironton District. A copy of this map free with the purchase of a trail permit.

Topographic Maps:

Scale: 1 inch = 2,000 feet. These maps are known as 7.5 minute Quads. When ordering these maps, you must specify which map you want by quadrangle name or number. Map grids to locate a specific quad linked here. Please note which quad map by name you would like to order. Topographic maps show Forest Service ownership as well as other physical and cultural features. These maps are $8 per sheet. There is a charge of $3.50 per order for mailing costs on any amount of topographic maps ordered.

Little Cities of Black Diamonds Microregion Map: (11X17)

Available spring 2012 and being distributed as a tear away map for visitors stopping by Tecumseh Commons in Shawnee and the Wayne National Forest Welcome Center. The map was produced in partnership with the USDA Forest Service, Wayne National Forest and Sunday Creek Associates, Little Cities of the Forest (LCF) Collaborative. Available on-line.

Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Each of the three units on the Wayne National Forest are mapped showing National Forest system roads and trails. Designation of a road or trail should not be interpreted as encouraging or inviting use. The roads or trails may not be passable, actively maintained or safe to travel. Seasonal weather conditions and natural events may render many of these routes impassable for extended periods. Others are passable only by high-clearance vehicles. Be aware that many of these roads also cross private land. These maps are available only on-line and are not available hard-copy.

Each of these maps are formatted to print out at 34 inches by 44 inches.  Please contact our offices if you have any questions.

How to Order:

Maps can be ordered from any of our 3 offices but topographic maps should be ordered from the office where the sheet is grouped above. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sales are by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Experess and Diners Club) cash, check or money order payable to the USDA Forest Service. Please report any errors you find in our maps.

For the deaf and hard of hearing, a federal relay service is available by calling 1-800-877-8339.

To order by mail from the Wayne National Forest, fill out the form below, mark "Map Order" on the envelope and send to one of the Wayne NF offices. Remember, if you are ordering topographic quadrangle sheets, order from the office which has those topographic sheets.

Forest Map:  
   Paper Version $9 Qty:___ $_______
   Plasticized Version: $10

Qty:___ $_______

Topographic Maps: $8 each
(add $3.50 mailing costs when ordering topographic maps whether ordering 1or multiple copies the same cost applies.) List the name of the Quadrangle sheets you'd like below:
Qty:__ $_____

Maps should be sent to:


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