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The purpose of the Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions is to provide early and informal notice of projects so that you can become aware of Forest Service activities, indicate your interest in specific projects, and become involved early in the environmental analysis and documentation process. Find out how you can shape Your Forest by reading the...

 Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions

Chequamegon / Nicolet National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.
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Developing Proposal

2015 Culvert replacement

Culvert replacement on Armstrong Creek

2015 Road-Stream Crossing Repair and Maintenance

Repair, replace and/or maintain culverts and bridges along existing roads and trails with identified drainage problems at 15 sites. Stabilize about 1.5 miles of FR 383 and 0.25 miles of FR 378A to reduce road surface erosion and sedimentation.

Chequamegon Red Pine Thinning

To conduct thinning of individual red pine stands located across the Washburn, Great Divide and Medford - Park Falls Ranger Districts. The primary purpose of the project is to increase the growth and vigor of red pine stands across the forest.

Crystal Lake Fish Habitat Improvement

Build and install fish structures with the DNR and volunteers. Proposal includes trees donated by an adjacent private land owner and the harvest of 70 jack pine trees, ranging in DBH from 4" to 10", from Forest Service lands south of Crystal Lake.

Forest Lodge Cow Pasture Prescribed Burn

Conduct a prescribed burn on the 3-acre grassy opening known as the Forest Lodge cow pasture as a first step in reducing hazardous fuels, re-establishing fire on the landscape, treating non-native invasive species, and restoring native species.

Multi-year Upland Opening Maintenance GD

Improvement of existing upland openings by hand-cutting, mowing, or burning

Northland Education and Research SUP

Special Use authorization for Northland College to conduct educational and/or research programs, activities, tours, and fundraising events at Forest Lodge and other sites across the Great Divide Ranger District.

Pipeline Rehabilitation Erosion site #2

Repair of heavy erosion and devegetation due to off road vehicle use of the pipeline area.

Sawdust Lake Stewardship Project

Proposal to maintain / restore the Sawdust Lake dispersed camping site. Activities include: maintenance on the roads and boat launch, leveling campsites, erosion control, blocking off of illegal use, and installation of wilderness toilets.

Townsend Project

Vegetation and road Management Project

Wolf River ATV Project

Build a trail to connect two existing routes.

Under Analysis

Chequamegon Salvage and Restoration

Salvage of timber and forest restoration projects following an early September 2014 wind and rain storm event.

Cisco Lake and Nymphia Lake Road Maintenance: Culverts

Proposal to improve roads and watersheds by restoring proper drainage at three sites. Road maintenance to minimize watershed impacts includes: gravel surfacing, crowning the road, re-establishment of outlet ditches, and installing/replacing culverts.

Mosquito Creek Crossings

Improve two of Mosquito Creeks Crossings at Hwy 32 and Diamond Roof Road.

Warming Winters Research Project

This research is looking at the effect of warming winters on the sustainability of US forests.

West Side Road Permit Renewals 2014

The forest proposes the renewal of various expired or expiring road special use permits on the west side of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.

Analysis Completed

Eureka Gravel Source Development Project

The Forest Service is proposing to develop a gravel source, known as the Eureka site, on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (CNNF).

Morgan Lake Campground ATV Designation

Designate Morgan Lake Campground for ATV use.

Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center Restoration Projects

Proposal to improve 180 acres of habitat at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center in the next 10 years; activities include prescribed burning, site preparation planting, tree and native seed planting, plowing/tilling, and grazing for NNIS control.


Stream Crossing 2013

Replacement of culverts on roads and trails to improve water quality and safety.

Sullivan Springs Road ATV Connector

Add ATV trails from the Nicolet State Trail (NST) in the Lakewood Area to Sullivan Springs Road.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.