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 Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions

Chequamegon / Nicolet National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Morgan Lake Campground ATV Designation

Designate Morgan Lake Campground for ATV use.

Tie Mill and Windsor Dam Road ATV connectors

Tie Mill would reconstruct forest roads 2402 and 71916 for use by ATV's and UTV's.Windsor Dam Road to Carey Dam Road ATV Connector would reconstruct forest roads 2174F and 612434 for ATV's and UTV's.

Under Analysis

2014 Lakewood-Laona Pit Expansion

Project would expand several gravel pits to provide gravel for the roads in the area.

Eureka Gravel Source Development Project

The Forest Service is proposing to develop a gravel source, known as the Eureka site, on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (CNNF).

Hunter Walking Trail

The proposal is to maintain approximately 14 miles on two hunter walking trails and nine upland openings totaling approximately 30 acres. The trail corridors and upland openings proposed under this project already exist; no new construction.

Shadow Lake and Thelen

The Shadow Lake part would construct .3 mile connector between ATV/UTV trails (one on Shadow Lake Road and the other Blue Spruce Road). The Thelen part will widen an existing ATV trail (across from Thelen Road)just south of Lakewood.

Sullivan Springs Road ATV Connector

Add ATV trails from the Nicolet State Trail (NST) in the Lakewood Area to Sullivan Springs Road.

West Side Access Requests 2014

Four applicants have requested special use authorizations to access private land across the National Forest. The proposal is to authorize access to private land; proposal consists of existing road improvement and less than 500' of new construction.

Analysis Completed

2010 Lakewood-Laona Gypsy Moth Control

Apply Bt (biologic control) to control dispersal of gypsy moth from infested recreation and administrative sites.

2013 Taylor County Gypsy Moth Slow the Spread

Aerial dispersal of Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki or Btk and disparlure (a synthetic phermone resulting in mating disruption) on NF System lands in Taylor County, WI for gypsy moth control.

2014 Re-Issuance of Outfitter Guide Permits

Re-issue two Outfitter and Guide Special use Permits to individuals for operation of outfitter and guide services from existing boat launches on National Forest land for 5 year periods. Each individual has been under permit and is in good standing.

Bayfield Electric Project

An amendment to Bayfield Electric Special Use Permit to maintain and reconstruct 7 mile of existing line. Actions may include replacing overhead line with underground line, installing of associated structures, maintenance or upgrades of existing line

Chequamegon Communication Cooperative, Inc. Permit Reissue

Proposal is to reauthorize the existing facilities; issuing a new Communications Use Lease for a new term. Existing facility includes a tower, several structures in a fenced area, and access road. This proposal does not involve new construction.

CWPP County N Fuel Reduction Project

This project was developed as a part of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) for the Towns of Barnes and Drummond.The project proposes to treat hazardous ladder fuels; it may include the piling and burning of fuels.

Diamond Roof ATV route

Designate ATV's on existing snowmobile trail.

Grubhoe ATV Relocation

This project would relocated part of the Grubhoe ATV Trail.

Lakewood Southeast Project

This proposal would use timber management, prescribed fire, and planting to move the forest toward the forest plan desired conditions. It would include timber harvest, prescibed burning, stand tending and reforestation, access, and wildlife habitat.

Lily Pad Road Snowmobile Trail Relocation-Phase II

Move the Lily Pad Snowmobile Trail off of a main road and onto Forest Service back roads to solve safety issues.

Mondeaux Hardrock Prospecting Permits

Request for prospecting for valuable ore deposits with ground geophysical surveys and potential follow-up with bed-rock core sampling.

New Vision Wilderness Special Use Permit

New Vision Wilderness has requested a re-issuance of their Special Use Permit to use the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and adjacent dispersed campsites along the trail to operate a therapeutic based outdoor rehabilitation program for youth.

Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center Restoration Project

The proposal is to improve 25 acres of habitat at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center; activities include prescribed burning, site preparation for tree planting, tree planting, plowing/tilling open grasslands, and planting native seed.

Park Falls Hardwoods

The USDA Forest Service, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (CNNF), Medford-Park Falls Ranger District intends to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) to document the analysis and disclose the environmental effects of proposed land management activities, and corresponding alternatives within the Park Falls Hardwoods project area. Projects proposed are for improving and maintaining the health of primarily mid to late successional forest and associated wildlife species through timber harvest and regeneration. Legal Description of the project area: Townships 37, 38, and 39 North, Range 3 East, 4th Principal Meridian; Price County, Wisconsin.

Taylor to Price Snowmobile Trail Connecter

Designation of a snowmobile trail connection between a Taylor County trail in the vicinity of Mondeaux Flowage and a southern Price County snowmobile trail system using primarily existing travel corridors.

Turtle Nesting Project

Create 3 nesting site for turtles (Regional Forester Sensitive Species) on the Nicolet side of the forest.


Stream Crossing 2013

Replacement of culverts on roads and trails to improve water quality and safety.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.