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The Coconino National Forest is one of the most diverse National Forests in the country with landscapes ranging from the famous Red Rocks of Sedona to Ponderosa Pine Forests, to alpine tundra. Explore mountains and canyons, fish in forest lakes and wade in lazy creeks and streams.

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  • Firewood permit sales began April 11, 2014.   

  • Fire Danger and Preparedness Level

    • Current Fire Danger: High, Flagstaff and Mogollon Rim Ranger District
    • Current Fire Danger: Very High, Red Rock Ranger District
    • Preparedness Level:  III
  • We will implement Stage I Fire Restrictions effective 8:00 a.m. Friday, April 18, 2014. 
  • We will also move into Industrial Fire Plan B effective 8:00 a.m. Friday, April 18, 2014.

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Coconino National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Buck Mountain, Baker Butte Lookout Tower Viewshed Project

The project proposes to thin trees and reduce fuel loads around Buck Mountain and Baker Butte Lookout Towers to extend the viewshed, improve the ability to detect wildfires and to reduce the threat of fire that could destroy the towers.

Mogollon Rim Christmas Tree Cutting

The Mogollon Rim Ranger District is proposing to authorize personal use cutting of White Fir Sub-Alpine Fir and Douglas Fir Christmas Trees within identified stands off of Forest Roads 218, 218A, 300, 616 and 616.

Mogollon Rim Ranger District 2014 Special Use Reauthorizations

Proposal to reissue five special use authorizations in various locations that have expired or will expire in 2014. Uses include cinder stockpile area, private communication leases, water infrastructure and weather stations.

Stock tank invasive aquatic species management

Establish clearance for treatments of non-invasive aquatic species in sotck tanks to prevent non-native invasive fish and other aquatic species from being reintroduved to downstream habitat with Threatened, Endangeredm and Sensitive fish.

Under Analysis

Angell Grazing Alltoment

Reauthorization of livestock grazing on the Angell Grazing Allotment.

Apache Maid Rangeland Management Analysis

Analyze the conditions on the Apache Maid Range Allotment and its potential to continue to support livestock grazing with the principles of Adaptive Management.

APS NO1 Youngs to Mormon Lake 69kV Power Line

Proposal to construct approximately 21 miles of new 69kV power line along the Western Area Power 345 kV lines from Youngs Substation south of I-40 to Forest Road 125 to a new substation on federal land south of Mormon Lake.

APS VR1 Windmill Ranch 69 kV Line

Proposal to construct a less than one mile of buried distribution power line, 150 feet of new aerial distribution power line and platform substation near the Windmill Ranch west of Sedona.

Arizona Game and Fish Department Water Catchment Reconstruction

Rebuilding of 8 water catchments for wildlife management. Five are located north of the San Francisco Peaks, 3 are located south of I40 near Elliot Canyon and between the Twin Arrows and the Townsend Winona exits.

Cave Springs Bank Stabilization

Stabilize banks of Oak Creek along Cave Springs campground. Would involve stabilizing a collapsing bank and possibly restoring a more natural central channel to the creek by filling in two constricted side channels and opening the middle.

Cedar Flat Wildlife Habitat and Watershed Enhancement Project

Perform work to cut encroaching Utah junipers to perpetuate the grassland. This will increase the quantity and quality of forage available to wildlife. This grassland will also improve soil condition. Entire project area is about 8500 acres.

Cornville Non-motorized Trail System

Proposal to construct non-motorized trails connections between Cornville Road and the Verde River and SR89A and Oak Creek in the Cornville area.

Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project

Project objectives are to restore and protect important watersheds around Flagstaff by reducing the risk of unnatural, high-severity wildfire and subsequent flooding on steep slopes through a variety of tree thinning methods. More information about the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project is also available on the following website:

Fossil Creek Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive River Management Plan

Creation of a Comprehensive River Management Plan for Fossil Creek as described in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The project is on both the Coconino National Forest and the Tonto National Forest.

Four-Forest Restoration Initiative EIS: Kaibab and Coconino

Implementation of forest restoration activities including thinning of trees, prescribed fire treatments, and watershed and road restoration within 988,764 acres of the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests. See for information.

Hitchin Post Stables Special-Use Permit Reauthorization

Reauthorizing special-use permit for horse trail riding and sleigh rides.

Mahan-Landmark Forest Restoration Project

Fuels reduction and ecosystem restoration over approximately 42,000 acres east of Lake Mary Road and surrounding Hutch, Mahan, Pine and Landmark Mountains.

Mt Elden/Dry Lake Hills Recreation Planning Project

This project is planning for non-motorized recreation for trails, special uses and facilities in the Mt. Elden-Dry Lake Hills (MEDL) area. The next round of public involvement will be related to alternative development in summer 2014.

Plan Revision for the Coconino National Forest

Revision of the Coconino National Forest's Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) that guides activities on the Coconino NF such as recreation management and improvement of ecosystem health. For more information, visit

Red Rock RD 2013 Permit Reauthorizations

Proposal to reissue approximately 27 permits in various locations that have expired. Uses include private roads, Sterling Springs Fish Hatchery, water weirs, mineral stockpile site, signs and the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Rock Pit Development: Coconino and Kaibab National Forests

Development of up to 39 rock pits affecting a total of 434 acres on the Coconino and Kaibab national forests to provide materials for surfacing roads to maintain safe and sustainable road conditions.

Sedona-Oak Creek Alternative Transportation Study

The proposal may include a shuttle operation, bicycle and pedestrian improvements. The proposal also may include new construction of additional parking areas or facilities, and modifications to vehicle access and parking at existing recreation sites. The Coconino National Forest is seeking public input on this proposal. Please send your comments to Paul Supawanich, Associate Project Planner, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates; via telephone at (415)284- 1544) e-mail at, or postal mail at 116 New Montgomery Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94105. The agency contact for this proposal is Sara Dechter, Social Science Analyst. She can be reached via telephone at (928) 527-3413 or by email at Your input would be most useful by July 1, 2013. The City of Sedona and the Northern Arizona intergovernmental Transportation Authority are partners in this process.

Show Low South Land Exchange

A proposal to exchange 1028 acres Federal Land (Apache-Sitgreaves NFs & Coconino NF) for 1558 acres of non federal lands (Apache-Sitgreaves, Prescott and Coconino NF).

Tobias/Flynn Road Access

Proposal to construct a road from SR179 to private property across Oak Creek from Poco Diablo and Chavez Crossing Group Campground in Sedona. Proposal is the result of litigation requiring the Forest Service to provide an easement.

Turkey Butte/Barney Pasture Forest Health Restoration Project

This project is designed to reduce improve forest and watershed health in the Turkey Butte and Barney Pasture area. Project activities would include thinning of small and medium diameter trees and prescribed burning.

Windmill West Range Allotment

Reauthorization of livestock term grazing permit on approximately 108,100 acres.

Analysis Completed

Allan Lake Wetland Restoration Project

The project would increase the amount and duration of water storage at the historic ephemeral wetland, Allan Lake, by restoring a highly modified and channelized site. Restoration of this wetland would improve habitat for waterfowl and wildlife.

Clints Well Forest Restoration Project

The Clints Well Forest Restoration Project proposal is to conduct a variety of vegetation management, fuel reduction and prescribed burning activities over the project area of about 16,809 acres.

Fossil Creek Rangeland Management EA

Analyze the potential for renewing a grazing permit for the Fossil Creek Grazing Allotment.

Glen Canyon to Pinnacle Peak Transmission Line Vegetation Management

Manage vegetation ro reduce risk of wildfire within a 420-foot corridor for the existing 345kV line traversing the Coconino National Forest. Purpose is to reduce wildfire risk for improved line reliability per the 2005 Energy Policy Act

Grapevine Interconnect (Grapevine Canyon Wind Project)

On Forest Service land this project includes approximately 9 miles of new 345kV electric transmission line connecting a new wind park located on Flying M Ranch private property to the existing Western Area Power Authority (Western) 345kV line. Western will be taking lead on NEPA.

Hart Prairie Fuels Reduction & Forest Health Project

The Coconino National Forest is in the process of planning and conducting an environmental assessment of proposed fuels reduction and forest health restoration treatments around the communities of Hart Prairie and White Horse Park.

Jack Smith/Schultz Fuels Reduction and Forest Health

A fuels reduction/forest health project, in conjunction with the Greater Flagstaff Forest Partnership, to treat approximately 10,000 acres of forest.

Pinegrove Campground Improvement and Kinnikinick Campground Conversion Project

The Peaks & Mormon Lake Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest is proposing to improve the Pinegrove Campground and convert the Kinnikinick Campground to a day-use area. The proposed project would address the growing demand for camping along the Lake Mary corridor by adjusting the management of Pinegrove and Kinnikinick campgrounds. This would involve improving and expanding camping availability and access at Pinegrove Campground and converting Kinnikinick to a day-use area, while continuing to provide dispersed camping opportunities along the road to Kinnikinick Lake. We are now accepting public comments on the EA for this project. Please see the Legal Notice below for details.

Schultz Fire Reforestation and Site Preparation

The Schultz Fire Reforestation and Site Preparation project includes hand planting of approximately 4,500 acres of conifer seedlings and jackstrawing of approximately 350 acres to protect aspen regeneration within the Schultz Fire boundary.

Schultz Sediment Reduction Project

Project will analyze the effects of issuing a special use permit for a Coconino County proposal to recontour and stabilize watershed channels within the 2010 Schultz burn area to reduce sediment production.

Walker Basin Range Allotment

On March 21, 2011, District Ranger Heather Provencio signed a Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact for the proposed action in the Walker Basin Rangeland Management Analysis Environmental Assessment. The proposed action would continue to authorize livestock grazing on the Walker Basin Range Allotment. Additionally, the proposed action contains specific improvements to manage and distribute cattle across the allotment. Additional adaptive management strategies have also been developed as part of this proposal. The environmental assessment and decision can be reviewed below. There is a 45 day appeal period on the decision. The legal notice, describing appeal procedures, is also below.

Wing Mountain Fuels Reduction and Forest Health Restoration

This project is designed to reduce hazardous fuels and improve forest health in the Wing Mountain area. Project activities will include thinning of small and medium diameter trees and prescribed fire treatments.

Yavapai Apache Sewer and Utility Line Project

Proposal to construct a buried utility line (sewer and likely natural gas) along Middle Verde and Reservation Loop Road in the Camp Verde, Arizona area.

On Hold

Arizona Water Company Water Storage Tanks

Proposal to construct a 1.5 million gallon water storage and associated pipeline facilities in the Chapel/Broken Arrow area of Sedona.

Dahl FLPMA Forest Roads Special Use Permit

Road access permit for existing forest road

Highway 180 Motorized Trails

The goal of this project is to provide Forest visitors with a sustainable motorized, multi-use trail system along the Hwy 180 corridor that minimizes impacts to natural resources and social concerns/issues.


C.C. Cragin (Blue Ridge) Reservoir Fish Restoration

Removal of non-native fish species that are impacting existing sport fish and native fish populations potentially using piscicide.

Cinch Hook Rock Pit Use

Project proposal is to develop and use available basalt rock material within the existing pit boundaries for Forest roads and administrative site maintenance and reconstruction. Rock materials may also be used for road maintenance for timber sales.

Little Bly Pit Rock Crushing Project

This project would crush and stock pile limestone rock that has been disposed of at the site for many years. The crushed rock aggregate would be used to improve forest and other roads on the District. This project has been cancelled becasue the volume of rock available was too small and the equipment available for crushing it is not protable.

Logan's Crossing Watchable Wildlife Project

Project to develop parking and a walking trail to enhance bird watching and recreation opportunities along the Rio de Flag. Also includes installation of some interpretive signs.

Long Valley Experimental Forest Restoration Project

Purposes: to conduct experimental studies to further knowledge and practice of ecological restoration treatments in southwestern ponderosa pine ecosystems; reduce hazardous fuel accumulations; create a demonstration area over about 1,100 acres. The project has been cancelled at this time.

Sedona Marathon Special Use Event

Special use permit to authorize the Sedona Marathon for the next 5 years. The course for the full and half marathon, as well as the 10K race, is partially located on the Coconino National Forest.

Timberline Trail System

Work with Coconino County Parks & Recreation to locate and construct an 8-mile trail connecting Timberline/Doney Park to the City of Flagstaff, near Flagstaff Mall. The trail will link with other Timberline/Doney inter-community trails and the FUTS.

Verde Valley Trail Planning

Establish a system of motorized and non-motorized use trails in the area around Rim Rock, Montezuma and McGuireville to provide a system of sustainable trails.

Watershed Camp Permit Issuance

Proposal by Visionquest to obtain a permit for the Watershed Camp to operate a youth program typically through contracts with the Dept of Corrections.

West Fork of Oak Creek Aquatic Restoration

The West Fork of Oak Creek Aquatic Restoration Scoping Letter is now out for public comment; comments are due by October 2, 2009. The West Fork of Oak Creek, a perennial tributary to Oak Creek has been identified as a potential waterbody to repatriate native aquatic species including Gila trout, loachminnow, spikedace, and northern leopard frogs. The WFOC Aquatic Restoration Project proposes to build an exclusionary fish barrier, eliminate nonnative aquatic species, and re-establish native aquatic species in the creek. Establishment of native aquatic species would be a step forward in the recovery of rare species.

Year-round Recreation Site Access Points, Mogollon Rim Ranger District

Project proposal is to provide new public access and parking areas with various levels of amenities on major forest travel routes for purposes of accommodating winter recreation and increased year-round recreation. The project is currently on hold until until appropriate funding can be obtained.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.