Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Forest publishers a Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) four times a year: January, April, July and October.  To view our Schedule of Proposed Actions, please visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the Caribou-Targhee National Forest.

Caribou-Targhee National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Deep Creek Watershed Improvement Project

The Westside Ranger District is proposing to remove Russian olive and saltcedar trees on approximately 15 acres along Deep Creek and to stabilize streambanks along roughly 2 miles of Deep Creek to improve watershed quality and wildlife habitat.

Sheep Creek Emergency Escape Route

The purpose of this project is to create an emergency escape route on National Forest System (NFS) lands from Salisbury Estates located on private property to the loop road within the Sheep Creek Summer Homes under special use permit with the Forest.

Snake River Allotment Corral and Fence Changes

Build a corral on the Flat Iron Unit of the Snake River Cattle Allotment, move one fence line to a better location and add a new fence to keep cattle off of BLM land adjacent to the allotment.

Yale Creek Fuels Reduction Project

The 2,989 acre Yale Creek Fuels Reduction Project proposes to reduce the risk of wildland fire and create a sustainable fire community within both the Yale Creek and Old West Ranches subdivisions.

Under Analysis

Ashton/Island Park Eight Allotment Range Grazing Analysis

Analyze and disclose the effects of livestock grazing activities on the Fogg Butte, Ripley Butte, Bootjack, Grandview, Gerritt Meadows, West Lake, Antelope Park and Fall River Cattle and Horse (C&H) Allotments.

Buffalo TSI

The project would precommercially thin ~3900 acs to reduce/prolong the overall susceptibility to mountain pine beetle attacks & crown fires in previously harvested areas. The project would also provide for a variety of products now & in the future.

Burns Canyon Resource Protection Fence

Build approximately 400 yards of fence across the Ranger Trail to protect sensitive plant populations in the Burns Canyon Allotment. Fences will be barbed wire located entirely in the uplands. The permittee will be responsible for maintenance.

Caribou-Targhee National Forest Plan Monitoring Transition

The CTNF has begun a process to transition its forest plans monitoring plans to ensure consistency with the 2012 Final Planning Rule (see: 36 Code of Federal Regulations 219).

Cave Falls Road Culvert Replacement

There is an immediate need to replace a dilapidated stream crossing structure on the Cave Falls Road (FS Road #582) where a tributary to Wyoming Creek goes under the road. It will be replaced with an open bottom arch.

Dairy Syncline Phosphate Mine

Analyze a proposed new phosphate mine plan and associated projects and infrastructure on existing lease I-28115 and I-0258, encompassing approximately 1,672 acres on lease and approximately 1058 acres off lease. Considers land exchange proposal.

Deep Creek Watershed Improvement Project

Improve riparian habitat by removing Russian olive and salt cedar along ~2 miles of Deep Creek above Stone Reservoir; stabilize eroding streambanks to improve watershed conditions.

East Smoky Panel Mine EIS

Analyse a proposed phosphate mine expansion plan and associated projects and infrastructure at the existing J.R. Simplot Company's Smoky Canyon Mine on leases I-26843, I-012890, and I-015259. 710 acres of disturbance on lease, 164 off.

Fall River Electric Feeder Line Replacement Project

Fall River Electric under their existing special use permit will replace a buried power line that provides electricity to several telecommunication and long-range radar facilities at the summit of Sawtell Peak. Total length - 3.5 miles over 9 years

Henry's Lake Flat Driveway

Construct 1/8 mile of new driveway on NFS land to access private property. Obliterate existing 1/4 mi two track; install drainage structures; fence entire road; & install gate(s) to prevent public access. Authorize the driveway through a permit.

Idaho Power SUP Reissuance

Renewal of their existing electrical transmission line special use permit that includes replacing exciting poles, routine maintenance on the existing utility access road and corridor clearing to 50-feet each side of centerline.

Island Park Land Acquisition

Purchase two parcels of land and a conservation easement within the Caribou-Targhee National Forest proclaimed boundary from willing sellers. Funds from the Land and Water Conservation Fund will be used to purchase the properties.

Island Park Office Conveyance

Dispose of the Island Park office with approximately 2 acrs of land as outlined in the Facilities Realignment and Enhancement Act of 2005. Also dispose of all housing, associated garages, outbuildings, and an abandoned sewage lagoon.

Kelly Canyon-Indian Creek Grazing Analysis

The purpose of this analysis is to reauthorize livestock grazing and to ensure management is conducted in a manner that maintains and/or moves the natural resources of the project area toward desired conditions and Revised Forest Plan objectives

Montpelier Ranger District Designated Route Use Changes

This project would change the designated use on three routes from a road to a trail open to vehicles less than 50 inches in width.

Nelson Spring-Pinnacle Road Trail Extension Project

Connect Forest ATV trail 051 with Forest Road 912 by constructing 1/4 mile of trail to provide summer and designated winter public access. Convert Forest road 912 to trail 051 due to loss of public access off private property.

Paris Creek Stream Restoration

Restore .5 mile(s) of Paris Creek by increasing woody riparian shrub cover, stabilizing eroding stream banks, and rebuilding pool habitat for fish and aquatic species.


Conduct prescribed burning to improve mule deer and elk winter range by increasing the shrub, grass, forb components and apsen. Rainey Creek stream bank stabilization will occur by reshaping the bank and mimicking naturally occurring log jams.

Seasonal Closure of Forest Service Road #423

Seasonally close Forest Service Rd 423 from the junction of Rd 059 to the junction of Rd 482. Road 423 would be closed June 1 to Sept 30 by installing a gate at each end to comply with DEQ regulations to maintain 300 ft from active sewer spray fields

Soda Springs Aspen Retention Project

A variety of low impact vegetation treatments (such as hand thinning) designed to remove sub-dominate conifers in existing aspen stands. Goal is to improve aspen stands by stimulating regeneration and subsequently improve wildlife habitat.

South Soda Sheep Allotments

Livestock grazing and permit re-administration for multiple allotments on the Soda Springs Ranger District.

Southern Valley Recreation Project

The project proposes to add eight new trail segments, construct a bridge across Trail Creek. Develop a trailhead at Mike Harris, approve winter routes for grooming and expand Mike Harris Campground. Collaborative project with city of Victor Idaho.

Targhee National Forest Lynx Analysis Units

Utilize existing protocols and data to establish Lynx Analysis Units (LAUs) on the Targhee portion of the Forest. The LAUs and identified lynx habitat will be subject to the Northern Rockies Lynx Management Direction.

Teton Canyon Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

Reduce hazardous fuels adjacent to private property, the town of Alta, the Alta municipal water supply, the Treasure Mountain Boy Scout Camp, Teton and Reunion Flats Campgrounds. Improve access along Teton Canyon Road for public safety.

Tincup Creek Restoration

To restore connectivity of Tincup Creek to the floodplain, enable return of willows, encourage beaver colonization, stabilize vertical eroding banks at meanders, improve habitat for 3 sensitive species, and to improve grazing and riparian conditions.

Trumpeter Swan Habitat Improvement Project

Place water control structures at the non-functioning earthen dams of Railroad Pond and Thompson Hole to restore these sites for Trumpeter Swan breeding and restore pond and lake wetland habitat for other species.

Warm River Platform

Replace existing handicap accessible fishing platform with a similar platform to improve recreation user accessibility, fishing access, and protection of the riparian resources along Warm River.

West Birch Creek Conifer Encroachment Project

Purpose of this project is to remove conifers that are encroaching upon Greater Sage-Grouse habitat. The proposed action is to cut the encroaching conifers with chain saws and/or masticate, chip, pile and burn or make available to the public

Winschell Dugway Motorized Trail Project

This project would establish a motorized ATV route from Morgan Meadows to Caribou City. The project would include:construction of approximately 2.2 miles of new trail; 4.85 miles of trail reconstruction; and the installation of 4 ATV bridges

Analysis Completed

Black Canyon CDT (Continental Divide Trail)

Reroute approx 7 miles of the Continental Divide Trail. Currently the CDT trail is using the Black Canyon Rd #066 and a portion of the Railroad Grade Trail #001. The new trail would be constructed from Reas Pass to the RNA on the Black Canyon Rd.

Dry Ridge Exploration

The plan of opperations, submitted by Fertoz USA, Inc. in April 2014, proposes exploration drilling and trenching on Dry Ridge lease I-07238 with limited off-lease disturbance. Proposal for:51 drill pads, 25 trenches, and 8.5 miles of temporary roads

Gibson Jack Trailhead Relocation

The project will move the Gibson Jack trailhead approximately west to provide parking for 15 vehicles and a trailer turn-around. The project will also relocate portions of trails 014 and 015 and replace the trail bridge over Gibson Jack Creek.

Hooper Springs Transmission Line

Build a new 20 mile double circuit 115-KV powerline from Soda Springs to the existing powerline in Lanes Creek. The new line will cross about 3 miles of the Forest. Expecting a Forest Plan Amendment; 219 objection regulations will be followed.

North Island Park WUI

Proposes to reduce hazardous fuels adjacent to private property on approximately 950 acres. A fuel break would be created in three treatment units by thinning, hand-piling, commercial logging, firewood gathering and prescribed burning.

Panels F and G Lease and Mine Plan Modification Project at Smoky Canyon Mine

The J.R. Simplot Company has proposed lease and mine plan modifications to Panels F and G at the Smoky Canyon Mine. The total proposed new disturbance is approximately 170 acres, all of which would occur on National Forest System lands.

Toms Creek Powerline

Fall River Electric will install a buried powerline to supply electricity to private land from an existing powerline.

On Hold

Bird Canyon Fuels Reduction Project

To modify and improve vegetation conditions to increase the probability of success for managing wildfires adjacent to private homes and improvements. Therefore, we will create strategic fuel breaks and promote aspen, to limit fire spread.

Eastside Trailhead Improvements

Relocate trailheads or perform heavy maintenance at the Bear Gulch, Coal Mine, Pete Creek & Trail Creek trailheads to improve safety and reduce erosion/ sediment loading to streams. Expand surface area and add barriers if needed.

Freeman Ridge/Husky 2 Exploration Plan

Exploration Drilling of 967 holes to gather information about phosphate reserves on portions of two Federal Phosphate Leases and three off lease areas. Overall disturbance is 168.0 acres.

Husky 1 - North Dry Ridge Mine

Nu-West Industries, Inc., submitted a Mine and Reclamation Plan (MRP) which proposes new open-pit phosphate mining operations on federal leases I-05549, I-8289, I-04 and some adjacent private lands. It also proposes lease mods. and several S.U.A.s.

Proposed Targhee Revised Forest Plan Amendment

Proposes to amend the 1997 Revised Forest Plan for the Targhee portion of the Forest to address direction for "old-growth" and "late-seral" forested vegetation, snags and wildlife habitat for select cavity-nesting species.

Rainey Creek Vegetation Restoration Project

Use prescribed fire and mechanical thinning to improve the vegetative/brush diversity and resilience within juniper and mountain mahogany. Reduce hazardous fuels adjacent to private property and along the Rainey Creek road for public safety.

Telegraph Hollow WUI

Reduce understory tree and brush densisites to change stand age, composition and structure to mimic historic fire regimes and improve wildlife habitat. Masticator would be used and slash piled/burned. No commercial harvest or road construction.

Toponce Habitat Restoration Project

This project would treat a mountain brush community (mountain big sage, bitterbrush, snowberry) using fire to diversify the age structure and improve conditions for wildlife as well as reduce fuel loading.


Bilk Creek Placer Mining Proposal

Environmental analysis of a small-scale placer gold mining operation. Mini-excavators and skid steers would excavate materials for on-site processing with a self-contained gravity separation system. Up to 1.5 acres of disturbance per year.

Outfitted Mountain Bike Tours

Medicine Lodge Outfitters has requested mountain biking on existing trails & roads in Idaho Hunting Units 59 & 59A be added to their existing Outfitter and Guide Permit

Pocatello, Michaud, and Midnight Cattle Grazing Reauthorization

Reauthorize grazing on the Pocatello, Michaud, and Midnight Cattle allotments.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.

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