Flathead National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Blacktail Wild Bill ORV Special Use Permit Proposal

Request to issue an Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permit to Flathead Off-Road Adventures who proposes to provide family adventure tours on ATV's on the Blacktail Wild Bill ORV NRT and other Forest Service roads open to highway legal vehicles.

Under Analysis

Anna Creek Cabin Rental Project

Proposal to add Anna Creek Workcenter to the cabin rental program

Beaver Creek Landscape Restoration Project

Project will reduce the risk of uncharacteristic wildfire and reduce fuels; improve habitat for wildlife; improve forest health; improve watershed conditions; remediate invasions of exotic species; and provide wood products.

Betty Baptiste

A project to increase forest productivity/diversity/health; provide forest products; manage/improve wildlife habitat & security; improve fish passage; improve recreation/safety values in recreation sites; & improve scenic views along Road 38.

Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitter and Guide Permit Reissuance

Reissuance of existing outfitter and guide permits in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.

Chilly James Restoration Project

Watershed restortion project to improve fish habitat in the Jim and Cold Creek Watersheds. These two watersheds contain important bull trout spawning habitat. Jim Creek is considered "impaired" by the MT DEQ.

Cold Jim Fuels Reduction and Forest Health Management Project

Proposal to harvest timber and interplant on approximately 1245 acres of NFS lands. An estimated 1185 acres of this harvest activity is located within the Wildland Urban Interface.

Condon Mountain Fire Salvage Project

Salvage of fire-affected trees within a small portion of a 5000 acre fire in the Condon Mountain area on the Swan Lake Ranger District

FNF Plan Revision & NCDE GBCS Amendment to the Lolo, Helena, Lewis & Clark,and Kootenai NFs

The Flathead NF is revising their forest plan and preparing an amendment providing relevant direction from the NCDE Grizzly Bear Conservation Strategy into the forest plans for the Lolo, Helena, Kootenai, and Lewis & Clark National Forests.

Hall Lake Trail and Trailhead Construction Project

Currently, the Hall Lake Trailhead is located on a Lake County road easement resulting in recreation users parking and impacting adjacent private land. This project proposes to relocate the trailhead to the end of an existing road.

Lost Johnny Point Campground Hazard Tree Removal

The project will remove identified hazard trees within Lost Johnny Point Campground that are 1.5 tree lengths from developed campsites, roads, facilities and travel routes.

Martin Creek Resource Management Project

A project to improve forest tree structure and species composition, reduce hazardous fuels, maintain and improve wildlife habitat, improve recreation opportunities, maintain water quality and aquatic habitat, and provide commercial wood products.

Missoula Electric Coop Line Burial Project

This project proposes to authorize Missoula Electric Cooperative to modify their electric transmission in several sections in the Swan Valley, Montana.

Radnor Resource Management Project

A project to improve forest tree structure and species composition and reduce hazardous fuels by promoting stands that are resilient to insects and disease.

Swaney Range Allotment Project

An analysis to update the Allotment Management Plan for the Swaney Range Allotment consistent with Forest Plan goals and objetives while protecting natural resources.

Wild and Scenic River Outfitter and Guide Permit Reissuance

Reissuance of existing Wild and Scenic River Outfitter and Guide permits.

Analysis Completed

Demers Rock/Gravel Pit Expansion

Proposal to expand the existing gravel pit at Demers Ridge in the North Fork of the Flathead River. Removal of rock will occur within the disturbed footprint of the pit with the addition of up to 4 acre of new disturbance to the east

Wild Cramer Forest Health and Fuels Reduction Project

This project is intended to address forest health and hazardous fuel concerns within a portion of the Island Unit (near Lakeside and Kila) on the Swan Lake Ranger District.

On Hold

Patrol Ridge Radio Repeater Relocation

Proposal to relocate the existing Patrol Ridge radio repeater from its existing site to approximately 1 mile southwest along Patrol Ridge to a better location for radio communication coverage.

Red Meadow Reciprocal Road Easement

Proposal to grant a nonexclusive perpetual easement for use of an existing road (known locally as East Red Meadow Drive) for legal easement access into private lands.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.