The Modoc National Forest is involved in dozens of activities every year.

The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA), published quarterly, makes it easier for you to keep track of and participate in our planning efforts. It lists all the projects we will be working on in the coming months. There is a contact person listed for each project that you can get in touch with for additional information.

Modoc National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Antelope Plains Sage Steppe Restoration

Treat approximately 1,630 acres, removing western juniper through hand cutting or by use of equipment. The boles and branches would be lopped and scattered on the ground surface. Pile burning may also be used to reduce potential fuels

Ash Valley Allotment Management Plan

The proposed action is reauthorize cattle grazing and implement an allotment management plan on the Ash Valley allotment

Clear Lake Sage-grouse Habitat Improvement Project - Phase IV

The Forest is proposing to treat approximately 10,420 acres under the Clear Lake Sage-grouse Habitat Improvement Project - Phase IV (CL Phase IV) by hand felling and lopping western juniper with about 30% pile and burning within the units.

Johnson Creek Bridge Stream Restoration Project

The intent of the project is to stabilize the right abutment of the Johnson Creek Bridge. The Forest Service proposes to reroute the stream and install cross-vane(s) to protect the abutment.

Lassen 15 Restoration Project

Landscape level analysis to address timber, range, wildlife habitat and fuel issues.

Lava Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

The Lava Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project, is within an energy corridor WUI and spotted owl habitat. It is a fuels reduction project to protect the power lines and habitat for the owls from large-scale high intensity wildland fires

Medicine Lake Caldera Vegetation Treatment Project

Proposed vegetation treatments would remove Mountain Pine Beetle infested lodgepole pine and thin stands to meet forest health objectives.

Analysis Completed

Carr-Tucker Allotments Water Development Projects

Four water development projects including well installation, with storage tanks, troughs, and pipeline, are proposed to provide permanent water sources within the Carr and Tucker Allotments. (Perez Pipeline proposal is now included in this analysis).

Perez Pipeline Extension

This project is now combined with the Carr-Tucker Allotments Water Development Projects.


Geothermal Leasing in Western States - Lake City KGRA

Lease-specific analysis in determining whether NFS lands within the Lake City KGRA are appropriate for geothermal leasing under FS/BLM policies and regulations. Appended to PEIS for geothermal leasing.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.