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Hunters and Other Forest User Tips

  • Camping stay limits on the Forest is 14 days.
  • Modifying, disconnecting, or disturbing livestock water lines  or structures is prohibited.
  • Stay on designated routes.
  • Motorized vehicles are not allowed off-designated routes to retieve game.
  • Motorized Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM's) are available at Forest Service offices.

  • Safety Tips:

  •  Take extra water, food, clothing.
  •  Carry waterproof matches, first-aid kit, flashlight,
     map, compass, whistle and fully charged cell phone.
  •  Always let someone know where you are going and
     when you will return.
  • Check with local Forest Service offices to obtain current road, trail, and campgound conditions.
  • Carry a tow strap, tire chaines, and shovel in your vehcile.
  • Avoid routes that are wet and muddy.

Salt Lake Ranger District: Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest and Salt Lake County officials announced today that the Mill Creek Canyon road will be closed beginning September 21, 2014 for the removal and replacement of culverts.  No motor vehicle access will be allowed on the road beyond the Maple Grove winter with the exception of Fir Summer Home residents and construction vehicles.  Recreationsits hiking and biking will be allowed access on the road and trails up to the Thousand Springs area, where the culverts are being replaced.
Mill Creek Canyon Road and Area Closure Info Sheet & Map
Photo taken on September 29, 2014
This photo shows the progress of the culvert replacement in Mill Creek Canyon


Heber-Kamas Ranger District
Permits will be sold on Friday, October 31st and Saturday, Novembe 1st at the Solider Hollow Lodge, 2002 Solider Hollow Drive, Midway, Utah.   Non-transferrable wristbands will be issued to the first 1,000 individuals starting at 6:00 a.m. on both days.  Individuals with a wristband must purchase their tree permit in person, the same day they receive their wristband, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  Permits are $10.00 and are for personal use only.  One permit per adult (16 years of age and older with a valid driver’s license) will be sold on a first come, first- served basis.
Spanish Fork Ranger District:  Only 400 Christmas Tree permits will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis Thurday, November 6th starting at 8:00 a.m.. at the Spanish Fork Ranger District Office, 44 West 400 North, Spanish Fork, Utah.  Permits are $10.00 and are for personnel use only, no resale permits or trees.  One permit per person, with a valid drivers license. the cutting area is located on the Sheeprock Mountains located in Tooele County and the only species that inviduals will be allowed to cut are Pinyon Pine or Juniper and trees maybe cut up until December 24th. 


The fall colors are almost gone, but it’s not too late to get out and see wildlife. This photo shows and moose and fall colors on the Nebo Loop on the Spanish Fork Ranger District



Fire Information

Heber-Kamas Ranger District:  Ponderosa Pine Restoration project.  Fire personnel plan to continue to implement the Ponderosa Pine Restoration Project prescribed burn, 15 miles east of Kamas, Utah along the Mirror Lake Highway, Wednesday, October 29th-Friday, October 31st weather permitting. The plan is to burn approx. 450 acres of leaf litter, needle cast and the thick under-story of brush and juniper within the 6 remaining burn units (shown on map) to preserve the genetic diversity of the Ponderosa Pine stands. Ponderosa Pine Restoration poject.  

Crews will also continue to burn slash piles to reduce hazardous fuels in the Ledgefork campground and Soapstone area along the Mirror Lake corridor and  in the Mill Hollow/Granite School area.

Spanish Fork Ranger District:  Fire personnel have completed the Bartholomew Canyon prescribed burn. This prescribed burn is part of a vegetation project which also included mechanical treatment over the last few years. Bartholomew Vegeation Project

Evanston/Mt. View Ranger Districts:  fire personnel plan to continue to burn 80 slash piles from thinning projects to reduce hazardous fuels in the Lyman Lake area anytine throuh November 31, 2014. 

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Prescribed Fire Info

Please remember before you leave the Forest that your campfire is completely out and is cold before leaving. View our campfire video

Forest Issues


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Campground/Picnic Area, Trail and Road Conditions

Latest News on the Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Effort

Cover page for the Utah Greater Sage-Grouse Draft Environment Impact Statement

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Bear River Project GeoExplore

State of Utah, Division of Water Resources proposes to drill 2 exploratory test holes with piezometer on Temple Fork Road to gather geotechnical information related to a potential dam site. Holes will be sealed after 1 year of data collection.

Beef Pasture Pipeline

Installing a new pipeline and trough to improve livestock distribution.

Jones Ranch Trough

A new trough is proposed to pull cattle off the private land (Jones Ranch) on to Forest Service System Lands. Approximately 700 feet of pipe would be buried with a mini excavator. The trench would be about eight inches deep and 12 inches wide.

Lagoon Pipeline

Add a trough outside of an exclosure.

Logan Peak Trail

A proponent has requested adding approx. 1.6mi of system trail from Logan Dry Canyon Trail to Logan Peak. Trail was likely constructed by CCC and previously a system trail that was removed. Approximately 50% of the trail would need repairs.

Mud Creek Pipeline

A headbox, pipeline and 3 troughs would be installed to lessen the impact on boreal toads.

Pelican Beach Parking Expansion

The Ogden Ranger District proposes to expand the parking area at Pelican Beach on the east side of Pineview Reservoir. The proposed expansion is in response to an increase in recreation demand for the Pelican Beach area.

Platte Petroleum Environmental Assessment

Burnett Oil Company has submitted an application for permit to drill a test well. The Forest Service will analyze impacts on surface resources. The Bureau of Land Management will be a cooperating agency and will analyze subsurface impacts.

Precipitation Study USU

Utah State University is requesting to conduct research aimed at better understanding the vegetative response to climate change. The proposal involves installation of twelve (12m x12m) "precipitation manipulation shelters" at forest edge sites.

Snowbasin Resort Water Impoundment

The Ogden Ranger District proposes to authorize improvements to a natural sink pond to hold an additional 20 acre-feet of water for snowmaking capability at Snowbasin Ski Resort.

Soapstone Summer Home #19

Install a septic system and add an addition to the cabin.

South Streeper Corral Pipeline

Install a pipeline and trough.

Staker Relocation Environmental Assessment

The Forest Service proposes to authorize Pacificorp to relocate a 0.5-mile segment of an existing transmission line onto National Forest System lands to avoid excavation activites on private land.

Tibble Fork Communications

Installing an emergency phone at the Tibble Fork Parking Lot for public safety.

Under Analysis

Alta Ski Area Avalanche Mitigation Permit

Alta Ski Area has requested a new special use permit to mitigate the avalanche potential on NFS lands outside of its permitted ski area boundary that affect the permitted Ski Resort. Alta has traditionally conducted avalanche mitigation in these area

Alta Ski Area Fiber Optic/DAS Communication Use Lease

Alta is proposing to install and operate (under a communications use lease) a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) comprised of seven cellular nodes and accompanying fiber optic cable within its permitted boundary.

Energy Gateway South 500 kV Powerline (EGS)

This proposed 500 kV transmission line is designed to deliver power to Rocky Mountain Power utility costumers in Utah and the intermountain west. Generation sources are located in central Wyoming.

High Uintas Wilderness Domestic Sheep Analysis Project

This project will evaluate the effects of continued domestic sheep grazing in the High Uintas Wilderness (HUW). There are 10 sheep allotments located on the north and south slopes of HUW and are located in both the Ashley and Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NFs.

Kimball Land Exchange

Exchange of National Forest System lands (19.62) for Private Lands (25.11)to consolidate the ownership.

LDS Brighton Girls Camp Building Upgrades

The Brighton LDS Girls Camp proposes to amend its permit for building upgrades to meet ABA Accessibility Standards. All construction work is within previously disturbed areas and/or on existing structures.

Logan Ranger District Office Acquisition

The Forest Service is proposing to acquire a building and 1.269 acres of land within which it is situated. The building is currently leased by the Forest Service and the land is owned by the Utah Department of Transportation.

Loop Springs Trough Relocation

The existing trough would be moved from the dispersed camping site which has grown bigger over the years. The new trough location is approximately 260 feet from the current location.

Middle Beaver Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project

The project proposes a controlled burn to remove dead standing conifers, restore soil nutrients, and stimulate aspen regeneration. Fire would also aid in restoration of the forest understory component and increase habitat for bighorn sheep.

Mill Creek Dam Removal and Restoration Project

The purpose of this project is to restore watershed function and aquatic ecosystem to more closely match historic conditions in Mill Creek Canyon.

Mill D Recreation Residence Shaded Fuel Break Phase II

SLRD is proposing to continue a shaded fuelbreak along a section of road in the Mill D Recreation Residence community in Big Cottonwood Canyon. We propose to extend the project to complete the Mill D loop, treating an additional 5,000 feet

Mud Flat Pipeline Reroute

Project would extend a pipeline across mud flat to an existing trough in Willow Creek and add a hydrant to the cow camp.

Nebo Creek Corral

Construct cattle corrals that are approximately 30 by 30 feet of steel panels. The purpose of the corral is to hold cattle at the site until they can be trailered off the Forest.

Nephi/Payson Allotment Fence

Reconstruct approximately ΒΌ mile of fence between the Nephi and Payson Allotments. A portion of the fence will be relocated out of trees and snow areas to better maintain after reconstruction.

North Heber Salvage Project

The proposal would remove bark beetle killed timber, supplement existing regeneration of spruce-fir to meet forest plan stocking rates, and obliterate the old road prisms, temporary roads, and skid trails. No new system roads are propoposed.

Ogden Ranger District Travel Plan Revision Supplemental EIS

The Ogden Ranger District is preparing a supplemental EIS in response to a March 7, 2012 court order instructing the Forest Service to address deficiencies in the previous EIS and record of decision for the Ogden Travel Plan.

Roughneck Vegetation Restoration Project

The UWCNF proposes: 3,369 acres of stand clearcut with leave trees; 2,770 acres of two-aged stand clearcut with reserves; 0.75 miles of new specified road construction; 46.7 miles of temporary road construction; and 15.2 miles of temporary road use.

Santaquin WUI

The USFS and the UDWR are proposing to improve undesirable fuel conditions within the Santaquin canyon area.

Snowbird MDP 2014 projects

Snowbird is proposing to construct downhill mountain bike trail segments accessible in Gad Valley and relocate the building that formerly housed the Gad 2 lift drive assembly to the snowcat staging area, just south of the Gad Valley pump house

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Fiber Optic/DAS System

Snowbird is proposing to install and operate (under a communications use lease) a DAS comprised of eight cellular nodes and accompanying fiber optic cable within its permitted boundary

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Mineral Basin Snowmaking proposal

Snowbird is proposing to install a new snowmaking line within their existing permit boundary in Mineral Basin. The line would be installed to the East of Baldy Express lift along the Birds Nest and Lupine Loop trails on private and NFS land

Solitude Summit Lift Upgrade/Relocation

Solitude Mountain Resort is proposing to amend its special use permit to realign and upgrade the Summit lift within their existing permitted boundary. The existing lift is a 32-year-old fixed-grip double chair that accesses Honeycomb Canyon

Spawn Creek Trailhead

Project would reroute the Worm Trail out of Spawn Creek exclosure and up the hill to the west.

Three Creeks Allotment Consolidation

The proposal is to consolidate 10 grazing allotments (5 BLM and 5 FS) into 1 management unit with 20 pastures on BLM and 8 pastures on FS lands.Management would focus on time, timing, frequency, and intensity of livestock grazing on about 143,000 ac.

Tibble Fork Dam

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is proposing to fund rehabilitation of the Tibble Fork Dam in the American Fork Canyon of northern Utah County, Utah. It is located 10 miles north east of the city of Alpine, UT.

Transwest Express 600 kV Direct Current Powerline (TWE)

This proposed 600 kV direct current transmission line is designed to carry renewable energy (primarily wind power) from generation sources in central Wyoming to markets in in the pacific southwest.

Uinta Express Pipeline Project

The proposed action includes a 12-inch buried carbon steel pipeline approximately 135 miles long and ancillary facilities. Approximately 14 miles of the pipeline would be on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

Upper Provo Watershed Restoration Project.

The project proposes primarily non-commercial thinning, prescribed burning, mechanical vegetation treatments (mowing, mastication), and planting over a period of up to 10 years.

Wildlife and livestock pond development

The Forest Service proposes to develop four ponds that would benefit both wildlife and livestock. Two new ponds would be created, and a ditch and water bars along a closed logging road would be modified o catch water.

Analysis Completed

Grit Mill and Climbing Access Management Plan.

The Salt Lake Ranger district is proposing, as part of the Wasatch Water Legacy Partneship, to develop a climbing access manangement plan, including a trailhead, at the site of the Grit Mill in lower Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Rehabilitation of Silver Lake Flat Dam.

Silver Lake Flat Dam and Reservoir are located in the UWCNF (Pleasant Grove Ranger District) in northern Utah County, within the American Fork-Dry Creek Watershed.

Rocky Mountain Power Structure Install, Replacement, Phase Raising

Proponent proposes to do maintenance and install 3 new structures along the existing Naughton to Ben Lomond Power Line within their current right of way. The purpose of the project is to reduce slack in the line.

Smiths Fork Vegetation Restoration Project

The Forest Service proposes treatments to reduce both the amount and continuity of woody fuels, to remove hazard trees associated with travel ways, to harvest beetle-killed or infested trees, and to create a mix of tree ages and species.

Strawberry Marina Outfitter and Guide Permit Reissuance, Operations

The Heber-Kamas RD proposes to reauthorize a 20-year permit for operation of the public service marinas at Strawberry Bay, Soldier Creek, Renegade Point, and Aspen Grove. Operations include marina services and fishing outfitter and guide services.

Strawberry Marina Outfitter and Guide Permit Reissuance, Property

The Heber-Kamas RD proposes to reauthorize a 20-year permit for operation of the public service marinas at Strawberry Bay, Soldier Creek, Renegade Point, and Aspen Grove. Operations include winter dock storage, winter restrooms, and parking spaces.

On Hold

Bountiful Lions Gun Range permit renewal

The Bountiful Lions Gun Range is operated by the Bountiful Lions Club of Bountiful, and operates under a special use permit, originally issued in 1959, that will expire at the end of 2013. The Gun Club has submitted an application to renew the permit

Climbing Areas Stabilization projects

the SLRD is proposing to construct belay platforms that are anchored by barrier rock and/or gabion baskets and to improve the access trails that lead to two climbing areas in Big Cottonwood Canyon - Dogwood and the Pile.

Farmington City Water Storage Tank Special Use Permit

Farmington City is proposing to construct a water storage tank to include within their current special use permit

Patch Springs Fire Rehabilitation

In August 2013 the Patch Springs wildfire burned 31,010 acres on the Southwest Side of the Stansbury Mountain Range in Tooele County Utah.The State DWR proposes to treat approx. 2,100 acres of NFS land by aerially seeding and chaining.

Silver Lake Boardwalk replacement

Proposal to replace the boardwalk, located in BCC. All existing boardwalk, bridges, and fishing piers will be replaced in current location and the boardwalk will be widened from 6 to 8%u2019 to better accommodate visitors with disabilities

White Rock, Millville, and Providence Allotments

Proposal is to authorize the continuance of grazing on the White Rock, Millville, and Providence Allotments.


Albion Campground / Cecret Lake Trailhead Turnaround

The Salt Lake Ranger District is proposing to construct a short road spur in upper Little Cottonwood Canyon between Albion Basin Road campground entrance and Cecret Lake Trailhead parking lot to serve as a traffic turnaround.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.