This page includes, in links listed below, information on projects which implement the Forest Plan. On some, public input is being sought, on others decision notices or environmental assessments on forest projects are posted. For information on general projects and programs go to Forest Facts page.

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Wayne National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Haught Run Campground Decommissioning Project

The Haught Run CG has been impacted by bank erosion along the Little Muskingum River and has been under an emergency closure since 2014. The proposed action would permanently close and rehabilitate the site and a portion of the Covered Bridge Trail.

Pine Grove ATV Connector Trail

The proposed action is to construct approximately 5 miles of trail including bridges. The goal is to connect the Hanging Rock ATV trails south of SR 650 to the Superior ATV trails north of CR 27.

Analysis Completed

2016 Gypsy Moth Slow the Spread Project

This project is intended to authorize gypsy moth treatments in 2016 and the future using mating disruption pheromone or Gypchek. Treatments could occur on the Athens Unit of the Athens Ranger District.

American Electric Power Amendment 5

American Electric Power has applied for a permit to install a section of overhead power line. New poles and power line will be placed outside of the easement. A right-of-way will be cleared for maintenance, which will be 560 ft. long & 15 ft. wide.

Buckeye Rural Powerline Permit Reissuance

Buckeye Rural's permit for existing powerlines found throughout the Ironton District is expiring. This project would issue them a new permit for a 30-yr term. No new activities are proposed; mowing and cutting of vegetation would occur periodically.

Horse Trail Re-Route

The WNF proposes to re-route a portion of the main loop of horse trail around the Lake Vesuvius Rec Area. The re-route is proposed to improve safety for horses and riders by moving the horse trail away from the archery trail.

Kountry Kayak Concessionaire Request

Permit holder will occupy a small government facility as an office for business, to rent Kayaks and sell packaged goods. There will be a temporary storage building placed beside the government facility and a temporary kayak launch ramp installed.

North Country Trail Re-Route Project

This project would provide for a more scenic and safer trail by rerouting segments of the North Country Trail off of public roads and other segments to more maintainable locations.

Precision Geophysical Inc. Seismic Testing

Precision Geophysical Inc. is requesting a special use permit from Forest Service to conduct seismic testing in numerous locations. Geophone cables & geophones will be placed along a surveyed line. If approved, testing will begin on June 15, 2016.

Symmes Valley School Bus Turnaround

Symmes Valley School District would like to install a gravel turnaround area for a school bus. The proposed turnaround will be approximately 20ft in width. x 35ft. in length.


Buckeye Habitat Improvement Project

This project will create habitats that are missing or under-represented in the project area, including young forest and grassy/shrubby areas. It will maintain oak-hickory forests and native pine forests. Work will be commercial and non-commercial.

Stone Church Habitat and White Pine Health Improvement Project

This project is cancelled. Portions may be investigated for analysis in the future

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