This page includes, in links listed below, information on projects which implement the Forest Plan. On some, public input is being sought, on others decision notices or environmental assessments on forest projects are posted. For information on general projects and programs go to Forest Facts page.

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Wayne National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Buckeye Habitat Improvement Project

This project will create habitats that are missing or under-represented in the project area, including young forest and grassy/shrubby areas. It will maintain oak-hickory forests and native pine forests. Work will be commercial and non-commercial.

Pine Grove ATV Connector Trail

The proposed action is to construct approximately 5 miles of trail including bridges. The goal is to connect the Hanging Rock ATV trails south of SR 650 to the Superior ATV trails north of CR 27.

Analysis Completed

2015 Gypsy Moth Slow the Spread Project

Treat 39,818 ac of the Athens Unit with pheromone mating disruption and treat 513 ac of the Athens Unit with the larvacide Gypchek followed by mating disruption. Treatments would be aerially applied.

Hecla Water Transmission Amendment #6

Hecla Water distribution has applied for a permit to install a 2" pipeline that would provide water to a residence. The proposed pipe will be installed along Township Rd 191 for a length of 1,500 ft. A section of the pipe will bore under the creek.

Horse Trail Re-Route

The WNF proposes to re-route a portion of the main loop of horse trail around the Lake Vesuvius Rec Area. The re-route is proposed to improve safety for horses and riders by moving the horse trail away from the archery trail.

Secondary Access Butcher #1-A Well

Northwood Energy Corp is requesting a special use permit from Forest Service to clear a well tender access road for ATV use only. Access will be about 150ft long x 10ft wide. It will be used as needed about 2 times a week for the life of the well.


Stone Church Habitat and White Pine Health Improvement Project

This project is cancelled. Portions may be investigated for analysis in the future

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.