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Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests & Pawnee National Grassland offers a diversity of outdoor opportunities and special places to explore. These lands are yours to visit, to care for, but most of all, to enjoy! So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your family and friends and head for adventure in Colorado’s great outdoors where recreation opportunities abound.

Recreation Conditions Report

 Area Name Status Area Conditions
Bellaire Lake Campground Closed to Visitor Delayed opening due to saturated soils and soggy conditions. Campground will be monitored daily.
Bellaire Lake Picnic Site Closed to Visitor Delayed opening due to saturated soils and soggy conditions.
Berthoud Pass Trailhead    No winter sledding allowed on either side of the pass. No snowmobiling in the area. No camping, campfires, stoves, dogs or smoking inside the Berthoud Pass warming hut.
Boulder Canyon    5/2015: To protect nesting birds of prey, area closures are implemented in Boulder Canyon on February 1. Areas currently closed: Eagle Rock. Areas currently open: Security Risk, Blob Rock, Bitty Buttress, Happy Hour, Bihedral & Riviera.
Brainard Lake Recreation Area    5/2015: Brainard Lake & Lefthand Park Reservoir Roads are closed. Park at Brainard Gateway Trailhead for free non-motorized use. Summer regulations apply.
Clear Creek Ranger District Visitor Center Closed to Visitor
Crow Valley Family Campground Closed to Visitor
Crow Valley Group Campground Closed to Visitor
Crow Valley Picnic Area Closed to Visitor Cooking fires allowed only in the picnic shelter house.
Crow Valley Recreation Area Closed to Visitor Conditions can change quickly. Most of the roads are gravel and/or dirt. Please call our office for the latest update on conditions.
Dunraven Trailhead Open to Visitor The lower portion of the North Fork Trail is closed due to the 2013 flood. Access to the upper portion begins near the trailhead. Foot traffic only. Bulwark Ridge trail access is open.
Fourth of July Trailhead    5/2015: There is no winter maintenance on the county road that leads to this trailhead. The route may not be passable.
Guanella Pass Scenic Byway Open to Visitor Questions or concerns, please contact our office: 303-679-2312, or check the Guanella Pass Road Information Line at 303-679-2422 x.2 for updates. Thank you.
Lefthand OHV Trailhead Closed to Visitor 2015: Lefthand OHV Area was severely damaged by flood waters. There is no access. A Forest Order prohibits entry.  
Lion Gulch Trail (#949) Closed to Visitor Closed due to flood damage.
Long Lake Trailhead    5/2015: Brainard Lake & Lefthand Park Reservoir Roads are closed. Park at Brainard Gateway Trailhead for free non-motorized use. Summer regulations apply. NOTE: Lake Isabelle is a reservoir drained every year. In 2015, the lake will be drained in July for repairs. A helicopter will be used to transport supplies and materials.
Meadow Creek Reservoir Fishing Site Open to Visitor Meadow Creek Reservoir is now open.
Mizpah Campground Closed to Visitor Campground is closed for the 2015 season due to a culvert failure and associated road damage.
Mount Evans Scenic Byway Closed to Visitor Closed for the season
North Fork Trail (#929) Open to Visitor The lower section of the trail remains closed. Hike on the road to gain access to the upper portion.  North Fork trail is open to foot traffic, but only until May 30. From June 1 through August 24 trail reconstruction will be taking place and the trail will be closed.
Olive Ridge Campground Open to Visitor This campground is open. Drinking water is not yet available. Repairs are needed.
Pawnee Campground Closed to Visitor This campground at Brainard Lake is closed until June 26, 2015. There is no camping allowed in a closed campground.
Squaw Mountain Fire Lookout Open to Visitor
Trail of the Mourning Dove and the Birdwalk Closed to Visitor
Young Gulch Trail (#999) Closed to Visitor The Young Gulch trail is closed due to flood damage.