Scenic Views of the Bridger-Teton National Forest

Whether you are a new visitor to the Bridger-Teton National Forest or a local devotee already, this Recreation section of our website offers detailed information on the many recreation opportunities this Forest has to offer.  With  3.4 million acres of land and water to recreate in the possibilities are endless and exploring the Forest will last a lifetime. 

When it comes to recreation, the Bridger-Teton National Forest is known for the four W’s - Wildlife, Winter opportunities, Wilderness, and Wild and Scenic Rivers.  

We invite you to explore, relax, and to soak in the beauty and awe that make the Bridger-Teton National Forest the amazing and unique place we love.

The easiest way to search for Recreation Activities on the Bridger-Teton National Forest is to select the Ranger District you wish to visit from the list below.  Each Ranger District's recreation page has more detailed information about the various recreation areas and activities within their District.  For a map of the Forest click here.

Kemmerer Ranger District
Big Piney Ranger District
Greys River Ranger District
Jackson Ranger District
Blackrock Ranger District
Pinedale Ranger District

Other areas of specific interest on the Forest include:


"Recreational Drone Tips"- Know where to Fly, Follow FAA Guidelines, Protect Wildlife and the Environment, Fly Safely (Stay in Control). Also check the Federal Aviation Asministration (FAA) website: to make sure you are in compliance. It is your responsibility to know the regulations before visiting National Lands.


Know before you go!  Make sure to read up on any regulations, special orders, or closures that might apply to the area or activity you are planning on visiting or pursuing.  (Check the "Alerts and Notices" and "Passes and Permits" sections of our website.) This includes requirements such as Bear Food Storage in the north zone of the Forest, winter wildlife closures, and permits that may be required. Educating yourself ahead of time can make for a much more pleasant visit and will help us to conserve and protect the wildlife and natural features of your Bridger-Teton National Forest.

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Recreation Conditions Report

 Area Name Status Area Conditions
Atherton Creek Campground Open to Visitor
Crystal Creek Campground Open to Visitor
Curtis Canyon Campground Open to Visitor
East Table Campground Open to Visitor
Fremont Lake Campground Closed to Visitor The Fremont Lake Campground is a very popular campground, particularly for the local community.  This campground has undergone significant upgrades designed to serve a variety of campers, including larger groups and those with disabilities.  The Forest Service appreciates the public’s patience during the construction process and is planning a grand opening after construction is completed. 
Granite Creek Campground Open to Visitor
Granite Hotsprings Pool Open to Visitor
Kozy Campground Open to Visitor
Little Cottonwood Group Campground Open to Visitor
Narrows Campground   
Pacific Creek Campground Closed to Visitor
Sheffield Campground Open to Visitor
Trails End Campground   
Wolf Creek Campground Open to Visitor