The Salmon-Challis National Forest is located in the center of Idaho.
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The Salmon-Challis National Forest covers over 4.3 million acres in east-central Idaho. Included within the boundaries of the Forest is 1.3 million acres of the Frank Church-- River of No Return Wilderness Area, the largest contiguous wilderness area in the Continental United States. Rugged and remote, this country offers adventure, solitude and breathtaking scenery. Passed into law on August 7, 2015, is the Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness Area (Interim Travel Wilderness Brochure) covering approximately 116,898 acres which is administered by the Forest and the BLM Challis Field Office.  The Forest also contains Borah Peak, Idaho's tallest peak, the Wild & Scenic Salmon River and the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. The area is a highly desired destination for hunting, fishing, white-water rafting and many other popular recreational pursuits.  Please refer to the Visitor Guide for more information on the varitey of opportunities on the Salmon-Challis National Forest. 

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The Upper North Fork drainage on the Salmon-Challis National Forest is targeted for further fuels reduction treatments through the Joint Chiefs' Landscape Restoration Partnership. The goal of this partnership program is to improve the health and resiliency of forest ecosystems where public and private lands meet through a partnership between the Forest Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service. Wildfire, invasive species, and insect and disease damage aren’t going to stop at the boundaries of private and public land. Up to 700 acres of private land in the drainage is planned for treatment through this Upper North Fork Wildland Urban Interface Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration project (a fiscal years 2015/2016 project). These lands are adjoining Forest Service land planned for fuels reduction treatment in the Salmon-Challis National Forest's Upper North Fork Ecosystem Restoration Project.  


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Your National Forests are full of life with abundant animals, plants and water. Almost everything we do has an impact on nature and the environment. This is where the water you drink comes from. So don’t you think you need to learn more about your National Forest? Discover your National Forest. Learn together how we impact each other. The Forest Service would like to invite all of you to use your imagination and discover new animals and plants along the way. Get out and play where the other you lives. 


Wildland Firefighters on Rappel capable crews, come from all over the nation each spring to train at the National Rappel Program’s Rappel Academy at Salmon AirBase, in Salmon, Idaho.
Wildland fire aircraft play a critical role in supporting firefighters on wildland fires. Helicopters also deliver aerial crews called Rappellers to wildland fires. These are specially trained firefighters that rappel from helicopters in order to effectively and quickly respond to fires in remote terrain.
Rappellers may land near a wildfire but if there is no landing zone close by they can utilize their skills to rappel from the hoovering helicopter. Once on the ground, crews fight the fires using hand tools, chainsaws, and other firefighting tools.
Filmed and edited by Charity Parks.


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Idaho state law currently allows individuals under 16 years old to operate off-highway vehicles (OHV) on National Forest System roads whether or not they have a driver's license. When traveling on National Forest System roads to or from your favorite camping or hunting spot, you may encounter other drivers of all ages with varying experience levels and different types of motorized vehicles. Please take extra care to watch for all kinds of traffic to avoid life-altering collisions on roads managed by your national forest.

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On June 28 – 30, 2016 the Salmon-Challis National Forest (SCNF) will conduct the first ever Butte Fire Staff Ride.



A new Forest Service produced movie on youth & wilderness, Untrammeled, produced as part of the celebrations for the 50Th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act! 

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